Kush Rang Bahara – Shivika ff (Part 10)


Thank you so much guys for supporting, we come to the last part of this ff…

Let continue..

Tia was gone. The family as well as the limited guests were hushing & buzzing continously.Afer sometime, Tej & Shakti apologised to the guests and bid them farewell. Jhanvi was trying to calm down a furious Pinky while Om was struggling to prevent Rudra from going completely mad..due to all the euphoria. Soumya & Prinku were consoling a sobbing Anika. 

Dadi: Its really late..all of you get to the bed. We’ll sit and talk tomorrow morning (Determined tone)

The corridor

1st meeting: love squad, OB M

Members: Om, Rudy, Somu, Prinku

O: Common guys stop fighting, we have to focus on Shivaay now..

(Feeling irritated by Rumya tashan)

S: We need to make baade bhaiya confess.

P: Its not happening..

R: Oh let Anika di say first…

O: Both are same…she won’t do it either..

S,P,R: What will we do then??

R: Bhaiya ko devadas banane chodega (dramatic)

S: That strong feelings?? (Rolling her eyes))

Rudy eyed Om..for which he chucked.

O: Today we’ll try to convince him, you girls try with Anika…not at all a good plan, but a try.. Dadi would have planned something big..I guess..

They parted to put their first plan into action( not really..they have done great things before..but officially first) 

ShivOmRu & AnPriSo rooms parallel scenes.

Both Anika & Shivaay returned to bed after a long conversation with PriSo & Omru. The situation was slightly different from before, now they had a clear picture of their own feelings..the next step was confession….but confusion.

S: Will I ever be able to accept a girl without proper lineage, blood & family name . I do love her.I feel the pain..when she is hurt….but (thinks)

A: I do love him…but will he trust me.. consider me equal…Will he ever be able to completely accept me, a girl without proper lineage, blood & family name….but it can’t forget him…still (thinks).

The hall.

There was lot of tension in the air. The senior Obros except Dadi looked totally baffled. The news of SSO’s abruptly cancelled marriage had reached the media. To make the matters worse…they even had got some video clippings.

//Shivaay hugging Anika//

Actually the stuff is apparent..he was just trying to console her.after all the allegations by Tia….but the billionaire breaking his marriage for ‘just an employee’ was a thing. Morever she wasn’t just an employee, she was the one who saved him from the Gayatri murder scam…by her one night stand revelation.

The ordeal had caused Pinky an outburst..although she didn’t literally penalise or insult Anika. All the fury caused..made her feel guilty & sad. She had decided to leave the Mansion..like..forever.

The news had reached Shivaay, the kids had tried their best to stop her and as they were helpless, they wanted him to do it. He wasn’t prepared for it. 

He looked at..she stood there, heads down, wearing a white churidhar( prinku’s dev engagement one). Inspite of what she wore she always looked pretty for him. The green and white suited her but her smile was absent, the evident sparkle in her hazels that drove him crazy. She looked up and their eyes met, his heart skipped several beats. Its seemed as if she was the only one that mattered,  it had become like, whenever he dared to look in her eyes. Rudy had to cough to bring them out of the trance.

His eyes pleaded her stay, while her stated that she was helpless.

Dadi entered..

D: Anika, you are not going anywhere..

A: But dadi..

D: It wasn’t a request…I had requested you to marry Om…but that was just our game plan to make you two realise your feelings…

Both Anika & Shivaay glanced at each other shocked.

D: Now you both are marrying…and that is final….I don’t want to hear any excuses….

Everyone shocked!!

D: This is not just your Dadi…but also Oberoi industries maximum share holder Kalyani Prithviraj Oberoi….so you go against my wishes if you are ready to bear the consequences…

D: And Anika….I had given you 20 lakhs for your house & 12 for Sahil’s tuition fees. So…Don’t feel bad beta, this is for your own good only.

There was utter silence in the mansion, no one just come out what just happened. Om had a proud intense smile on his face.

Sweet..isn’t it. Dadi had hit the bull’s eye. No questions asked, the Oberois would have to give in unless, they will suffer the wrath of the smart business woman. Shivaay had definitely inherited his deal cracking skills from his Dadi although he looked like his Dadaji!

D: So its a deal…Anika come with me..

Anika had followed Dadi to her room, there was no room for anymore pleadings.

Later, the love squad assembled in dadi’s room hugging & kissing her.Rudra played ‘Dhating natch’ and all danced, like mad with ecstasy.

The mansion was beautifully decorated, Omru & Sahil being the happiest of them all. The marriage was a simple affair, but the press was present. Dadi told the press, that S&A are perfect for each other,and that is why the ‘shadi’ is happening. Anika was dressed in a rose lehenga, where Shivaay wore a cream kurta. They both looked ethereal when they walked down together. The rituals were completed. And Shivika had become legally one.

So I’m coming up with a sequel to this one, which deal with Shivika’s life after marriage…Thank you each & everyone for your support,  I’m winding up KRB due to lack of time..& ideas.

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