Kundali Bhagya 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi argues with Sherlin’s doctor

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Sherlin brings the water bottle for Prithvi while he was waiting in the hospital corridor. He notices she looked angry. Sherlin asks what Prithvi can do if she complains someone is causing her trouble. Prithvi says he won’t spare that person. He inquires what has happened. Sherlin complains about the receptionist who appears to be jealous of her. Prithvi asks jealous of what? Sherlin replies she is pretty obviously. Prithvi smiles that Sherlin is only over reacting, no one is jealous of her. He explains to Sherlin that he researched a lot about pregnancy, she is only getting mood swings. He tells her to focus on how to get rid of this tension right now. A nurse comes out to take Sherlin inside.
In the doctor’s office, Prithvi greets the doctor. The doctor says she already told Sherlin everything

is fine, then why she wanted to meet her in a hurry. Sherlin says she couldn’t delay the matter, she doesn’t want this child. The doctor tells Sherlin she has been working here for years, every female who come here is different but everyone is equally excited to find out about their baby. She looks towards Prithvi and asks if someone is forcing her to do this. Sherlin asks what she means. The doctor says yesterday she came with another fiancé, and as far as she knows Luthra family has three sons; Sameer, Karan and Rishab. She recognizes Prithvi as being spotted with Luthra. She had forbidden her to tell Rishab about her pregnancy before she tells him by herself. She asks Sherlin to share if she is tensed for some reason, she is a woman and can help her. Prithvi stands up and tells the doctor she can only help them by staying silent. He has had enough of her, she shouldn’t try and turn him a villain. Sherlin tries to calm him down but Prithvi blames her to be sitting silent. They argue. The doctor shouts at them to stop this fighting, this is hospital not house. The doctor rings the bell for ward-boys and tells them to take Prithvi outside.
Preeta helps Dadi with her exercise. Dadi notices she was lost and looked tensed. Dadi asks her the reason but Preeta replies its nothing. She then shares with Dadi she thought why people betray others. Dadi questions who betrayed her? Preeta says she heard someone, it is a boy in her neighbors. He is going to get married. She found out that the girl he is marrying already has an affair, she wonders if she loves someone else then why marrying this boy. Dadi asks if she knows the boyfriend? Preeta discuss with Dadi that he is nice and belongs to rich family. Dadi asks how nice? Preeta says he is good, he isn’t proud of his status and speaks well to poor as well. He has been sometimes blamed falsely but he never feels angry. Dadi tells Preeta to advise her neighbor stay away from such a girlfriend. Those who pose to be over sweet are definitely hiding their true feelings, normal people feel different moods at different times. She advices Preeta to stay away from even the shadow of a girl crossing her limits in any relation. Preeta was tensed. Her phone bell rings, Dadi tells her to receive the call. It was Karan who asks her to come soon, and gives her an ultimatum of five minutes. After the call, Dadi asks Preeta if it was Karan. Preeta denies, then asks Dadi to let her go. Dadi asks her to speak the truth first. Preeta says yes. Dadi asks if she is going to Karan. Preeta replies she is going with Karan but Dadi smiles as it means the same.
Rishab comes to Karan and asks him to accompany him to work. He finds Karan confused and asks what the matter is. Karan makes Rishab leave, pointing towards a phone bell Rishab couldn’t hear. He asks if Karan is avoiding him. Karan replies yes, then advices Rishab to focus on his business. Preeta comes downstairs and slips over a carpet. Karan holds her in his arms, they share a long eye lock. Karan asks if he ever told Preeta her eyes her as deep as a lake, her smile scatters moon light around. Preeta straightens up and says he could never learn flirting. She tells Karan he is a nice guy, didn’t he fell in love with her? Did he ever like her long hair, her big eyes? Karan stares at Preeta confused. Preeta makes fun of Karan as she can make his flirting vanish in a matter of seconds.
Rakhi, Kareena and Dadi were selecting some jewelry sets as gifts for Sherlin’s relatives. She suggests about buying some more sets. Rakhi was excited to go for shopping. Akshay comes into the room, Kratika hurries behind him to the door. Akshay says such things are discussed by elders but he doesn’t want to involve his parents, he doesn’t want to marry Kratika. The females were worried. Akshay says he noticed there were a lot of functions after she left, he saw the photos and everyone appeared happy. He asks if he isn’t important. Rishab is marrying, then Karan would get marry? Akshay asks if he must wait for another ten years to marry. So he thought about blowing a bomb. The ladies were relieved. Akshay deters he would get into Rishab’s mandap if they don’t arrange his marriage. Kareena assures Akshay they will get the earliest date for his marriage. He asks to speak to Kratika but Dadi pulls his ear first. When Akshay has left the room, Kareena discusses she was shocked to hear Akshay. Dadi tells her to marry them as soon as possible. Kareena says she didn’t cause the delay, he himself went to Dubai for work.
In the corridor, Kratika stops Akshay. Akshay says he loves her, he was in a mood to break the marriage but he couldn’t. She didn’t respect their relation but he forgives her, next time he might not forgive. Kratika tries to explain, Akshay says he doesn’t want an explanation. He liked it when she confessed his love for her. He isn’t wrong in demanding her complete attention, she must either change for him or replace him. He just wants to marry her as soon as possible. Kratika was happy. Akshay tells her not to go to anyone else. He wasn’t ready to hear anything from Kratika and hugs her.
The male nurse pulls Prithvi outside the office. He shouts at the nurse that this doctor blamed him pointlessly, who even made her a doctor. He questions how dare they dragged him outside the office? Inside, the doctor shouts at Sherlin that the person is crazy. Sherlin forbids her being personal, he is upset right now. She says she came to her only because she had started to trust her, its better the doctor trusts her as well.

PRECAP: Preeta’s dupatta was stuck in the car as Karan hurries her into the hospital. Karan stops to open the car door, the dupatta was torn as he pulls it out.

Update Credit to: Sona

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