Kunj Sarna’s love story part 1

Nobody seems to pay attention to what I was telling in the mock trails…everybody was busy in either chatting or laughing. Yeah….laughing coz their laughing stock was up for the speech….I knew this would happen..yet i went only coz professor Seth had asked me…. “H..h..hi..m…my…myself…..ku…ku..kun..Kunj… sa..Sarna..” as I addressed the class I could hear soft giggling sound..I was nervous than ever before….after speaking for about few minutes i broke down at the middle of the speech…..!! The soft giggling sound had turned out to be a noisy laughter..every eye was on me..People looked at me with disgust..no one said but i could feel…disheartened I left the class….

It was not something new for me…from early childhood m facing this problem, in spite of being a bright student m suffering…y?? just because I stammer…b..b…because I ca..can’t sp..spe..speak no..nor..normally…!!
I was sitting alone in the class when Professor Seth came to me wid an envelope…he handed it to me…surprised I asked him “what’s this sir??”

“its an appointment letter..as an intern under famous advocate Charles D’suza” I was shocked. Y would such a renowned man keep me as an intern under him?? How did he come to know me..with thoughts such as these swirling in my mind I asked “sir how..di..did..thi…this ha..Hap..happen??” professor replied “kunj my boy, u r one of the brilliant students of this college and I as ur teacher feel responsible…so i recommended my best student”

To be continued…
Sorry for this short update…. but i will only continue if u r interested…. and if u want me to continue… if yes plzz comment… sorry that i m unable to give an intro… i don’t want to kill the suspense… as its a short story.. three shots probably… so readers throw ur comments..

Credit to: u know me


  1. M

    If m not wrong, this was same in Yeh hai aashiqui, starring Shantanu Maheshwari n Vrushika Mehta

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey U KNOW ME..I think I really can’t bear the suspence that who r u…I really ant to know
    But the slot seems interesting…
    Do continue??

  3. dreamer

    Hey u know me….plz yaar reveal who the great writer of this good snd osum ff is? Ctd asap

  4. Rashi

    Oh ho u know me….this suspense will kill me….anyway nice story…pls continue…. Really excited….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.