Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shistri was furious about Sarla’s impositions even on her likings. She takes a ring from her wardrobe and says she will pay all her rent. She leaves the house while Dadi and Sarla kept on stopping her.
At Karan’s home, Kratika returns home. She was confused about what to wear in the evening, Rashi suggest to wear the traditional Punjabi dress they decided. Kratika cheers while Kareena wanted her to wear something western. Later Roo comes there wearing western clothes and this time Kareena backs her saying she is older than Rashi. Akshay arrives with his family.
Kratika and Preita meet in the corridor. Kratika offers her sweet, Preita wish her best for her marriage. Dadi and Karan watch them speak and thinks they must do something about this Preita urgently.
Preita returns home

upset that her last dupatta was torn as well. Shistri comes in and hands her the money to pay to Sarla. Preita asks where she got the money, Shistri says she sold the ring Preita bought for her engagement. Preita slaps her hard saying that was the last mark of their father. She tells Shistri the ring was pure solid. Shistri comes to the shop to get the ring back. She finds the shopkeeper, he denies returning once sold items. He even agrees he lied that the ring was fake. Shistri first requests him then takes a chance and tries to steal the ring. Sarla gets a call at home that Shistri was arrested for stealing at the police station. She hurries to inform Preita and was worried. Preita hurries to police station, Sarla comes along calling Abhi for help.
In the lockup Shistri keeps on telling the inspector about her side of story. The inspector was irritated and forbids her to speak any further. When she doesn’t stop he calls a female inspector to handle her. A lady was there in the jail and warns Shistri would never be able to get rid of police once stuck. Shistri cries. Preita and Sarla come to police station. Sarla says she couldn’t call Abhi. Shistri cries and requests Preita to get her out, Sarla cries watching her. Shistri tells Preita that the shopkeeper did the cheating. She curses herself for being so impulsive and holds herself responsible. Preita was weepy for slapping Shistri and getting her into such trouble.
Sarla request the inspector. The inspector says they got a complaint from jeweler, she was caught red handed. Sarla requests to trust them. The inspector blames the girls saying he knows such girls, they leave their parents and rob others. They do false jobs. He blames Shistri’s character, Preita counters if he has losted. The inspector continue blaming the girls, Sarla this time shouts at him to shut up. She deters him not to speak another world. The inspector asks if she has any idea whose blood are these, where they came from. Sarla says these are her blood, her daughters. The girls were shocked.

PRECAP: Preita was walking through heavy rain. Her umbrella fly to Karan. She comes to take it and slips into his arms. They share an eye lock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Meghraj

    Well truth came out too fast don’t you all think so?? Want #Preetan?? scenes without them episodes are boring ??

    1. So true..!

  2. oh oh oh my god
    preeta and karan in eo embrace
    Adorable awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. I m in confusion, With whom Preeta will be paired, Rishab or Karan???

    1. Meghraj

      It will be with Karan and it’s official 99 percent

      1. Then Shrishti will be paired opposite rishab or what.. because till now their scenes has not been shown properly.. instead it seems like rishab is getting attracted towards preeta..Its so confusing..

    2. Ektara

      Right now they are shaping a love triangle between preita and the two brothers i think after all this they will show srishti’s love story.

  4. They are showing like a love triangle between Rishabh, Karan and Preeta..but I’m pretty much sure it’s Preetan! Srsly..Preetan Rocks??. And I don’t think that sarla would easily admit that they are her daughters, that’s so not ekta’s style..?

    1. Meghraj

      Hahahahahahahahaah you are perfectly right it’s really not Ekta’s style but thanx to her we got #Preetan love story nice casting??

  5. VINAL

    Why writers want to show love triangle every time as we know karan & preeta will be paired & poor rishab will be heartbroken
    And surely sarla will not tell truth so early

    1. Again..we never know about ekta and her so called striking twists..till now Preetan is favorable and I hope it continues to be. Rishabh might be heartbroken( Of Preetan ships) but he has Chubbly girl like Shristi! She will indeed enlighten his workaholic life to one filled with joy and love!?

      1. I feel that Srishti would be paired up with Sameer Luthra …..the smallest Luthra brother???…and there would be surely a love triangle…..but it would be that Rishabh would fall for preeta and preeta would fall for Karan ……..but Karan hates her
        Karan and preeta will get married and there love story would bloom…..and Rishabh may turn a grey character after

  6. Pretia so good

  7. Pretia so good

  8. sarla must be dreaming about telling the truth to inspector

    1. Hahaha..

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