Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rishab comes to Preita in the room and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Preita asks why he doesn’t marry, then apologizes for asking personal question. Rishab says no one ever asked the reason why he doesn’t want to marry or what’s in his heart. Today, someone asked him. He was in the college when Dad had a heart attack, it was his responsibility to take care of his business and family. He didn’t get any time to care for his personal life, and his love; he lost it and could never go behind to search for a love life for himself. Dadi comes to the room and taunts Rishab for taking his mother too seriously. Preita asks Dadi to sit on a chair, Dadi lay down on bed instead saying she will lay down for five minutes. She sends Preita to Karan’s room, he has pain in his right shoulder. Preita

was reluctant, but thinks she must fix Karan’s shoulder.
Shistri hears an ad on radio that Rishab is looking for a model to be casted in an advertisement with Karan Lutra. Shistri cheers that her modelling career would begin with an ad with Karan Lutra. She turns to get ready.
Preita comes into Karan’s room. He was asleep. She thinks about informing Dadi that he is asleep. In the corridor, Preita tells Dadi that Karan is asleep. Dadi was stubborn that she won’t do the exercise until Karan is fine. Preita goes again. Dadi awaits Karan would fix her. Preita comes into Karan’s room. She calms herself down as she is a physiotherapist and must do this. She massages his shoulder. Karan wakes up at once and backs up saying she only wish to touch his body. He accuses her for interfering in his personal life and tries to wear his shirt. His shoulder aches badly, Preita comes to help him with the shirt. His girlfriend comes in then, Preita turns to leave but her kit was left. She comes inside and slips over the rug. Karan holds her as she screams, then asks if she told him to hold her. He drops her on the floor. While leaving her stroller was stuck with Karan’s chain. The girlfriend tears the stroller.
Shistri comes for the audition. She gets to know the selection had already been done on reference. She and the girls object, Shistri takes a chance behind the receptionist to go inside the office. She watches Karan’s photo on the wall. She stops a peon, asks for Sameer Lutra. She comes into the cabin and says she is suitable for the ad, Sameer says she isn’t suitable for the role. Shistri questions why. Sameer says they need someone with short height and she is really tall. Shistri calls Sameer as partial, he has already given the role to his friend’s girlfriend. Sameer says it’s a side role. Shistri taunts him to be shorter than her, and says he is a liar. Now, even if he joins his hands to her she won’t stop no matter what. He is rejecting the best girl of Mumbai and turns to leave, repeating her sentence thrice. Outside the cabin, Shistri thinks he is so egoistic, didn’t stop her even for once. She leaves the office.
Preita instructs Dadi with her exercise steps. Dadi was curt of her orders, a servant brings the juice. Dadi says if Preita was her dietician, she would have kept her hungry and thirsty both. Preita says Dadi needs a good physiotherapy. Dadi spots Rishab and screams over the massage. Rishab comes in, Preita thinks this is Dadi’s new trick. Rishab was concerned. Dadi throws the glass of juice and stands up screaming, Preita and Rishab both smile. Dadi had forgotten which leg ached. Rishab tells Dadi this physio won’t change. Dadi sits for her session with Preita and tells her to hurry up, Kritika’s fiancé Akshay is coming and she has to go downstairs.
At home, Shistri finds Dadi changing the bulb and forbids her do such stunts next time. Dadi silently prays for her long life, after all she is her own blood. She says long height has such uses, Shistri gets upset and says she went for modelling audition. She was rejected because of her height. She shares with Dadi that she wants to be like Tanu, she is her ideal and is known as queen of models. She wants to be Tannu. Sarla hears this, and forbids Shistri being like Tannu ever. Shistri was irritated and wonders what this woman is. Sarla thinks she is her daughter, she can never let her be like Tannu.

PRECAP: Preita tries to handle the umbrella in heavy rain. It fell down, Karan comes to hold the umbrella. Preita comes close and fell into Karan’s arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Preeta and karan what an awesome pair u both make
    dheeraj i luv ur dimples and cute yet sarcastic smile

  2. Ektara

    Lovely pair of karan and prieta also the triangle wala angle in their love story is ausumn why cant sarla explain srishti that tannu is bad why she has to get angry everytime?
    All in all it was a nice episode.

  3. Sarla is a cooker which can brust anytime can’t she just tell Shriti the true face of Tanu just scolding her own daughter for no reason….. the fans are only aware of the way model, rockstar ect acts infront of media their true face is known by cose friends only

  4. WOW..Karan and Preeta rocked! I loved their childish fights! I feel it should Karan and preeta and Rishabh and Shrishti! Best couples. What say guys??

    1. Yeah Anamika it would be perfect because Dheeraj and Shraddha have awesome chemistry and Rishabh and Shristi are also poles apart and both are tall too. Love #Preetan ????

  5. Yaaaaaaassssssssss??❤️ ofcourse Anamika you are absolutely right the couples should be like this;;;;;;;; handsome IPL cricketer Karan and beautiful Dr.Preeta ,and Workaholic Rishabh and Cool dude Shrishti………..OMG!!!!!!??? I’m already in love the bestest couple of this world that is Karan and Preeta.I truely love both them???❤️……..And Anamika dear don’t worry it will be Karan and Preeta as the first step of love is hatred and both these cuties hate each other to the core but pretty sure some day this hatred will change into love??❤️………And guys I know it’s too early but I want to ask the fans of Karan,Preeta that we should give them a couple name. Hmmmmmmm………what about Preeran or Karee.I know I’m really bad at giving name to couples???and it’s my first ever time………So sorry if it’s tooooooo bad but it’s just only my suggestion and guys I was just asking plzzzzzzz Karee or Preeran fans pick out a name as I’m eagerly for their cute name???……..Bye and takecare????

    1. Absolutely..loved your interpretation about the couples! Opposite attracts after all!

  6. Guys #Preetan is already official name of our cutest couple Karan and Preeta on Instagram. Yaar Shraddha and Dheeraj have sizzling chemistry love them to the core #Preetan Rocks????

  7. Meghraj

    Hey guys is Sameer Luthra cousin brother of Karan and Rishabh or real brother??

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