Kundali Bhagya 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta to catch Prithvi red handed.

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Karan and Preeta come into Sherlin’s room to find a proof. In the washroom, Prithvi hears the door knob, then decides not to go outside until Sherlin calls him. He was excited that she had come over. There, Sherlin finds the main door unlocked and wonders if Prithvi came from the front door today? Rishab comes from behind coughing, Sherlin takes him inside afraid about Prithvi. Preeta sat upset about not finding a proof against Sherlin. Karan calms her down when they hear Sherlin and Rishab enter. Preeta panics that Sherlin would treat her badly now. Karan calms her down. Sherlin brings Rishab inside, she notices the room light was switched on and Prithvi was inside. She decide to go inside later to warn Prithvi not come out.
Prithvi wonders why Sherlin didn’t call him outside yet, and

was afraid if her mother has also come home. He fell down in the washroom and finally calls Sherlin.
Sherlin denies hearing the call but Rishab hears Prithvi. In the room, Karan forces Preeta to speak to Prithvi in voice of Sherlin and call him out of the washroom. Preeta was reluctant but finally speaks with Prithvi upon Karan’s insistence. Prithvi senses her voice was way too sweet to be Sherlin and asks her to tell his pet name.
Outside, Rishab was concerned about Sherlin’s safety about the voice. He insists upon looking into the room. Sherlin pretends getting a foot cramp and sends Rishab to get ice pack.
Prithvi suspects Preeta and asks her to calls his pet name then. Preeta was speechless. Sherlin enters the room then calling him as Punnu. Preeta and Karan were under the table. As they try to make a video of Prithvi, Preeta makes a noice. Both were alert. Sherlin whispers to Prithvi to leave right now so that no one gets a proof of them together. She sends Prithvi to washroom again and goes out on Rishab’s call.
Rishab had brought an ice pack for Sherlin. She makes up that she went to washroom. Preeta and Karan decide to go out and catch Sherlin red handed with her lover in front of Rishab. Prithvi was worried as Karan and Preeta head towards the washroom. Karan comes into the washroom but no one was there. He says they couldn’t find a proof, now they must go home before Sherlin proves them liars in front of Rishab.
Prithvi had climbed out of washroom window. He was curt of Preeta for teasing his Sherlin.
Karan and Preeta were walking past the corridor, leaving for home. They hide behind the wall as they watch Rishab and Sherlin in the hall. Preeta hits a vase that fell down on floor and breaks.

PRECAP: Prithvi calms Sherlin down in the room as its only him. Sherlin says she now understand how important it is for him to marry Preeta. She tells him to encage Preeta through marriage, this way she will distance with Rishab as well. Rakhi was happy to hear from Sarla about Preeta’s roka.

Update Credit to: Sona

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