Kush Rang Bahara – Shivika ff (Part 8)


So me coming back with part 8. Please comment guys I need to know when to end. Thank you guys for your support.

Lets continue…


The hall decorated beautifully is shown..with everyone busy doing some arrangements..

Anika is shown sitting dejected in Shivaay’s room. 

A: billuji told me not to get off the bed….(to herself)

Would she mind her stone to sweet…back to stone oberoi’s words?? The truth was she couldn’t…her legs wouldn’t carry her..they had multiple fractures. The family tried really hard to cheer her up…bringing in sweets..specially gajar ka halwa..& she somehow felt that Shivaay had asked them to make cause he knew, she loved it.

 But three things were upsetting her..he had been on calls from dawn..some acquisition or project..second although she couldn’t move around..she had supervised the arrangements for the day and couldn’t see the final result and indulge in self praising and contentment. Thirdly the family was leaving to attend a party hosted by some business associate.

Rudy ran in..breaking Anika’s chain of thoughts

R: Anika di..

A: Aren’t you leaving..?

R: Yes we are..bhaiya is on a video call..

A: Oh..he seems very busy( she said faintly)

Rudy chuckled at this decoding Anika’s emotion

R: Anika di..woh..we are actually planning to step in the fashion industry..

Anika brightened up at this..

A: Ramps & all

R: Ha its there…we are merging with mehta designs..they design garments for high profile parties..We are new to this so…bhaiya is being really careful..

Anika was lost in thoughts..she had gonna to fantasize about Arnav Singh Raizada, his hot looks…arshi’s fairytale like encounters & stuff…

R: Anika di..what happened??

A: kuch nahi…

R: Actually I had got something for you..

A: I’m full Rudra..maybe later..

Anika cut in, anticipating another sweet or eatable

R: Oh Anika di…see this..

Rudy handed over his phone..it was video.. the hall which was fully decorated…she had not even asked him..that she wished to see this..but he had read her mind..Anika eyes teared up. She never thought she would find a family, so caring, understanding and that too from the richest clan of the country. She hugged Rudra tightly. God had finally given her an answer.

R: Anika di..u crying??

A: Thankuu… (Ruffling his hair)

R: I’m going bhaiya is calling, we will come back soon…Prinku is staying back…

A: Take her too na..

R: She doesn’t want to come..

A: Ok.

At the Bhallas

The Oberoi’s were warmly welcomed by Ishita…

The party was set in the lawn. There was a stage were some couples were dancing..some games were also going on. It was more a casual party..rather than the usual formal ones.

Tej: Things have improved in the absence of Mr. Raman Bhalla..

S: I think his wife is having more classy taste..

J: She is a south indian..

S: She was practicing as a doctor few years back..really impressive lady.

R: Like Anika di na??

Dadi: Yes hardworking, beautiful & independent.

Shivaay smiled at this..he called Prinku and reminded her to check Anika regularly.

Om was watching the details of the white wall which was decorated with intricated carvings..like royal chariots etc..

A girl was dancing gracefully on the stage, she was wearing a white floor length formal suit. As she saw him she came off the stage straightening her clothes smiling formally at him, but he couldn’t recognise her.

Girl: Omkara Singh Oberoi..don’t you recognise me?

She walked past him to quickly hug a surprised Shivaay.

S: You here…weren’t you settled in New York??

Girl: Yes..but if Oberoi industries give you a great deal..then you should drop in na??

Now both Shiv & Om were looking confusedly at her.

Girl: Okay one minute….I’m Divya Mehta( she said shaking her hands with Om).. we have met once, when you dropped in to meet Shivaay at Cambridge.


(You can assume her Nikita Sharma, last seen in Swaragini as Kavita)

So that was it…Divya Mehta the girl who was studying some integrated MBA & fashion design course in Shivaay’s college.

They even lived in adjacent apartments in Boston. So Shivaay & Divya were close enough and she, had even met his family through the occasional video chats which she was part of.

Mallika appeared from nowhere and hugged Shivaay from back. 

S: Oh…You are here too..

M: The bhallas are investing in my new project..Shivaay( she rolled her eyes at him)

S: Great….women power in the air..

Mallika who saw Divya hugged her tight.

M: Hey baby…long time…so planning something here.

S: Divya…don’t tell me that you are heading Mehta Designs..

D: O..Shivaay..bhaiya yes I’m..

S: Partners again…whola

D: Yes..boss!!

They went on to give a hi-fi. Divya was giving Mallika and Shivaay confused glances at which they chuckled.

O: I couldn’t recognise you at first..sorry..and Divya… Shivaay & Mallika broke up…5 years back…

D: O..M..G….don’t tell me…but still I’m not that surprised.

S,M,O: Why?? (Chorus)

D: Shivaay was always keen on taking up the family business…he was not a person who would fall in love….maybe he’ll but not that easily…& Mallika..sweet girl…ambitious..that doesn’t match..na??…I felt it before when she came there…

M: You should have warned me….I wouldn’t have lost a couple of years.. (She pouted)

D: Bhaiya ji needs someone who can give it back at his face…

Both Om & Mallika smirked at this…Shivaay went on to reminisce the 101 tashans between him & Anika..

Dadi, Tejvi, Shinky all came & met Divya..Siddarth joined in..

Sid: Hey Shivaay…how is your ssoo?? (he asked back hugging Mallika)

M: Even I’m missing her…I wanted to drop in..

S: Actually…she..met with an accident…now getting better.

The thought of her accident…and the image of Anika lying in a pool of blood..send shivers through him. Mallika could sense shivaay’s condition.

M: O God…I hope she is okay..

Sid: Mallika..can’t we drop in after the party??

M: Yes sure we have to..

D: Who is this….ssoo..? (doubtfully)

M: She is…shivaay’s…. wedding planner.

O: But there is more to it…

Both Mallika & Om smiled mischievously at Shivaay..

S: Divya come home with us..if you don’t have anything lined up..

D: But…

Jhanvi: I think you should come…its diwali na..

After much hussles..Divya agreed to accompany the Oberois..Sid & Mallika also planned to drop in to visit Anika..

Anika was sitting sadly..when the family came back. Divya & Anika met each other. Divya felt, instantly if Shivaay can for some girl it would be Anika. At the same time, Anika found Divya to be a piece of Shivaay, Although she was polite..the arrogance..her workaholic nature..and other stuff made Divya seem like a female version of him to her.

Rudy who was busy roaming around clicking pictures..was stuck on one, that he had accidentally clicked..a pic of Divya & Om at the party..both facing each other. A confused Om & a smiling Divya..their hair & clothes fluttering slightly in the breeze.

R: Can she be O’s takkar ka pyaar?? (He wondered)

He wanted to show it to dadi..but she was asleep..he brushed of his thoughs and proceeded to his room.

R: The film didn’t even start..and I’m writing the climax…let the story unfold on its own..(he mumbled as he went onto sleep)

The next morning..

Mallika’s hearty hug was the first thing Anika received in the morning. She had come with Siddarth. Anika felt glad..

M: We were planning to come yesterday..but Moms friends wanted to see me..

A: I’m happy to see you together..

Sid: Thanks to you… Anika..(bowing down)

They chatted for some time. Sidika had told Anika..that they will not marry until she agrees to…plan their wedding. Even after Anika’s reasons like..it will take time for her to become fine & and she has to do Shivaay’s wedding..didn’t work. Finally she agreed with them. 

Three weeks had passed by. Anika had started working like before since a week. The family had made Sahil join a special school, it was a residential one too. Although Anika protested alot, finally she had to give in for Dadi’s and Sahil’s happiness. 

Now she had another problem..Shivaay’s childhood friend Dhaksh had made his entry in the OB M. And he was stalking her. He said that he loved her and all…but she somehow found him a little too creepy.

Shivaay doesn’t seem to be very interested in his marriage but after all the much anticipated Shitia marriage was scheduled to take place the very next day. The normal rasams were not carried out, but the family had arranged for a shaandar sangeet kinda party for the night. Anika had taken all her efforts to make the party a big success.

Anika: Wah..today that Daksh is missing.. (to herself..happily)

She was doing some final arrangements when she saw Shivaay approaching her..

S: Anika we need to talk..

A: Oh billuji..I have lots of work..

Saying this..she moved a little forward..Shivaay held her wrist and turned her towards him..

S: Anika…you can’t work like this…you need to rest..

A: Oh..billuji..if not today then when…this is my last day here… tomorrow..it is your wedding…

He knew that it was his wedding the very next day. ..he knew she’ll leave him..but this soon?… his eyes filled up as he gently left his grip on her hand and hurried to his room.

Anika sighed.

A: I know billuji…I’m bearing this pain…you too..

She brushed off her sad thoughts and was determined on making her last day in OB M memorable. 

A: I’m moving on…coz there is..no choice

Anika sighed and put on a smile..she had to dress up for the party..she wore an off white lehenga with dots all over it and a matching floral cholli. She tied her up her hair in a bun and covered it with a string of white flowers. She had worn a light maang tika & neckpiece..along with ramaleela kind jhumkas. (Silver jewellery with copper polish) After having the makeup on, she wore her pink chunni….made of net with tiny silver beads…All of this being Sidika’s gift.


Shivaay was dressed in an offwhite kurta…he looked dashing and handsome…but his face had lost all charm. He blue-green eyes looked dull & lifeless. Tia wore a rich golden indo-desi gown, hair put up. The makeup was dramatic but some way or other she looked out of place for the bride.

The elders were busy planning for the next day, while the youngsters indulged in games & dancing.. the screen parted and froze on Anika & Shivaay’s troubled faces.

Precap: Shivika dance…

So guys you would had guessed that Divya is the would be OSO girl..it would not be a normal love story…with slip falls..inclined catches & eyelocks..I have not done much of that for Shivika either. But Om’s story would be more mature & intense..I want you guys to suggest their couple name ( Divkara, Divara, Diara or DivOm) I personally stand for Divkara…so please comment.

Happy life IBians.

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