Kundali Bhagya 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan decides to prove Preeta innocent

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Kareena asks Karan to stop and Sherlin also requests Rishab to listen that Preeta is wrong and he is going to marry her not Preeta but he says that they will get married and are not at present.
Karan goes to Preeta who is badly crying, he asks her for her forgiveness but she says that he does not care for her feelings and because she is a middle class girl and he cannot understand the affect it will have on her feeling. She says that it will not only affect her but her family also, Karan says that they played the right game because she accepted that it belonged to her and now she cannot deny it and when they will ask her where they found it then they will not be able to answer.
Preeta says that she does not know what will happen and now what will they do as Sherlin will says a lot to her

family. Kareena says that he knows that he hurt her and will do all he can and prove that she is the most honest girl and he will prove to all those who called her a liar that she is true.
Sarla is preparing peas when Dadi comes and says that she is making rice with peas as they are her favorite to which she says that how does she know, Dadi says that she is aware of her every move and knows that she does this to ke3ep her happy and they both start to have fun. When Shristri comes and says that she is very upset because no one is helping her paint her room, Dadi and Sarla says that she is very boring as she is painting the same color, when suddenly Sameer walks in and they all greet him, he sits and Dadi asks Sarla to prepare some tea to which she says that it is her third cup, Dadi gets annoyed. Sarla asks Shristri to tell him as to why is she painting the same color, she says to him that she is painting the same color, she says that she is not able to move the table in her room, Sameer says that he can help her and will move the table for her, when they are walking Dadi says that a husband should be like him who is able to do the heavy work.
Karan is walking and planning to tell everyone the truth and free Preeta of the blame that she is a thief when suddenly Dadi stops him and asks about why there is so much noise, Karan say that she has not heard the noise when it was at its peak and now she will again witness it. Dadi asks Preeta that when she was picking up the phone from Prithvi’s car she noticed that Preeta also [picked that necklace and was worried, Dadi says that she thought that she got it from Prithvi and now she found it. But she is unable to understand that what this Necklace is doing in their house.
Prithvi is very angry and says that Sherlin did not pick his phone and he cannot even go to her house because he mother is there, she even did not pick his phone as she is angry because he asked her to go and check as to what Preeta was doing in Karan’s room and he was right because Preeta is his fiancé and he has the right. He thinks that he will treat her like a slave after their marriage and he only agreed for their marriage because he wanted to take revenge but why is he getting so interested in her.
Rakhi asks Sherlin that she is about to become a family member and it is her right to ask her these questions, because when this necklace was given to her by Kareena then what was it doing in Prithvi’s car, she also asks Kareena to trust Preeta for once as she is a very good person and she is the only one who can be trusted blindly. Kareena says that Preeta is making up stories to protect herself to which Dadi says that has she lost her mind because when she is saying that she was with Preeta when she found the necklace, Rakhi says that whatever the matter is but she will find out as to how the necklace got in Prithvi’s car, Karan says that it is her right.
Mahesh says that she is not answering their questions so they will ask Prithvi and so he calls him, Preeta says that it is not right to disturb him to which Karan stops her and they contact him and ask him to name immediately.
Karan says that Preeta did not say anything knowing that she was innocent because she is his friend and knew that he lied to which he is solely thank you, Preeta also feel blessed feels to have a friend like him who is caring and is always there for her. Karan says to Sherlin that Prithvi will answer some questions but she will also have to answer some questions.

Precap: Rishab says to Prithvi that he was called because only he can answer some questions and then asks if he has some relation with Sherlin.

Update Credit to: Sona

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