Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishab asks Prithvi about Sherlin’s necklace

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Prithvi asks in amazement, what necklace to which Rishab shows him this necklace showing him the piece, then Karan asks him if his eyesight is alright and then he starts to force him, Karan asks him  to not deny it as Preeta found it i9n his car and Dadi says that she also saw it.

Rishab says that he should not be concerned but should only answer the question that he was asked, that what was this necklace dong in his car to which Karan also pressurizes him and Prithvi also gets angry saying that he will only answer Preeta, then he shows Preeta a receipt to a necklace saying that it was bought a surprise gift for her but he did not think that his surprise will turn into suspicion. Rishab gets angry and says that he should only answer the question which was asked to which he says that he bought

it with his mother, they ask him to call her and he does that, Karan asks him to put it on speaker and he does that, Prithvi talks with her and then without letting anyone ask her anything he cancels it, to which he also gets angry and say that a got the proof, Karan disagrees and then Sherlin tries to support him.

Sherlin says that Karan always does this with her and mistrusts her character and never listens to her after which she runs away crying to which Karina asks Rishab to go and take care of her, Rishab goes unwillingly. Karina asks Karan to stop as his method is not true.

Rishab goes to Sherlin where she is crying and saying that she was not trusted and insulted very badly to which Rishab says that she must stop this acting and sincerely ask this question to her that was this necklace her, she says that she was not allowed to answer to which he says that this was not the case as she did not even answer and was standing there quietly, he says that he was also there and did not listen to anything, she then tries to make an excuse to which Rishab says that she was asked a simple question and she was to answer it but she failed, he is about to leave when she asks him that he trusts Preeta more than her to which he says that he trusts her more than himself.

Preeta runs and stops Prithvi apologizing to him about what happened to which he says that why must he forgive her as she never trust him not when it was Tapsi and not with Sherlin as she thinks that he is having an affair with her but he always did his best to uphold her honor and never did that hurt her but she always did just that on Karan’s saying or advice. He says that she wants to and says that nothing will ever happen like this again, he says that he will only forgive her on one condition and it is that he does not want to see tears in her eyes, he says that if they are to live their lives together then can she let him give her the necklace which he bought for her, she agrees and Karan is getting very angry, thinking that he is a very jealous person and he will do whatever it takes to stop him, Prithvi hugs her and seeing this karan gets angry and throws the vase, Prithvi and Preeta turns back amazed, he says to her that Dadi is calling her as her foot hurts, she looks to Prithvi and he says that she ,must go to her and she leaves, when Karan is about to leave Prithvi stops him and asks as to why is he doing this to which Karan asks him to tell the truth, Prithvi answers that he knows the truth to which Karan says that he truly knows and he  will do it until everyone knows.

Karina asks Sherlin to stop crying and there are a lot of people living in this house and she must come into their house and must take everyone with her. Karina sasy that she scolded Karan as it was his mistake, she says that she is amazed at Rishab’s reaction and feels that he does not trust her, Rakhi asks him to come and apologize which he does then she says that he must apologize to her to which he says that he can do it ten or hundred time but it should be his mistake, Rakhi asks him to do it for her sake and he do exactly that, when Rishab is apologizing Karan sees Sherlin’s phone and he thinks of an idea.

Precap: Dadi says that twenty five years ago she brought Rakhi into this house and asks Prithvi to come, Sherlin says that she must also ask Preeta to come to which she says that she did not give Karan and Rishab invitation and just like that she is also the Dadi of Preeta to which Sherlin gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Full on crap now

  2. Why most fans loved this CRAP SERIAL ,Too much dragging but still TOP 1 TRP ,INDIAN AUDIENCE are not fools but why INDIAN people support this type of USELESS and story less ,concept less serial ? Again and again same shit repeat ,Makers made ,heroinHero was dump

  3. Nonsense of an episode. Preeta is very dumb. Dumb like pragya. I missed sameer and shristi in today episode

  4. Sarifa Patel

    Boy oh boy another load of dumb shit. Geez can’t get any worse. Writer has created a dumb broad in Preeta character. Just like Ekta 2 dumbos together.

    1. You are so RIGHT Sarifa

  5. will stop watching one of my favourite show on zee. Too childish and non-relevant ideas. Show is no more interesting. Nowadays people cannot be so stupid like this serial.

  6. Patricia Ramrup

    Who is reading our comments? Do they care for the reviews? we care enough to take time out to send our thoughts please value our time and intelligence. Nothing is credible, nothing makes sense.
    Its one stupid bomb after another exploding its not like anyone can miss the senselessness of each episode.

  7. I agree with everyone, this Serial is dragging and even if you miss a month of it. you will not miss much because it does not go anywhere. Stuck in on spot and same old story and dumbness of Karan and Preeta. I am so done with this drama.

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