Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi’s hired goons plan a real robbery at Luthra’s house

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While dancing Preeta asks Karan if he took a wrong meaning of the way she touched his cheek. Karan tells Preeta he dislikes Prithvi completely and that’s why he didn’t let her dance with him. Preeta clarifies that there is no other relation between them, but friendship. Karan says Preeta said what he was thinking about. He already has a number of girlfriends and have to manage the schedule. Both were relieved. Karan asks for Preeta’s promise that she won’t feel such for him. The couples switch and Preeta goes to Rishab. He inquires the reason of her stare at Karan and asks if he teased her. Preeta switches back to Karan. Both were relived now. After the dance ends, Prithvi leaves the hall. Sherlin’s mother complements her and Rishab’s couple.
In the corridor, Karan stops Preeta

and cheerfully tells her about making Prithvi fell deliberately. Preeta was offensive but Karan swirls her around, not giving her a chance to speak and runs away.
Rakhi and Kareena wait for the driver with jewelry in hand. One of the goon’s men had kept an eye over them. The bag of jewelry fell off Rakhi’s hand and it spills. The goon’s man calls him to inform about heavy jewelry at sight and the function. The goon plans a real robbery at the spot tonight.
Preeta was irked at Karan and intends to scold him badly. She comes to find Karan. Prithvi thinks Preeta is caring for Karan only because he reached to save her. Karan finds Preeta coming towards him and takes a flee from the sight. Sarla stops Preeta to ask about Janki. Preeta says she already sent her to guest room for rest. Shrishti comes towards them. Karan signals Preeta with a red rose in hand and vanishes again. Shrishti notices them run upstairs together and enjoys the romance. Sarla turns to ask Preeta and bring Janki outside. Shrishti offers to bring Janki.
Kareena and Rakhi arrive at Luthra’s house. Rakhi asks Kareena if she is happy now. Kareena says she can’t hear any taunts over Luthra’s names; everyone will be shocked to see the jewelry and gifts. The goons had reached outside the house on bikes. They call their boss who was hopeful to get a crore or so.
Inside, Rakhi goes to save the jewelry in her room. Kareena comes to speak further with Sherlin’s aunt. She taunts her for showing her jewelry off. She boasts that she won’t be able to bear the shine of Luthra’s jewelry. Sanjana asks Kareena to forget about it now. Kareena replies that she can’t forget things easily, her guests must be thoughtful before they speak. Bindu now asks Sanjana why she is marrying Sherlin in rude family. Shrishti hear the conversation, she comes to ask Sanjana if there is actually something missing in Sherlin. Then why are they marrying Sherlin in such exasperating family. Sanjana says Sherlin doesn’t lack anything and takes Bindu aside. Sameer comes to Shrishti having noticed it all. Shrishti says it was only a time pass, she gave Sherlin’s mother two options that either Kareena or Sherlin is a bag woman. She enjoys as both are evil for her. Sameer notices she shy after winking for the first time in a while. Shrishti tries to get away from him and goes to get Janki.
Karan was waiting to further tease Preeta. She tries to stop him, Karan wasn’t ready to listen to her. Karan says its similar to hugging a cactus, he can’t do this. Preeta fumes over it. Karan spots Mahesh coming with his friends and goes to speak to them. A friend of Mahesh tries to mention about his daughter being Karan’s fan and wishing to marry Karan. Karan now goes to Preeta. Mahesh’s friends discuss if he is after this girl. Mahesh takes the men downstairs.
Prithvi calls the goon. He asks them when they will reach, and reminds them that they have to get beaten up. He turns around to see Shrishti pulling Janki’s wheel chair. Prithvi tries to hide himself. Janki thinks about Sarla and Rakhi and Prithvi as the responsible person behind every false.

PRECAP: Shrishti holds a vase and heads towards the curtain Prithvi had hidden behind.

PRECAP: Shrishti holds a vase and heads towards the curtain Prithvi had hidden behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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