Kundali Bhagya 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi looks for Slam book in Karan’s room

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Sherlin stops Prithvi from yelling and says that he must go to Preeta’s house and get back her Scram book but he says that he will not go and they will achieve nothing from this, she say that he must go and get back her Scram book because otherwise they are finished and they will not be able to accomplish their plan, he says that he feels that if he goes to her house then Janki will get back her strength and will try to strangle him and he cannot face her, she says that if he will not go then how will they get her scram book to which he says that he knows that her Scram book is with Karan and not Preeta.
Preeta is reading in her room when she gets a call from Karan and after picking up he says that he sent her a photo, she says that is it of Sherlin and Prithvi, he gets angry and when she opens

it is a photo of him and Preeta he sa that she is looking nice because even though she is dirty he did not feel scared to which she gets angry and says that now she will end the call and he must not call her again for this.
Prithvi says that he feels that her Scram book is with Karan because thy disappeared from the party and only came back after their dance had ended and he is sure that they came here looking for a clue against them and after reaching the party they did not join them and went straight to Karan’s room , but he feels happy that they were not able to open the book because otherwise everything would have ended, Sherlin asks as to how does he know this at which he says that if they had opened the book then they would not be alive and all three of them would have made a long list of questions which they would have to answer, Sherlin gets angry and asks him to get it at which he finally agrees.
Mahesh is sleeping with Rakhi and is snoring very loudly and so she asks him to get out and he leaves, Prithvi reaches in her room and she feels that someone is in her room and when she gets up he hides, then when he gets out he accidently drops a vase and Rakhi gets up and is scared but then he gets away after making the voice of a cat and when Rakhi goes back he quickly runs away. Mahesh is coming back and feels that he saw Prithvi but then thinks as how bad his luck is as he is Prithvi in his sleep and why cannot it be Madurai Dixit and then condemning his luck walks towards his room saying that he will only sleep there.
Prithvi tries to break in Karan’s room but s unsuccessful as the door as well as the window is also locked but he is adamant and says that he will not leave without that Scram book and will do whatever it takes to get it and then start to think of a way of getting there book as he knows that he cannot leave without it and says that no matter the consequences he must get the book and will only leave with it, he thinks of going through the bathroom window as it will be open and that this is the only way.
Prithvi breaks into the room from the Bathroom window and quietly walks into Karan’s room where he is sleeping and while walking when Karan talks in his sleep but the after confirming that he is asleep he says that it Is opportune that he is sleeping and then looks into his Wardrobe but is not able to find the book and after searching everywhere he thinks as to where he put it as it must be in this room and he goes to check beside Karan on his bed when he gets kicked by Karan and then gets scared as he feels that he is now awake and looks to him and says that he is asleep and thinks that he saw a bad dream with him and he feels that he must kick him right now but then controls his emotion saying that he will get a lot of chance of Hitting him back but now he must let him get awake as he must find the scram book, he then gets a call from Sherlin and hides after answering it he says that she is the biggest idiot he ever met as why is she calling at such a crucial time and will tell her after he finds the book, Karan hearing the sound gets awake and goes to check the window but when he does not find him there he feels that he is overthinking and he goes back to sleep, Prithvi is hiding behind his bed and he hearing this gets up and tries to look for the book and then he spots it at Karan’s bed and it is under his pillow, he feels that he cannot get it as if Karan wakes up then he start fighting with him and gather everyone and they will start to question him and then feeling this he gets scared

Precap: Preeta is in the hospital when the nurse asks her to sign and when goes to sign she sees Sherlin’s name in the maternity section./strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  2. The writing is bad. Please use short simple sentence so it’s easier to understand. It’s slam book not scram!

  3. It has been one year and still serial is running on same track. Now we are getting bored.

  4. How is that they are so rich and karan’s a famous cricketer and yet no proper security at home? All of a sudden, Prithvi can enter their house and look around just like that.. what nonsense.. and moreover he keeps talking to himself for so long..

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