Kundali Bhagya 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sherlin’s ex to come for Karwachot

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Shrishti tells Sarla and Dadi that he always suspected this and noticed Karan was upset watching Prithivi. This compelled him pour his heart out to Preeta. Janki distributes sweets. Sarla shuts them down and was confused. Shrishti calms them down, this happens when there is love and she must say a no to Prithvi’s family.
Kareena comes to Kritika and asks about Akshay. She says its Akshay’s right to be in time, after all she is fasting for her. Kareena notices Kritika was upset and assures her side with her. She explains to Kritika that whatever strict decision she takes is for the betterment of family. She takes Kritika’s promise to share her problem at every matter of the world. Kritika tells her about their argument. Kareena assures Kritika he will be here, then shares that whenever

she senses something bad only Akshay comes in mind. Kritika also thinks she gets afraid of Akshay at times, then jerks the idea.
Rakhi insists on Karan and Preeta to invite Sofia for Karwachot. Karan was irritated. Rakhi was upset that she isn’t lucky enough that her children become her friends. Karan makes Rakhi up, and was irked over Preeta. Preeta goes to kitchen to prepare the thaal, while Karan was enraged over Preeta. Rakhi comes to Rishab and asks where is he lost. Rishab asks if he has such free time that he can stare girls here. Rakhi asks Rishab to clear now, what worries him. Rishab asks what’s love. Rakhi asks him in return, Rishab says he doesn’t know. He could never understand. Kareena insists Sherlin loves him, but he doesn’t feel for her. He never gets any single moment with Sherlin. Rakhi caught Rishab and asks how he knows there is some strange feeling. She shares with Rishab that she never loved Mr Luthra, but if any single love in a marriage life is spent well. Rishab agrees.
Sherlin speaks to her ex, he tells Sherlin he loves her dearly. Sherlin complains she called him in the evening, while he didn’t answer. He explains he was with his parents, and couldn’t share with them about their relation. Sherlin conditions she will break the fast only if he comes. He takes it as challenge. Preeta overhears the conversation.
Dadi was sure Karan loves Preeta. Sarla wasn’t ready to accept. She says it might be a misunderstanding on their part as well. Dadi reminds everytime Karan helped Sarla and tried to save their family. Sarla finally agrees. Janki insists Karan wanders behind Preeta although being a star.
Preeta looks around for Karan, she spots him going through the corridor. Kritika stops Preeta and introduces her with her school friends. Preeta hurries for something important, was about to slip when Rishab holds her. She thanks him and hurries inside. Rishab wish Preeta knew he loves her so much.
Rakhi sits with some ladies. They offer a proposal for Karan but Rakhi says he has selected a girl. Karan stood behind. Rakhi asks him to call Sofia. Karan was curt over Preeta again.

PRECAP: Karan and Preeta were ready to get Sherlin red handed when her ex comes to meet her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG!!! Prithvi is Sherlyn’s boyfriend – I didn’t see that one. I can only imagine what this will end up doing to bring Preeta & Karan closer together.

    1. it could also be in the quest to save Rishab Preeta would stand in as the bride

  2. Interesting shirlin’s ex husband is prithvi. I think so.

  3. i wish Rishab ends up with Preeta. They are more connected from the heart. More like soul mates.

  4. karan and preeta are exciting together. they make an awesome couple. cute together

  5. preetha and Karan should unite…if Rishabh and preetha are made a pair..it would become less interesting. I would stop watching it altogether maybe

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