Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Deepak’s truth revealed to Preeta’s family

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Preeta was shocked to see Deepak and asks how he entered? Deepak asks if she isn’t happy watching him here? He asks where she had been for so long and got wet. Preeta asks what his concern is. She tells him to leave. Deepak clutches her arm asking if she was having fun with a stranger outside, and poses to be innocent in front of him. He molests Preeta as she tried to ignore him. He pushes her towards the wall and insists she wants to trap a rich man and marry him. Preeta tells him to leave her, she doesn’t want her family to hear all this. Deepak forces her to accept her mistake. Preeta says she went with Karan for some important work. Deepak insists she is his property, he will break his legs and cut her feet if they move towards each other. Sarla and Dadi hear Preeta’s cries and come out.

Sarla pushes Deepak away and questions how he dare touch her daughter. Deepak blames Preeta for being characterless, how he can bear her in arms of someone else. He had seen her with a stranger with his own eyes. Sarla shuts him up for blaming her daughter falsely. It was his mistake to allow him inside. As Sarla pushes him out of the house Deepak warns him to get away. Deepak says it’s her last chance, and he will marry the ill charactered girl. Sarla slaps him hard. Shrishti comes back home. Sarla had brought a wooden rod to hit Deepak. Both Shrishti and Preeta tell Sarla his demand for dowry made their engagement break. Shrishti says he is the reason their father died. Preeta blames he behaves ill with the girls. Dadi asks if his mother didn’t teach anything. Deepak forbids them discuss about his mother. He was about to hit Sarla now, but Shrishti comes to hit him. While leaving, Deepak guarantees Preeta is his rejected, no one will marry her now. Sarla takes the challenge that she will bring a 1000 times better man for Preeta.
After Deepak had left, Sarla tells Preeta that whenever a man holds hand over a woman, there is no relation left between the two. She wish every girl in the world get loveable and respectful man as their counterparts. She says she won’t let them marry Deepak anyway, who is he to reject them. And if she can’t find a worthy man he won’t marry them at all, they are better under the roof of their mother.
Rakhi comes downstairs and finds Kareena instructing the servants. Kareena asks Rakhi why she came downstairs, she should take rest. Rakhi says she was really tired of being in bed and will be fresh here. Rakhi asks Kareena why she hates Preeta so much. Kareena tells Rakhi that for her the first impression really matters, everything about Preeta irritates her contrary to Rakhi who likes Preeta. She says Rakhi never disagreed with her but now Preeta has brought distances between them two as well. Rakhi was left in deep thought. Rishab comes to cheer her up saying Preeta and Shrishti are coming home tomorrow.
Sarla brings food for Preeta but she denies any. Sarla offers her a bite from her own hands. Both get emotional as Sarla caresses her. Preeta says she just remembered her childhood times. Shrishti comes there jealous of Preeta and says this won’t work; she wants justice in any behavior. She was excited to eat from Sarla’s hands. Dadi was thankful to Preeta and Shrishti for bringing life to their house again. Shrishti takes the credit of all this cheerfulness, else Sarla and Preeta are only emotional fools. Shrishti goes to take a call. It was Rishab who explains he wanted to speak to Preeta, Dadi had pain in her foot and he wanted to ask about pain killer. Shrishti says Preeta can’t talk to him right now. Deepak came and created a lot of drama, he even tried to hit Sarla. Rishab complains for not informing him about the matter. Shrishti regrets sharing with him, and promises Rishab not to discuss with Preeta about it. Rishab tells Shrishti to take care of herself, he will speak to Preeta about it tomorrow. He was disturbed and calls his assistant and inform Deepak meet him in office tomorrow. Preeta hears Shrishti speak to herself, she asks Shrishti if she told Rishab what Deepak did at home. She asks why Rishab had called. Shrishti decides not to tell Preeta about Dadi’s pain.

PRECAP: Deepak blames Preeta in front of Rishab. Rishab slaps Deepak hard on face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. rishabh slaps deepak , chattak!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……. wow eager for tmrw’s epi

  2. Malaika

    No karan?. Wasn’t sherlin enough that deepak is now a problem as well. And how dare he say about cutting their legs and feets he has no rights over preeta. It’s funny how he is just using her to jelous his friends and not even loving her and saying that she is his property

  3. No preeran in the whole episode ..very boring…

  4. Awwwwn!! I miss Preeran scenes… I agree there were a lot of their scenes last week but still, I miss them!! N I wish that Karan slapped Deepak instead of Rishabh!
    Hopefully.. Tomorrow we’ll see Preeran scenes!!!!!!!!

  5. Ohh god ..how much drama they shown….Deepak…i hate that scenes even i skip this scenes….Preetha such a dumb character….why they show girls like….they are not strong….I am happy if Preetha slap that cheapde Deepak twice rather than Rishabh…..If they show a bold & fearless girl’s character, then their ego is hurt

  6. Please delete this Deepak character I don’t want the show the day I see his face. It’s irritating the characterization is also to lake and fake even for Ekta Kapoor serial standards

  7. I don’t understand why there have made the character of Preeta so useless. I understand being nice to people for humanity reasons but taking a beating from a man she was not going to marry. Come on writers of Preeta charater give her some guts like Shristhi., better characteristic of a woman of 21st century. Preeta’s character is more of a 18th century woman.

  8. Rishta scenes love them precap was so nice. Rishab slaps deepak itne Dino ke baad interested aaya kundali bhagya me.love rishab,Preeta jodi.and hate karan scenes with Preeta they are like bro sis jodi.

  9. ♡_♡ love to c rishta jodi plz…make them together

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