Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta enter the Docotr’s cabin

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There is a knock at the door and Sherlin gets scared, Karan asks Doctor Semma to come out, Sherlin asks the doctor to not open the door, she feels that someone is trying to ruin her reputation, she hides, the doctor opens the door and asks about their problem. She says that if they want to have a checkup then they must wait, Karan says that they are not here for a checkup but instead they want to find out who is with her having the checkup, the doctor says that she will not let them in as this is against the rules of the hospital.
The doctor does not let them enter but Karan plays a prank and hurts Preeta, the then barge in and even when the doctor stops them they do not listen and search the cabin. Karan starts to have a chat with the doctor and this enables Preeta to look around the room but

she stops them and is adamant that they must go out. She then calls Security and starts to misbehave with them, Preeta stops her saying that this is not the way to talk to him, they both then explain the whole situation too her, she quietly listens as they tell her that Sherlin is a very smart girl and will ruin the life of Rishab is she marries him. they tell her that she is also having an affair and this child is of that person who is having an affair with Sherlin.
Prithvi is walking when he bumps into a person and he gets into a fight with him. He quickly asks him if Karan sent him but then when he says that Prithvi is a psycho then he turns and asks him to come outside then he will show him what kind of a person he is, this makes the person scared and he fears that Prithvi will truly harm him, he goes away.
Preeta says that Rishab is a very simple person and she will harm him if she marries him and his life will be ruined, she says that she knows that this is not right and she being a women is helping that girl but she must help the boy rather than the girl as she is cheating and is a very mischievous women.
Karan goes outside, Prithvi quickly finds a place to hide, Karan finds his cloth on the floor, he comes towards the stretcher but then turns back, Prithvi finding the opportunity runs away, Karan runs after him.
The doctor asks where Karan went, Sherlin thinks if Karan went after Prithvi, Preeta says that she must listen to her and explains that Rishab did not even wanted to get marry and only wanted to spend his time with his family and was not interested to get married, he did not even listen to his family and always had an excuse if someone talked with him about his marriage, his mother then contacted her and asked her to talk to him and she then explain him the importance this decision w3ill have on his family and how happy thy will be. She says that he then agreed and she thought that this will be good for him but she never thought that she was pushing him towards his doom. She asks her that she knows how she feels and as she was the one who made the mistake the she will be the one to correct it.
Preeta says that she saw Sherlin with other men on many occasions and she must be the one to help her, Preeta says that Rishab is a very good person and his family has a lot of wealth but they are not the ones who believe in class systems, she must help her as Preeta cannot do it alone. Sherlin thinks that where Prithvi is now that she is in such big trouble.
Prithvi is standing at the corner and he runs thinking that Karan will not be able to follow him but then he feels someone touching hi shoulder, he turns and it is Kara who is asking the reason that he is here.
Preeta says that she told her everything and now she must help her, the doctor says that she cannot as she has some obligations regarding her Patient. She cannot tell Preeta anything and if Sherlin broke someone’s trust then how can she do it.

Precap: Preeta asks the doctor if her patients name is Sherlin, the doctor says that she will show her something first, then she walks towards the bed where Sherlin is hiding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sarifa Patel

    Time to end this scenario and expose the truth. Enough is enough. Bring a more romantic twist between Karan and Preeta and Sameer and Shristi

  2. Yes you’re right . We all fed up with this track, prithvi and sherlin

  3. Shamita shetty

    What a loop this director and writers are making in this serial. I don’t think so this serial should continue more. Because they don’t have any other topics to continue with.

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