Kundali Bhagya 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Prithvi: Sherlin’s ex

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Rakhi sends Kritika to look for moon. Sarla decides to speak about Karan and Preeta’s proposal today.
Shrishti comes across Sameer. She mocks Sameer for going to gym in such formal dress, he was offensive and boasts about his biceps. Shrishti wasn’t impressed and says people take medicines for muscles. She challenges Sameer to hold her, Shrishti dances in his arms to test his macho man’s ability. Sameer drops her. Rishab watches this and scolds Sameer for only caring about gym. He must go and check if moon has sighted or not. Sameer was irritated when Shrishti follows him upstairs. Shrishti gets sweet and says they shouldn’t always fight with each other, it has no gains. Sameer asks her to be straight away. She points towards a film, and says it’s going to soon to come true. Sameer

thinks she is speaking about them both. He boasts about his biceps. Shrishti thinks she might put a full stop to this fights, it’s going to be Preeta’s in laws. Kritika comes upstairs, Sameer leaves warning them against Shrishti as she is crazy. Kritika watches the moon and hurries downstairs.
In the room, Sherlin was excited to read the text of her ex, that he is at the door. Rishab watches her take him inside. He goes to check who was she with, and opens the door. Sherlin was shocked to see Rishab, Mr. Luthra calls Rishab. Sherlin sends her ex aside and takes Rishab’s attention to Mr. Luthra. Rishab asks who was there inside, no one was here. Rishab apologizes for being suspicious. Sherlin’s ex appears from behind the curtain.
Karan meets Preeta and asks about Sherlin. Both avoid fighting each other and go to find Sherlin.
Downstairs, everyone was in a rush as moon had sighted. Sarla decides not to leave without talking to Rakhi about Preeta and Karan’s proposal. Preeta wondered why Sarla was here. Sarla tells her she came to talk about their proposal. Preeta doesn’t understand.
Sherlin lay in her ex’s lap. He assures moon is soon to be sighted. Kritika comes in to call her, and finds Sherlin really tensed. Sherlin assures Kritika to be there after fixing her hair. She stops Kritika from turning around and hugs her thankfully, to let her ex hide. Afterwards, she asks her ex to come to front as even the moon is here. Prithvi comes out from behind the curtain. Both hug.
Sherlin decides to break her fast from the window. Prithvi promises Sherlin to let her fast break with complete rituals. He assures he will feed her the first sip of water, he has greater right over her than Rishab.
On the roof, ladies were waiting for the moon to sight. Kareena jokes that Kritika must be assuming the moon out of hunger. Shrishti assures she also saw the moon. Karan and Preeta wait for Sherlin. Upstairs, Kritika says Sherlin is coming in two minutes. Sherlin comes upstairs, Rakhi says she must wait for two minutes as moon is playing hide and seek with them. Preeta and Karan come to the roof together, cautious. Rishab smiles watching Preeta dance with the drum beating band. Karan was curt.

PRECAP: Kareena caught Preeta and Karan silently speaking to each other. Rakhi watches Sameer and Shrishti together and wonders if there is something going between them

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This is same boring track as kumkum bhagya….only d name and characters have chanhad…..d plot is samee

  2. Now it sherllyn just like tanu n aalya

  3. New day. Same s h i t nonsense. 2 yrs later they will still trying to expose sherlin. Dumb arse garbage.

  4. Yes everything is same like Kumkum Bhagya bcoz the director is the same . Only the name has been changed. How boring yar.

  5. True ! The only reason people liked this show was because it was fast paced . A story starts ends new topic . Now since the past few months or so same sherlin’s same crappy track going on ! Dislike ! Stop watching ! Ekta Kapoor all shows are like that she’ll start it well then ruin it in a few months ! Boring ! Same song is playing and Karan Preeya keep calling on each other like really ! Bring new stuff . Don’t bore!

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