Kuynki tum hi ho – 1


Hi today l am starting my ff so I hope you like it..

The story starts In a girl’s hostel. Someones doing prayers saying Bhagvan hi, aaj me din mere liye acha ho. And she starts to call out for her friends Amu, Sam, aur tum tho. Guessed it right it’s RADHIKA. She says Get up we r getting late for college. I am ready radhu, Its MIHIKA. She is wearing a kurti. She says were is our Amaya. Mihika says offo she is doing exercise.radhu says And Sam. She is sleeping as always. Sammy sam rises saying offo guys. Radhu and mikhu says
Not again, get up now. Sam says ok But I dont want to go to college. Mikhu says If u don’t go to college how would u see it idiot.
Amaya rushes in at that moment And says Am I late? Radhu says I think u r not late but very late. It’s 8. Come on get ready fast. Amaya says when we go to college we must face those duffers know. Mihika says come fast na. I want 2 meet Mihir . All says so some one is missing some one. Come guys lets go
All get ready and go to college..


GUYS, I can’t perfectly describe a boys hostel. So no descriptions. All get ready and are on there way to college then Mihr and MANTU says to each other are v late. Then says no

PRECAP boys And girls entry in college

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  1. It’s good…I liked it
    But sorry to say that it’s really really confusing..I couldn’t understand properly that which person was saying which line. So make it a bit clear please ??
    Good start

  2. Sorry to say but it’s really like a headache so confusing
    It’s not that bad but not good too?
    Hope you would make it better

  3. It’s so like a mess.
    Sorry to hurt you but you are posting your story online and on a big website.
    So firstly, check it properly and write it neatly..
    ?don’t mind

  4. Uffff
    Ye kia hai???? Mess mess mess. Your start is nice but so damn confused

  5. Yaar please agar tum log post karte hi ho tu sahi se karo na… use some inverted comas and should look at bit neat
    Nice start though

  6. Good work but a longer one plz

  7. Oh nice. Magar it’s a request a humble one please make it a bit easy to read for next time ???

  8. It’s so stupid of you to post this crap…because first learn to write then write
    Sorry to hurt you dear but please it’s a world wide website. So please don’t embarrass your slef.
    But I like your combination????

  9. Hi Dia, I liked it but it needs some improvements. ..looks like you are in rush…n made us confuse with the dialogues, quotation marks r missing….I’m sure with improved writing style n proof reading your ff will be interesting…plz don’t take comments negative but use them to improve, which will make you very good writer…keep it up. ..love you loads. …

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