Kush Rang Bahara – Shivika ff (Part 9)


So coming up with part 9 of this ff..

I don’t know..when I’ll be able to post next..I hope you guys like this chapter of KRB. Thankyou so much for the love. Divkara (as most of you liked it)…their love story will move only in a slow pace. And I’m not doing any child marriage( Rumya..they are kids na). 

So finally the ShiTia marriage is sinking in..& this is mainly the point of views of the different inhabitants of the Mansion. There are less of dialogues in this chapter…but actions speak louder!!
Lets begin…

ShiTia Sangeet.

The OB M hall looked no less than a palace..the beautiful lighting and decoration would definitely be a treat to every eye.

Rumya were fighting about which songs they had to play for the evening…PiJhan were practicing some dance moves. TejSha were busy finalising the guest list and security details.

Anika had come down and was supervising the dinner arrangements. She tried to act calm & happy..but she couldn’t completely avoid those green eyes murdering her under his constant gaze.

For Shivaay, the marriage, had always, been a deal. Tej had told him not to take any impulsive decision, that could make his family name a laughing stock. It meant, that the people, could see through his great wall..his inner turmoil was evident through the cracks in there. He had wrecked his life clinging to blood, lineage & some name…prepare to be damned… Shivaay.

Omru witnessed everything going around. But this time they refrained from teasing or requesting their brother on rethinking his decision. They could see it in his eyes. The poor soul didn’t have a choice. They knew well that even if their brother wanted to..he was helpless this time.

‘The poor millionaire who couldn’t save his own soul’

At the same time Om’s words seem to ring in Shivaay’s mind.
Jab tume pyaar hoge na..tum roke mere pass avungi..
The both exchanged a glance. Om looked at his brother whose eyes had turned glassy. He smiled helplessly at him..Shivaay chose to look down. His brother’s intense gaze could bring down is already burdened heart.

The songs had started to play. Even Rudy seemed to have, apparently, accepted the fact, that his superman was finally marrying lady baba..he would have to put up with long sessions of aura cleansing & Reiki. Morever he would definitely miss, his partner in crime, his favorite Anika di, her presence in OB M. He had also been introduced to a new side of his elder brother who turned different shades of pink & red, whenever Daksh flirted with Anika, and ended up murdering a dozens of phones that way..Anyway he couldn’t miss his chance to party..before his brother officially became ‘paraya dhan’

As the lights dimmed. Omru went up on the stage and told how Shivaay had proved to be more than a brother to them. They requested Tia to allow them to keep their bond strong even after their marriage  to which she seemingly complied. They congratulated the couple…

The boys started the show by dancing to “Aaj ki party..”After which dadi & PiJhan came up dancing for “Navrai Majhi”..the next song was “Gallan Choodiyan” for which everyone danced including TejSha. When the song changed to ‘Mehendi Laagake Rakhna’ ..the elders left the stage. Rudy pulled in Anika…

Shivaay was lost in his own world, as if it just depended on her now, his Anika..yes the word his to be stressed. They way she danced with his brothers..they way she had become the sole reason for happiness in the Mansion..they way she lighted up his life. Everything and anything about her..and the feeling of having fallen head over heels in love with her….

As the song changed to ‘Channa Mereya’..Anika tried to suppress her conflicting emotions. She tried to dance gracefully…

achchha chalta hoon 
duaaon mein yaad rakhna
mere zikr ka 
zubaan pe swaad rakhna
dil ke sandookon mein
mere achche kaam rakhna
chitti taaron mein bhi
mera tu salaam rakhna

Anika danced really well…her beautiful expressions complimented her thumkas & jhatkas.

Shivaay was still staring at her..even his very own being forgotten..the pool scene, curtain scene and many such moments flashed in his mind..their unwelcome, unavoidable closeness..her touch, her fragrance, her mere presence, everything so heavenly, yet forbidden to him…

andhera tera maine le liya
mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya
channa mereya mereya
channa merya mereeya
channa mereya mereya beliya
o piya..

She had addressed as him as her ‘chand once’….’aa mera chand’ atleast for Omru. Holding her wrist..with her little moons leaving impressions on his hand, even one of her moons being so naughty that it stayed with him a whole night..& she had to finally take it away from him…And that beautiful night..when they slept in each others embrace…behind the ‘moons’.

And finally he breaking her unintentional karwachauth fast…See who was playing cupid for them…


As the lyrics sank in…

He walked his gaze fixed on her…she looked ethereal in her black net saree with thin pink border..

mehfil mein teri
hum na rahein jo
gham to nahi hai
gham to nahi hai

As he held her by her wrist..and made her face her..her hair brushed against his face, they were caught in an heavenly embrace. Her hands in his..They danced to the tune…lost in their own paradise..

kisse hamaare, nazdeekiyon ke
kam to nahi hain
kam to nahi hain.
kitni dafa subah ko meri
tere aangan mein baithe maine shaam kiya


The lyrics meant something else but as he came out of his dream, Shivaay felt terrible, he couldn’t feel okay on losing his love..he couldn’t just, bid farewell to her….

Tia could see all this. But was there something new in it?? No..she had seen, observed and understood this long ago. When she saw her fiancee fighting with his wedding planner for no specific reason. When she found him.. as life had jumped out of him…when Anika was found unconscious in the kitchen. When she found her cuddled onto him in the hospital bed, and how he had held her..with his eyes screaming out the fear of losing her. She tried to act jealous and all…but she always knew that Anika was the other woman. The only one, who could touch Shivaay’s soul, make him change his decisions, make him laugh & cry & be loved by him as much as his brothers. The devotion the showed to each other & how they crossed their limits to pull each other out of trouble. They were perfect, blessed in every way, soulmates for life. Shivaay & Anika..They almost seemed magical to her..Tia sighed at her realisation.

If her mother could see what she could, if she could back out from this stupid wedding..which gave happiness to none. Then it would prevent four lives from being pushed into everlasting Doom. Dhaksh & she had been in a longterm relationship. She was even satisfied with her life. He would side her in starting her wellness centre and learning more of Reiki & stuff. But her parents were greedy of all the Oberoi money. They had pushed her into this trouble. Now she had enough of it, it has become a do or die. She had tried enough of her drama with Daksh to make Shivaay realise and accept his feelings. But he had proved himself to be a number one ‘billu’…oh language Tia..Anyway game on..

Shivaay was still continuing his staring marathon. The final lyrics of the song looming in the air. Rumya praying their fingers crossed to put some sense into their ‘baade bhaiya’ and make their final try work.

tere rukh se apna raasta mor ke chala..
chandan hoon main apni khushboo chhor ke chala..
mann ki maaya rakh ke tere takiye tale
bairagi bairaagi ka sooti chola orh ke chala

Tia walked towards Anika, struggling to keep her vamp image intact & hoping that the Universe would finally help her in setting things right. Only if Anika’s billuji end up showing some sense…

Tia held Anika’s hand and jerked her sideways.The music came to an abrupt end, the lights brightened  and everybody attention went to them. Anika stood in shock. Shivaay also couldn’t understand what was happening.

T: Anika…I didn’t expect..this from you..you’re kinda of characterless. .girl..

S: Tia…!!

Tia could hardly complete her sentence…when Shivaay..almost growled her name. She was startled be the anger in his voice. But was happy that her plan was working…

T: Why Shivaay…now you are shouting at me…she is the one..who is trying to trap you..

S: Shut the hell up Tia…not a word more..

Shivaay was boiling in anger seeing Anika’s hurt face..

A: Ti.a..I..I didn’t mean…to

T: No don’t say anything Anika…I know you are behind everything…I saw what you did at the hospital..

S: What did she do…what are you talking about??

T: You both spending a night together…you were sleeping together.. (she broke into tears..fake)

S: What the heck..

Shivaay held Anika..who was sobbing badly by now. The crowd had started murmuring this & that. Tej felt relived that the party was low key & media was kept away.

T: We are getting married the next day Shivaay baby…but you are with.

S: We are not!!

T: What??

S: We are not getting married…just leave..I just don’t want to see your face again..leave..

T: Shivaay baby.. (crying..fake..his anger could have made her cry)

S: Just get lost…

Shivaay shouted at the top of his voice..smashing another poor phone..

Tia walked outside..feeling content. It was definitely a horrible idea..but something was far better than nothing. She stood at the entrance and peeped inside..she could see how shivaay was holding Anika..trying to console her. 

T: I’m sorry Anika for doing this…you are a really sweet girl…but I’m making up for my mistake..by giving you…the most precious possession back to you…your billuji…your baggad billa & all that wierd names  you used to address Shivaay…the ruthless business man who had become ‘tamed’ ( to herself)

She smiled at this…

Daksh waited for her outside the Mansion gate..he pulled her into an embrace..he wiped away her tears..

D: Tia…Shivaay was my childhood friend too….we troubled them both…a lot..for our selfish reasons…but now you did right..

She smiled at him… climbing into his car, they drove off … to build their future. To live their live to the fullest.Far from the Oberoi’s, far from Shivaay & Anika…or rather Shivika as Sahil likes it…

Precap: Omru dancing for Dhating Naach..

I had planned to keep Tia positive, from the start of this ff…I didn’t like the way Shagun who looked after Pihu for seven years, becoming a ‘laparvayi ma’ when Ishita came back..The heroines should definitely have the aura, the others characters needn’t be demoralised for it..

Waiting impatiently for the Shivika hug and shaadi..
Good life IBians

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