Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi falls from the stairs

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Ranveer stops Prithvi and forces him to apologize to Shrishti, She also starts to take advantage of the matter and after that he leaves.

Preeta and Karan are standing, she ask the inspector what is taking so long but he goes to get a photo with Ranveer, Karan comes and says that she must to get so frustrated as they can also be someone fan, he tries to boast himself but she starts to argue saying that he only gets jealous when she is with someone else near him, she tries to explain the feeling that he has a ego,, when she leaves, he thinks of the feeling that he has sis correct.

Everyone is having a dinner and when they ask about their mother, she is coming down the stairs when Sherlin bumps into her \na d she falls, everyone comes pt her aid and they scold Sherlin on why she did

not look. Mahesh helps her sit on this chair,

Karina goes to check on her mother, She seeing the opportunity tries to escape but Karina stops her nad scolds her for throwing her mother off the stairs, she asks her why is she In such hurry and what is she thinking, Sherlin thinks of what she must do to leave the house, Karina repeatedly asks her and told her to go and help Dadi.

Preeta and Shrishti are talking of what Prithvi did to her, Prithvi is also listening to their talks, Shrishti asks her to look at him as he is looking suspicious, Preeta disagrees at which Shrishti gets angry but Preeta says that it might be that he did not do it intentionally, Shrishti gets angry at this and says that she will now say anything to her. Preeta forces her to tele and she says that she feels Prithvi is not a good Person.

Preeta seeing Karan agrees and says that they must go and file a complaint, but when they head towards the counter she says that someone might also file a complaint as they were there first to reach the spot, but both Karan and Shrishti are not convinced. Shrishti says that she cannot understand why Prithvi was hiding, she does not want to hear anything, and Karan assures that she has won the argument further adding that it would be better if she had become a Lawyer instead of a doctor.

Rishab is on the phone yelling at Sameer asking why they were not able to take care of Dadi, Sameer says that she was pushed by Sherlin and Dadi is asking for him only, Rakhi takes the phone asking him to come hurriedly and also to make Preeta co me home, he says that he will come and take Dadi to the hospital s Preeta cannot come, Rishab assures that he is coming. When he ends the call everyone asks what happened, he says that Dadi feel because of Sherlin and he must go to help her, he ask Preeta to take care of everything, she also assures him that everything will be fine.

Mahesh asks his mother to come with him, he will take her to the same hospital where Rishab will take her but she is not bugging and only asking for rishi, she also says that Mahesh should not be jealous of him. Karina asks Sherlin to come hurriedly with the glass of juice.

Sherlin is bringing the glass thinking of how b ad her luck is and when she was in a hurry she bumped into Dadi who made everyone e fall for her act and to help her. she is walking slowly, Karina yells at her and she drops the glass, Karina gets angry at this and takes her to a corner asking what he matter is and why is she acting like that there is something really wrong with them. Sherlin makes an excuse that she is not well, Karina asks her what the problem is. She starts to think that when Rishab will come she will go to Prithvi, Karina says that she must come with them to the hospital and she will make sure that Sherlin gets all the correct tested.


Precap: Karan is surrounded by a bunch of people, Shrishti sees Prithvi talking to Bila, she comes and the constable sys that she feels Prithvi is the one behind Bila and the attack.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I know that this is all make-belief but boy did Sarla produce two educated dummies. Preeta and Pragya. Her daughters with common sense are dead (Bulbul) or made to be ridiculous.
    What a wat to honour Indian motherhood. Indian mothers produce educated victims and well, fun-loving victims.

    1. Angelk1

      Even I agree that these girls are stupid just like a clown. But at least a clown knows what his doing. Even the youngest sister has small brains compare to preeya. Their suppose to be educated but cant think. Even the enemies are way smarter. This is why I miss beyhadh and ek mutthi aasman. At least the main leads were smarter and educated. I wish they would make a spin of for ek mutthi aasman with the original cast, the best show with less dragging.

  2. Angelk1

    I really thought this would be different from kumkum but this is just too annoying. What’s next after the truth comes out their will be a love triangle with the two brother and peeta. And a long dragging eps of her trying to see who she likes. My gosh , I’ve never had a show that frustrated me so much. Evil always win an get away for the longest of eps. Peeta who is suppose to be a doctor have no brains. Even when the proofs were right in her face. Shes a doctor so she should have been able to tell sherlin was pregnant, if the family could believe her about dadi than they would have believed her. When ever they have proof, she tells the enemy just like janki, dont anyone know how to think.

    Take a picture of the test and send it to each family member, common sense. Technology is a good way of revealing things. What about when the sister took pictures or when Karen saw sherlin and her boyfriend together, instead of confrontation, he could have record it. Janki on the other hand, shouldnt have spoke to sherlin at the mall, she should have kept shut to make her enemies think shes still cant talk, than when the right time comes, she would reveal.

    If preeya and Karen could stop arguing everytime, they might actually win against their enemy. I love the pair, but they frustrate me with the every day argument. Another thing, sherlin is everywhere, shes been caught by the brothers and family snooping, they seriously cant put two an two together. When the goon said it was someone there that hired him to kill the sister, and also someone told them , it’s a family member and janki even spelled some letters, they seriously couldnt put it all together.

    All of them are stupid , and brainless. They stay cutting each other off, instead of listening. They speak with out thinking to gather the evidence first. And the slow pace of the two couple kills me. I want this result to quickly happen or I might just quit this show.

  3. good to see mahesh luthra wow what a handsome actor…!pleaze we want to see in every episode mahesh luthra

  4. wow good to see mahesh luthra..was missing him very handsame and good actor!please we want to see in every episode of kundali bhaghye…thanks

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