Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan keeps an eye over Sherlin

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Sherlin panics as her cell phone was lost. She turns to watch Preeta, she shares with Kareena that Preeta was around her. They turn to Preeta with angry scare. Karan wonders what he must do to save Preeta. Karan slips around Preeta and snatches the phone off her hand. Sherlin asks Preeta to show what’s in her hand. Karan questions why Preeta take the phone would. They find Preeta’s own phone from her hand and Karan mocks discovering the phone from the couch. Sherlin whispers they can’t trust Preeta.
Akshay arrives to Luthra’s house. Mr. Luthra calls Kritika and asks her to touch his feet. Akshay denies. Akshay was annoyed at Kritika, she apologizes. He forbids her to appreciate any other guy in front of him again.
Karan asks Preeta all the questions about Sherlin’s ex. Preeta

says there was nothing in Sherlin’s phone, he was texting from private number. She says he is coming in 15 minutes, he had written her as Janu or sweeto. Karan teases how Preeta can know it’s from a boyfriend only. Preeta tells him to concentrate on Sherlin’s case.
Sarla and Shrishti arrive at Luthra’s house. Shrishti looks around saying no one ever told her about the decorations. Dadi comes to say it’s not the case, this is the minor function so Kareena did the decorations herself. Shrishti says this is the reason it doesn’t look very good. Sarla asks to meet Rakhi. Kareena comes to insult them and asks why they came here. Shrishti says they will continue coming here from now on. Sarla says first they have to speak to Rakhi about it. Kareena doesn’t understand and leave. Shrishti compliments her talent of taunting. Sarla boasts she has a number of talents Shrishti doesn’t know. Shrishti leaves Sarla to wait for Rakhi, and goes to see Karan and Preeta.
Karan follows Preeta and asks it’s a simple question, if anyone every called her Janu. Preeta says no one ever called her with this, now he must concentrate on work. Karan was relieved, and takes her concentration to the door. Preeta asks about Sherlin where she is. Karan says they must focus on Sherlin, only she will react and they will find out he is here. They spot Sherlin come downstairs and hide themselves to keep an eye over her.
Sherlin reads the text on her phone, then wonders how it didn’t flash. She let it go and worries how he would enter the house. The guy arrives at Luthra’s house. He thinks he will be caught if someone recognizes him. Today is his biggest adventure and the danger ahead has filled him with excitement. He goes inside.
Rakhi comes to Sarla and greets her, Sarla compliments her. Sarla says Karwa chot is a festival for every married woman, its Rakhi’s right to appear good today. Rakhi asks Sarla what she has to say about Karan and Preeta. Sarla says Karan and Preeta have come really close to each other in a while. Rakhi agrees Sarla, she says what’s in heart comes to mouth as well. Sarla thinks if Rakhi knows what’s going on. Rakhi says she is really happy as they have become friends, earlier Karan didn’t like Preeta but now they got frank. They were just discussing this when the drum-beating band arrive.
Preeta watches Karan text on her phone. Karan says he is hungry and can’t concentrate. Sherlin nods at a man. Karan and Preeta follow her stare, but finds Kareena talking to the band. Karan was hungry and goes to eat something. Preeta was moved to see Sarla there. Karan teases she must have brought their proposal. Preeta was shocked. In the while, they had missed Sherlin.

PRECAP: Rishab watches Sherlin take someone inside the room. He opens the door and was shocked to be caught.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It has becoming boring now the same thing is continuing since past monthss now. It was a good show ruined. Same Sherilyn Sherilyn it’s but obvious that guy is prithvi. Kindlyyyy moveee the story forward it’s boring to see the same girl falling again and again same song playing. Arghhh boring will watch another week then stop if it’s boring

  2. i hope Risahb will catch Sherlyn and her ex(prithvi)

  3. Ekta ma’am plz plz cast Ravi dubey as lead for naagin 3 plz plz ma’am
    He will be the best choice for naagin3

  4. Omg! I thought it was Akshay but Prithvi makes more sense!

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