Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Police comes to interrogate Doctor Semma

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Karan and Preeta are taking Prithvi to the car, Karan gets a call from his mother Rishab asks him to pick it up but it gets disconnected, he asks him to call; her again, Prithvi says that he is hurting and then when he sits in the car Karan is very angry at him and looks at him with disgust, Prithvi says that he is also hurting in his body at which Preeta feels worried.
Shrishti calls Sameer, who is sleeping and when he wakes he gets angry asking her as to what is the matter, she asks him about what happened, he says that a lot happened after they talked and he thinks that she has missed very much but then he says that after they talked he went to sleep after realizing that both Preeta and Karan fooled but then h understood it, she was right all along, he says that after it Sanju came to kidnap

Doctor Semma and he was the brother of Neil who kidnapped her, she gets angry and he says that he was right and someone drugged him, Shrishti at this gets angry saying that he is lying and cuts the phone, he thinks about it and says that he is saying the truth and also someone came to drug him and free Neil , he thinks that he must go and check.
Shrishti goes and asks Sarla about Bath soap, she tells her but then asks her to bring Medicine for Janki who is not feeling well, she ask him to not call Preeta as she will then get worried, Shrishti then goes hurriedly. Karan stops the car in his house, Preeta asks the reason as she asked him to go to the hospital, Rishab steps out and is with Preeta that they must take Prithvi to the hospital, he says that the call he received was from their mother who told him that the doctor was awake and wanted to talk in front of them both.
He says that they must also call Sherlin, Rishab stops Karan but he does not listen and calls her, she is very tensed and he asks her to come to their house as the doctor is with them and she will inspect her in their house, Sherlin says that she is ill and will not come, Karan forces her but he does not listen, Karan then ends the call and says that they must do it without Sherlin. They are about to go inside when Prithvi gets a call from his office, eh accept it, Karan asks Preeta to come with them both and leave Prithvi a she can come later, Preeta asks to hi if she can go with Rishab and Karan and he agrees. After they leave Prithvi thinks about what he has to do after going inside as the Doctor will recognize him at first sight, he feels frustrated.
Sameer comes and Mahesh looks at him, He asks doctor Semma how she is feeling and says that he was drugged, everyone looks at him with amazement and do not believe him but he is adamant that he was drugged with something and the person broke Sanju out. When they are talking Rishab and everyone come and ask about what she has to say and when she is just about to say anything, she sees Prithvi, Rakhi also looks at him and then they all go and asks him about his injuries and tend to his wound.
Prithvi signals the doctor to not tell the truth in the amidst everyone is occupied with tending to his wounds, Karan asks if he is okay now and asks the doctor about the person who tried to hurt her and was the father of Sherlin’s child, the police walk in and asks the reason that they were called for and who called them. Mahesh says that he called them because Doctor Semma wanted to report something, Rishab says that she was being targeted and was not safe and there was a murder attempt on her life, Preeta asks doctor to not be afraid and tell the truth as the Police is also here, Prithvi is worried and when Karan sys to the police that he will explain and starts to say everything from the beginning when Sherlin was engaged to his brother and how they met Doctor Semma to when she tried to hide her pregnancy from all of their family. He then says that she is a very clever girl and does not deserve to be a part of their family.

Precap: They ask Doctor Semma about the truth, she drops the phone and says that yes Sherlin came to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Before I like this series but now I hate too much!! Y it’s taking too much time to expose the truth of goon !!!

  2. Is she a doctor or a quack? Ridiculous..

  3. First of all, this Karan and Preeta are brainless! Cant Karan shut his mouth and let Doctor speak? Worst script.

  4. We do hope that this is just another false hope … it’s getting a bit much .. to much repeats

  5. Linthoi Thongam

    Wat a stupid drama disgusting. Whenever the truth is about to reveal something or the other came n topic got diverted. Huh fed up of watching this Nonsense.

    1. You rated it right. Unbelievable disgusting and totally a load of rubbish. Wish it would end

  6. First I like the story of kundali bhagya now it is become boring .now the story is about Sherin and prithvi as villains leading the story. I think the TRP ratings of this is also gone down

  7. Very good episode

  8. stupid show, come on reveal the truth otherwise i am done with it

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