Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi and Sherlin kill Janki

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Rishab finally feels sleepy in the backyard of their house and turns to leave. Karan watches the time and thinks it’s too late.
Sarla, Preeta and Shrishti look around for Janki who had left her phone home as well. Shrishti finds the kitchen messed up and Janki’s medicines there. Shrishti calls Karan tensed about Janki, and says she thinks Janki has been kidnapped. She thinks Sarla or Preeta would not believe her. Sarla snatches the phone off Shrishti’s hand and scolds her. Shrishti panics and says they don’t understand that Janki has been kidnapped. She found the medicines fallen on the floor and it seems someone has forced her out of the house. The kidnapper is aware he will be trapped if Janki’s memory recalls. She gets a call from Karan who says she can’t be kidnapped but Shrishti

gives him all the clues. Karan suggests that may be she left by herself after a memory recall of the fire culprit.
Janki runs across the road outside, gathering courage to save Preeta’s life.
In the room, Sherlin and Prithvi argued in the room. Sherlin brings an axe to break the door of the room. Prithvi was finally able to create a hole in the door.
Janki shouts in front of Karan’s car but he passes by her without recognizing her while she had stopped a wrong car due to flashing lights.
Preeta and Shrishti were worried for Janki having looked everywhere around. Shrishti says either she was right, or Karan was. Either Janki has her memory recalled and walked to her criminal, or the man found out about Janki’s memory recall.
Janki was panting in the midst of street. Prithvi and Sherlin reached her. Sherlin tells Prithvi to hit her, Janki turns to run around while Prithvi chases her over speeding his car and hits Janki hard. She rolls over his car. Prithvi and Sherlin get down to find her badly hit at head. Prithvi and Sherlin come to insult her discussing that this downgraded maid created a lot of hindrance in their plans. They say that Janki must go and announce in front of everyone about their affair. Sherlin takes Prithvi to hit Janki to death now, Prithvi asks for any last wish. They go to drive the car over Janki who shouts in resistance. A fruit vendor comes from the other side. Prithvi and Sherlin watch him help Janki, he comes to their car for help. Prithvi decides to save themselves before the fruit vendor notes the number of car. The vendor carries Janki on his cart to hospital.
Sarla calls Kappu asking about Janki, then lies that she is back not to worry him. Preeta and Shrishti return, Karan also arrives. Karan thinks she must be somewhere around and must have left to find the man. He asks about her dress and remembers passing by him. Preeta asks why he didn’t stop by her. Karan explains he was driving and couldn’t recognize Janki; then assess Janki must have thought it was his car.

PRECAP: Karan questions Preeta why is she crying, can she bring Janki back by crying? Preeta informs him about Janki’s death.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Candiva007

    Noooooooo Janki can’t die. Who will expose Shunnu????

  2. It’s horrible. This serial is stuck at one point and not moving on.

  3. Same crap like kumkum bhagya they will kill 10 people and wil not get caught

  4. for crying out loud they r pro killers how much people these two will kill u writers r writing this serial off


  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I like.. Ppl pls let the serial take its course… very excited to see what happens next… ???

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