Kush Rang Bahara – Shivika ff (Part 2)

So here comes my 2nd episode….as I’m having college everydayI find it difficult to post daily….but I’ll post as much as I can and longer ones on Sundays as Sunday there is no IB and thats too sad…
So lets continue…..

Anika covers her mouth and cries…
Anika: Billuji ne pehle bhi mujhe bahut rolaya…par ab ithna dard kyun hore…
Shivaay kneels down before her…she gets up an tries to leave. Shivaay holds her hand.
Shivaay: Mein….mein..tume hurt nahi karna chate..mujhe bas accept kar ne me difficulty he.
Anika: Aap kuch mat kahiye…me tho sadak..
Shivaay covers her mouth.. 
Shivaay : I’m sorry Anika…I’m really sorry…me tume dard me nahi dek sakta…
He hugs her tight a tear escapes his eyes. Shivaay comes to senses, he breaks the hug and hurries inside. Anika stands still,  unable to move…

Shivaays room….
Om : Shivaay tum Anika se pyaar karta he…
Shivaay : Om…mujhe ye sab ke liye waqt nahi he…kal board meeting he…
Om : Sabko banao…par khud bewakoof mat ho jao Shivaay….
He walks out angrily…
Shivaay: Ha mein usse…usse…pata nahi…par unki bina mujhe nahi raha sakte…par badepapa kya sochenga…prinku ko mene roka…mujhe tia se shaadi karna padengi….meri family ki isat ko bachene ke liye…
He gets sad…

Next morning…Anika and Sahil enter oberoi mansion..
Sahil : Anika di…kya ye ghar aur museum…kitna over lagre..
Anika : Chup kar Sahil
Shivaay comes dressed in suit…eyelock
Sahil: Ye baggad billa aur paanika ke beech kuch toh chalre…
Rudra: Tume bhi laga na..mujhe bhi…same pinch no back pinch.

Rudra and Sahil leave…
Sahil sees Sumo… (Ankho mein teri plays)
They go together…

Dadi tells omru about Shivika shaadi…they tell that’s not possible Shivaay won’t agree…dadi smiles…they make a plan…somu n prinku too join…

Om sits sadly…
S: Kya hua Om…
O: Mera aur Ridhima ka break up hua
S: What..but how?
O : Woh..commitment chatha he..par me us ke lye tayar nahi hoon
S: Par kyun….u guys are compatible huh..
O: Hah..har rishte masboot hone ke liye pyaar ka sarurat hote he…unke liye ek achi proposal bhi aya ghar me force bhi kar re….woh aur wait nahi karenge…
Par zindagi bar saat rahne ki wada karne se pehle bahut sochna hai…galti hui..toh kabhi sudar nahi sakta..

S: Tum dil chota mat kar…koi tho solution avungi..

The story leaps forward by a month. Shivaay feels good in Anika’s company. They start to feel some strange connection and it becomes obvious that they start to understand each other completely and stand for each other at times of need.

Shivaay comes out his room…he is a bit tensed about today’s board meeting. He sees Anika sitting on the couch with Om and feels relaxed.

A: Om tu sach mein bahut cute ho….

She pulls his cheeks, he blushes…Shivaay gets a bit irritated.

He gets even more worried as he had already started being possessive…he couldn’t even stand Anika showing more love to anyone….even his brothers.

Anika: Billuji aap uss kone me kya kar re….aur parishan bhi lagre kya hua?

Shivaay is lost in thoughts. .

A: billuji…. (She pats him)

S: huh…ahh..

A: kya hua apko

S: Nothing…meeting he..isliye

A: apne prepare kiya na…sab kuch tik ho jaungi…

Anika held Shivaay’s hand and assured him…he felt so relieved…he wondered why that all his problems felt so small….he himself the great sso….felt like a kid in front of her….a kid who craved for her attention, her care.

Whether he realised it or not…he was madly, deeply and irrevocably in love with her.

Anika hearing Rudy yelling her name ran out waving him a thums up….

Precap : Dadi says….Mujhe Anika ki bare mein baat karne sabse…Shivaay tume kya kehna hai

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    Thanku so must guys….Vasi I’m also a South Indian….from Kerala. My hindhi is pathetic…Thanks to all the hindhi knowing ppl for their patience…..if all feel same I’ll start writing the dialogues too…in hindi

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