Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahesh-Rakhi wedding anniversary planning

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Rishab apologizes Sherlin dryly and asks Rakhi if she is happy now? Rakhi says thank you. Rishab leaves. Karan genuinely thanks Sherlin. Sherlin was happy that this is what she wanted. Kareena was boastful about her children. Rishab looks around for Preeta who just arrives with Prithvi. Kareena blames Preeta for all that happened today, she must have questioned Prithvi abruptly when she found the necklace. Sherlin’s character was blamed because of her only. Dadi takes everyone attention to Rakhi and Mahesh’s wedding 25th anniversary. Mahesh asks about a party. Kareena was sure Rishab and Karan will arrange one. Rishab promises to organize the party, Sherlin promises to help him. Dadi invites Prithvi. He assures he will be there and wonders why she didn’t invite Preeta. Sherlin suggests about inviting

Preeta. Dadi says those who are family aren’t invited. Preeta is like Rishab and Karan to her. Preeta gets emotional and hugs Dadi.
Karan comes to a side and finds out that the phone has a password. He wonders what can be the password, he tries Rishab’s birthday, then Sherlin’s birthday. He wonders what Sherlin could have set as a password and tries 1234. It works. He was shocked to find Prithvi’s calls on her phone. He was now confirmed there was something between them, she had called Prithvi between he inquired and Papa called Prithvi. She transferred the whole information to him. Now he has a proof.
Sarla discuss with Dadi that she wish to marry her daughters in the best of ways. Dadi assures that their daughters will marry to the best of the men.
Karan comes to the hall to plan Sherlin’s phone back on the table. Rishab was ordering catering for 25th anniversary of Mahesh and Rakhi’s wedding. Mahesh asks about inviting Sarla, Preeta assures she will inform at home but Rakhi says she herself wants to invite Sarla. She asks to put the phone on speaker. Prithvi thinks to himself that he did it. There, Karan signals Preeta to come to a side.
Sarla takes Rakhi’s call. Rakhi gives Sarla the good news about their anniversary. Mahesh jokes that he has been bearing Rakhi for last 25 years. Sarla laughs that actually Rakhi has bear him, then apologizes Mahesh. No one minds. They invite them for the party. Sarla says she would send Sameer home for party preparations as he is helping Shrishti with some work. Rakhi takes a chance and go aside to speak to Sarla. Preeta goes to bring her bag from Dadi’s room. Karan follows her. Sherlin wonders what Rakhi has to speak to Sarla alone. There, Rakhi tells Sarla that Sameer isn’t someone who would come to help anyone anyway. She says this means something is surely going between their kids, they must try and find out about it and catch their kids red handed.
In the room, Shrishti and Sameer were painting the walls of their room together. Sameer tells her to be careful, he won’t be able to catch her right now. He complains she never listens to him. Shrishti says she is no more the old Shrishti and would listen to everything he says. Shrishti comes down the stairs to argue Sameer and points mistakes in his painting. Sameer asks if he is some professional painter, he has done what he felt the best. Sarla heard their argument from outside, she thinks Rakhi said something otherwise but here they are badly fighting. They stop watching Sarla. Sarla makes up that she wanted to take the empty bowl. Sameer asks her for a glass of cold water, something has put his brain to fire.
In the kitchen, Rakhi was in disbelief that so many years have passed while she poured sweets in the plate. Mahesh comes to the kitchen and says he is the rightful of these sweets. They share a few sweet romantic moments together and feed the sweets to each other together and hug each other. Kritika had come at the door and stops Rishab as well. Rakhi was at once shy watching them there and gets away from Mahesh explaining their positions, however Mahesh says he was in a mood of romance. The kids only enjoy.

PRECAP: Karan calls Shrishti to come to Luthra house, she is much intelligent than Preeta and is sure will understand everything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I do not understand the deal with Prithvi and Sherlin. I joined the show just recently and fail to catch why they are marring someone else rather then each other. Is it money because Preeta does not even have two dimes to rub together. Please explain.

  2. Cathy

    There is something (that hasn’t been revealed) between Prthivi and Rishab, Rishab seems to have important information on Prthivi but doesn’t remember what it was, rishab has investigators looking into it but nothing has been done for months….Prthivi and Sherlyn were married and divorced, i’m not sure why, anyway they are both seeking vengence from the Luthra family for some business slight or personal, the show has never really developed that story line cohesively and im not sure why Preeta is a target..it’s all just mixed up.

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