Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan plan to catch Sherlin red handed

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Preeta was looking for Karan around. Karan meets her and questions why she took Sofia’s name, his mother is really sentimental and may bind him to Sofia forever. Preeta teases they will make a perfect couple together, as both are alike. Karan was irritated and says he has a right over Preeta. They share an eye lock. He wonders why he said so. Preeta clarifies no one has a right over her. Karan demands her a solution. She asks him to let her go, but Karan’s wasn’t ready and holds her arm twisted behind. Preeta insists it was only because of her idea that they could get Sherlin in the kitchen. She gets a call from Sarla, Karan attends the call and says for personal reasons they won’t be able to talk to her for an hour. Preeta finally says sorry, and tells him to go and tell Rakhi that Sofia

isn’t in town. Karan cheers and hugs Preeta tightly. Preeta asks why he panics so soon, he is always stuck with his own importance. Preeta finally tells him about Sherlin’s ex is coming here. She says they can make video now and can catch Sherlin red-handed. Both were determined.
Sarla wasn’t ready to accept the love affair between Karan and Preeta. Dadi asks what’s going on in her mind. Sarla wonders how she can trust about it, she would be embarrassed if they go and ask them and they deny. Shrishti insists she watched them together with her own eyes. On everyone’s insistence, Sarla breaks into cry that she also likes Karan. She won’t also let them marry in court. Dadi suggests Sarla to go to Diwali function. Sarla was ready. Shrishti insists to come along but was forbidden.
At Luthra house, Rakhi welcomes the Katha lady. She finds Sherlin looking for someone. Rakhi tells her she would only be able to see Rishab at moon sight. Sherlin wonders if her ex would even come. Kareena comes to her and insists on her to sit and rest.
Karan and Preeta watch Sherlin sit alone. Preeta says she must be waiting for him. Sherlin gets a call, they think it must be his call for sure . Preeta gets an idea to steal her phone. She sends him to indulge her in talk, she will be distracted. She will get the details after stealing the phone. Rakhi asks Karan about Sofia. Karan says she is out of town. Rakhi wished to meet her. They head towards their mission.
Karan comes to Sherlin and indulges her in some talk. Sherlin says she is really hungry but is happy to fast for Rishab. Preeta comes behind, her hand shivers as she was about to pick the phone. Sherlin places her hand over the phone. Karan indulges her to see something the other way. Preeta takes the cell phone. She looks into the phone but there was no record. She goes to place the phone back but gets a message, ‘it read he will reach her in 15 min’. Preeta thinks after fifteen minutes, her real face would be revealed.

PRECAP: Sarla speaks to Rakhi about closeness between Karan and Preeta. Rakhi agrees, as Karan shares everything with Preeta now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muhje na ek baat samaj nahi ayi….Sheryln itna plotting kar sakti hai apne ex ko chupa sakti hai par phone me ek lock nahi dal sakti….bhai dekhne ko toh kumkum bhagya ka robin bhi phone pe lock jarur dala hoga…yaha yeh satil aurat Sheryln chuk gayi….par episode bohot accha tha

    1. She already delete all details so she dorsnt locked her phone

    2. Wow…Amazing presence of mind miss?

    3. Yeah!!Good presence of mind

  2. I think Sherlin’s ex is prithvi….

  3. I think sherlin’s ex is prithvi….

    1. For sure Sherlyn’s ex is Prithvi. Remember Sherlyn knew about Deepak and Preeta’s engagement falling through – so this is her way to keep Preeta busy and out of the way so she will be too busy with her own wedding arrangements to cause trouble for her and Rishab. She also wants to teach her a lesson so it will embarrass her and her family if the groom fails to show up for the wedding or if he causes a scene saying she is cheating on him (or something like that). I also think that those people who came with him to Preeta’s house were actors and not his actual parents.

  4. what is the name of song played during karan and preeta’s eyelock


  6. I hope Karan feeds a sweet to preetha as though breaking her fast..on Karwa chouth

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