Kunj-Twinkle and his health

In an upcoming track ofTashan-e-Ishq,Kunj will visit his college and Twinkle follows him. There will be a revelation of Kunj suffering from sickle cell anemia and Twinkle being aware of it. Kunj will have trouble arranging for blood and Twinkle shall be scared due to the same. Kunj, however, will have no clue about anything and will roam freely.

Further, Kunj and his friends will be running up the staircase, when Kunj shall fall down; seeing this, Twinkle gets paranoid. To stop Kunj from running, she acts to have fainted but Kunj catches the fake acting.

Talking to DailyBhaskar.com Twinkle says, “Kunj has some problem with his blood and I am scared that he will hurt himself. So, I am trying to help him.”

On the same Kunj says,” I am not aware about anything till now. But, when I see Twinkle falling down, I go to her and then I come to know that it was just acting and he was all ok. So, now I am going to be angry with her.”

Well, between all the twist and turns, does Kunj come to know about the sickle cell anemia and how he reacts after knowing the truth will be surely interesting to watch.

Credit to: Mayatwinjfan


  1. Ritzi

    Ooooooo my god yaar I knew it that the next track would be related to some kunj’s disease only as the CVS gave much importance on kunj’s small cut…..but tysm mayatwinjfan…luv u for this

  2. Twinj fan

    I hope nthg will happen to kunj nd WTF the blood donor is uv!!! Twinkle will go nd beg to him nd he will help kunj if twinkle will come back to uv right!!?? I don’t want this to happen…if this happens then that’s it I guess everyone will stop watching TEI…most people r watching just got twinj

  3. loveleen

    i smwhere feel its all uv’s plan n kunj is absolutely fyn….he is trying to win his challenge given to twinkle to beg infrnt of him…the positive side of my mind is saying this…bt i ll see the negative side twinj will b separated….if this happens it will surely loose its viewers…

    • Mayatwinjfan

      Yes I agree with u loveleen. Maybe it will be like Doli armaani ki when samrat bribes doctor to tell urmi that shaurya has cancer when he doesn’t. I just hope this doesn’t affect our twinj.

  4. cutie

    Even I think so loveleen bcoz sickle cell anemia is a disease which takes its place at the age of 5/6months …and can b detected with a blood test.. Now don’t say that kunj never had any blood test in his life and moreover it also causes pain that is as severe as breaking of a bone whenever heart beats fast.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..