Kush Rang Bahara – Shivika ff (Part 7)


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So here I’m coming up with part 7 of this ff…so guys I need to know whether I have to end this soon…Please comment, just a word to keep me moving…30 comments?

Anika opens her eyes and Om calls out for Shivaay. He runs in tènsed, Om signals him towards Anika. She looked really weak…he felt sad & angry…

S: You are so stupid..why did u wanna go out..alone at night….now look what happened…do you even realise…

Shivaay stopped his sentence midway seeing her dazed and weary…

He went near her & held her hands..

S: Anika aren’t you fine…you must be feeling weak, don’t you stress yourself and fall sick again….lie down…

A: Aap kaun ho…mujhe yaad…nahi..

Anika left her sentence uncompleted seeing Shivaay’s terrified face..

Had she..forgotten him…The doctor had warned him earlier that Anika could suffer from memory loss…as her head injury was serious…but he had prevented himself from thinking or accepting any of that….but now..what was this…his emotions were choking him….something he realised just now…something special he felt, just for her… something he was going to come in terms with. But now everything had taken a huge turn..it had become a mess…did he make it too late…how could paanika forget her billuji…it was just terrible than the impossible…She could hate him, shun him, how could she refrain from recognising him?? Shivaay’s mind went on cook up bizzare things… ‘Breaking news: Shivaay Singh Oberoi has suffered a heart break’

Om placed his hands on Shivaay’s shoulder breaking his fleeting thoughts….

S: Anika..I…I’m 

Peals of laughter rise behind him…as he looks around horrified and confused..



Shivomru sit near Anika…doctor calls Shivaay..

R: Anika di…wakeup…talk to me na…you are so bad.. (he cries)

Anika slowly opens her eyes..

Omru gets glad..

A: Rudra…where am I?

O: We are in the hospital…you met with an accident but now everything is fine…

A: What..I don’t remember a thing…ohh

R: What happened di??

A: Oh.. headache..

R: Bhaiya was crying all over you…as if his world ended..

A: billuji?? (Shocked)

O: Yes Anika…

A: I don’t believe this…you guys are just…teasing me…

R: No di truly….oh I have a plan..

Rudy smiles mischievously..he tells the plan…..Anikara agree to it doubtfully…



Shivaay senses were still numb…he had not come out of what had just happened. He held is heart as if to check if it was still beating..he rubbed it..to soothe the sudden pain..

O: O..Shivaay..u got so scared.. 

R: He is looking like a beetroot..

A: how can I forget Mr. Bhaggad Billa..Shree shree tadibaaz Oberoi.

S: Shut up…shut the hell up..all of you..you guys find it funny..God knows what I have been going through..

He gets up to leave sad & angry..

A: Mr.Stone Singh Oberoi….what’s…

She holds his hand but he leaves it and walks forward…

A: Aah..

She acts as if she got hurt. He rushes to her & holds her hand..

S: So..Sorry..is it paining too much..

A: Yes a lot…Y do you care go go…(she replied faking anger)

Omru exchanged knowing  glances…they exit…leaving Shivika alone

S: No..Anika..

Nurse comes to give her injection..

A: No..No..

S: You are afraid?? (He smiles surprised)

A: No (angry)

S: Then what…show your hand..

A: billuji but..aaah….

After 5 minutes..

A:billuji…my hand is paining…

S: Why are you holding your head..

A: My head is paining…

Anika behaves weird and Shivaay wonders…the nurse tells him its painkiller some people gets such side effects…he smiles at her..

A: billuji…aap bahut cutte hooo…. (She sings pulling his cheeks)

He rolls his eyes..Anika lies on Shivaay’s chest & hugs him..he also holds her…She falls asleep..she says “billuji” in sleep & smiles..

Shivaay softens her hair & kisses on her head..he says..

S: I can’t lose you…Paanika!!

Omru witness this from outside…

R: O..ye ho kya re (makes funny faces)

O: don’t know…

R: So are they set

O: I hope Shivaay doesn’t become stone singh oberoi…by tomorrow…

R: O……Noooo

O: Shivaay won’t accept his feelings…that easily, in front of everyone…

They sigh & leave shivika alone..


Shivaay wakes up to see Anika cuddled onto him…he smiles. He makes her lie on the bed properly…Shivaay & Omru arrange for Anika’s discharge..

Rudy helps Anika to stand…

R: Di…can you walk

A: Haa…okay

Shivkara walks towards Anika’s room..

O: When did Tia leave??

S: Tia??….

O: Ha..yesterday see came to see Anika…na??

S: I didn’t see her…

O: But she had come…don’t know what happened..

Shivaay had a new problem to face. Why did Tia who had come to the hospital..leave without meeting him?


Dadi & everybody was tensed..OmRu & Shivika enters…Anika in Shivaay’s arms…

Tia’s Mom is present giving irritated looks. She leaves after faking a smile to ShivOmRu.

Dadi & garwale ask about Anika & later Shivaay takes her to his room for resting.

The hall

Tej: Shivaay I need to talk something serious…come with me.

S: ji baadepapa

They go inside to talk..

Dadi, Jhanvi, Pinky,Omru, Priyanka, Soumya all gathered in the hall.

Dadi: Rudra..no fire crackers this time..

Rudra makes baby face..

Om: It causes serious environmental problems..why don’t you understand..

S: Ya dumbell Oberoi…bhade baal waale bhaiya is right..

R: Ok fine..but still we can celebrate na??

P: Yes..diyas..sweets..games..

They continued planning for Diwali…

Shivaay was upset after talking to his Uncle. He proceeded to his room to find Anika sitting sadly. He didn’t want to face her. But seeing her crying, he felt sad.

S: Anika…why are you..is it hurting??

Anika chose to be quiet…


A: Yes it is……Shivaay

Shivaay..she called his name..he felt so good. But making sense to Anika’s words, his new found happiness was long gone, he was pushed back into his dark reality. He quickly made  her have her supper & medicines and told her to sleep. He was working on his lap when he saw her asleep in the sitting position. 

S: Yeh..Paanika bhi na

He makes her lie down properly…and lies down to sleep on the couch..

Precap: Diwali celebrations at the Oberoi’s…

1. No one wanted the memory loss track..me 2..Shivika nok-jhok heart & soul of IB..

2. IB is going great, Shivika marriage on the chart. I’m happy. Sad with the trp thingy..all of you guys please keep star plus ON from 10 – 10.30 from mon to sat even if you watch from some other source.

3. Please do comment on my ff…coz I really need some fuel.

4.Oso girl in the making in my ff & I think even in IB. But making Omkara romance like Shivika..somehow feels crap for me..things should be practical & intense na..

PS: I’ll post the next update really soon..

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