Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan and Preeta come home wet. Karan calls her sticky and attracted towards him. Preeta accuses him to have stolen her umbrella and fight with her for it, she gets sneeze. Rashi hears their argument, then comes to send Preeta inside. She would send the maid with Roo’s clothes. Rashi tells Karan he thought this girl was for Rishab, she didn’t know he is interested in her. Karan denies any interest. Rashi tells Karan he has watched a lot of Hindi films and realizes all the scenarios. She wasn’t ready to consider it a coincidence. She says she always wanted a girl like her for him. Upstairs, the Dadi asks Karan to do something about Preeta. He says he has a plan, but it will take some time.
At home, Sarla was crying. Bee ji tells her to calm herself down. Sarla says she knows her daughters

well, if she strikes their self-respect they will never leave the place. She has cried for them a lot, and she prevented herself from hugging her daughters only to keep them here. Bee ji assures Sarla she is a good mother. Shrishti was leaving home, Bee ji asks where she is going. Shrishti curtly says she doesn’t want this lady to know about it and leaves. Sarla cries how everything would get fine.
Preeta was coming after her clothes changed. Kritika comes there and says her dress suits Preeta more than her. Preeta laughs that she realizes she is too short. Kritika had dropped a few photos which Preeta holds. Kritika takes Preeta to Rishab’s room to make him chose at least one girl from these photographs. In the room, Rishab was concerned if Preeta got wet. Kritika changes the topic and tells Preeta to select a girl from among these photos. Preeta watches a photo and says she would have selected this girl, she is really composed, calm and peaceful. Kritika asks Rishab if Preeta doesn’t seem to be the perfect girl for him, it was awkward for Preeta and Rishab both. Preeta gets cold, Rishab offers her a jersey but Kritika says it would only be a medicine.
Kareena was with the wedding planner, she thinks about not appreciating the work. Vandy assures Kareena she will send her best team to her on the wedding day. Shrishti comes there, Vandy lies that Shrishti has been working with her for last 7 years and is an expert. There, Shrishti later comes to Vandy and thanks her for the opportunity, Vandy tells her to stay confident and she will win it all.
Dadi and Preeta were in the room. Dadi notices the pain in her foot had vanished and gives the credit to her medicine. She tells Preeta she won’t do exercise anymore. Preeta insists she must continue with the little exercise, her family loves her and wish everyone continue to love her. Dadi blesses Preeta to get someone as much loving to her as well. Rashi comes to take Preeta downstairs. Dadi realizes she likes Preeta.
Downstairs, Kareena had sent Shrishti with flowers upstairs. Preeta couldn’t see her there. While Kareena gives Rashi the choice to select flowers, Rashi asks Preeta. Preeta selects Genda against any other flower, against Kareena’s wish. Rashi and Preeta leaves. Kareena was curt over Preeta.

PRECAP: Preeta was making the decorations when Rishab comes from behind. Rashi watches him hold Preeta in his arms as she was about to fall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. with whom will Preeta got paired i am very confused or should i say anxious
    if it’s Karan then feeling very bad for Rishab as hw is a very nice and mature person

    1. Ektara

      Karan only

    2. Iam also thinking abt ths only… Preeta n rishab would be best.. I like both of them…

  2. I just love Karan n Preeta..they look so good together❤❤
    Karan ko toh preeta se pyar hoga hi but i hope preeta ko rishab se pyaar na ho jaaye..??
    Honestly speaking i didn’t like the precap..?

  3. Komal

    Episode was good.. Liked it!!
    Precap seems interesting….
    Can’t wait to watch next episode..

  4. Lila

    Nooooo man worst Precap ever!!! I want Preeta and Karan not Rishab. Rishab only will suit Shrishti cuz like he ses he misses his teenage hood as he was busy handling family business. Shrishti would be perfect cuz like she is like chulbuly and can make Rishab relive he teenage hood again. Preeta and Rishab will be a very boring pair. So plz plz Ekta mam make it Preeta and Karan. #PreetanAllTheWay

  5. Nice. Story ..n great untold chemistry…today I don’t hv net Pac ..so I hv taken a Pac n reading the story n vry curious to watch full episode …great job sona ..by the way.my name Is also sona ….real name is soniya negi from himachal Pradesh

  6. Nice turning points …I like the script but ya don’t. Make it so lengthy n boring like kumkum bhagya …include turning points n more stories…like introduce a new guy with whom preeta will get attract but at last she will confuse with him or karan n final pair should be karan n preeta …ya ye right h …n rishi should get marry with another girl …make them all happy n sad both but don’t make it boring ..turning point is gud but..don’t include so much of unwanted turning points …

  7. Why this girl falls alot ?

    1. Haha Zehra because this is a ‘Ekta Kapoor’ show??

  8. I want karan and preeta together, they have a nice chemistry. The way they fight together and look at each other is awesome. I am loving it…..

  9. Yeah thank god almost everybody of you want Karan n Preeta together..❤
    I too want them to be together..they make a good pair..very cute..Rishab should be paired opposite Shrishti or somebody else..but not preeta..they will make a boring pair..
    N tv serials mein ‘Opposites’ hi acche lagte hai??
    I hope it doesn’t turn boring afterwards..

  10. hey i dont like preeta karan scenes i love rishab preetha pair so please ekta mam unite rishab and preeta i love rishab very much yaar he is awsome

  11. Want only karan-preeta… PreeRan has an amazing chemistry…And loving their cute fights… Preeran makes a Very entertaining lovely couple

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