Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Manisha locked in

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Preeta gets very angry with Prithvi saying that she does not like when he stops her from meeting her friends and that she never placed anything like his on him even when he comes with Sherlin to any place they gather, she e says that if he is like this before marriage then she will not marry him, he gets confused and says that they will talk later, she gets angry and cancels the phone.
Manisha says that she will not deal, Rishab says that he is not asking for her permission, Manisha tries to shout, Shrishti says that she did everything b herself and when someone came she was thrown out and then when she went Manisha came she molested Karan, Manisha tries to deny it and Rishab says that he is only ding this because if they go to court then it will take time and he does not want it, he says

that he knows that if she goes into jail then she will stay in there for lifetime and it is just because of time that he came to deal with her, Shrishti says that she will go to jail and then will live a life filled with all the hurdles and then she will rust in jail, she says that she will not bear anything, she says that she made a deal because she was given money and that she was a billion rupees.
Shrishti gets angry and then is about to beat Manisha, he takes her away saying that he will get Karan out of jail. He ask her to sit down and calls Mahesh to arrange the cash.
Karan is in the jail, when they bring another person with allot of people with extreme views, they act badly with him and throw him a cell with Karan, he ask them to behave, the police says that he is a mental case but then he recites poetry about his love.
Karan greets the person, he also tells him, Karan ask him why is he beaten and why did they want to charge complaint, he says that he was going and was in a state of bliss, he went from between them without realizing and then they started to beat him, he starts to laugh the crowd gets angry and come to beat him, Karan stoops him and when he says that he did not see them because he was in a state of bliss and remembering his love and they were able to notice because they were not praying by heart, they get angry and saying him as a madman leave, the police also says that he is a meant case but Karan says that he is happy and he has gone through the state of tis world, he does not listen to anyone and aks him about his love, Laila, he goes into dreaming about her and is not able to say anything.
Bee jee says that she is going to sleep, Sarla is saying that she is going to pay a tax for her hall, she does not talk with Preeta even when she comes, Sarla comes back and Preeta opens it but she does not talk with her and refers to only Bi jee and leaves. There is again a knock on the door, she thinks that it is Sarla but when she opens the door it is Rishab who hurriedly hugs him, Bi jee comes and he apologizes, then he comes and says that Manisha has agreed to say the truth, Bi jee wonders why did she agree to the truth but she only agreed because she was offered to give a lot of money, he says that she will says the truth,
Rishab says to Shrishti that she can come with him and he will pick her once he comes back, Sarla comes back and she forgot the bill, when she reaches she sees Rishab and then wonders what she is doing, she says that Preeta is her good child but she is not obeying her and keeping in touch with the Luthra’s.
Mahesh and Sameer collect the money, Rishab comes and they ask him, he syas that he has made a deal and will bring Karan back, he says that they must all remain quiet and not do anything that can harm this plan of his. He is about to leave when he bangs into Sherlin, she asks him where he is going but he says that he has a business deal; and so wants to hurry.

Precap: Manisha starts to shout at Shrishti and Rishab, they both are confused just when the door opens and the police comes with the reporters and they both are left stunned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sarifa Patel

    Oh geez another load if crap boy these writers are sure determined to continue writing shit episodes but guess thats all their brains can produce like their dumb producers.

  2. What’s wrong with these idiots writers

  3. You can stop watching for a month and will not miss a thing. The story is like Groundhog Day. Stuck in a loop.

  4. Disgusting…in the country like india with more than 1 billion people, did ekta kapoor rope in such crap writers that keeps on streching bullshit stories and checking audience patience for more than years. Only time changed, not the shit of this serial becasue villian still is same and onli villian wins all the time. I wonder how makers could do such thing, its too much to bear….its really sucks..

  5. Am I stuck in a loop? No, it’s just this show!

  6. This gets the prize foe the MOST stupidest show ever hahaha

  7. great show but it time pritvi and Sherlyn get caught these two wrect havoc on this dhow its time they get caught and let the show move on listen to the people who watch and like this show u guys already messed up kum kum baghia

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