Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta’s attempts to catch Sherlin red-handed

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Preeta calls Karan a duffer. He holds her by arm and says he doesn’t hate her. Preeta says she longed to hear this from him, then asks if he has no reason to hate her? Karan holds her hands, and says he used to hate her. Preeta says Karan is really strange, he continue changing his colors. She comes to the point, and agrees Kareena was upset because of her. She apologizes Karan while he smirks. Preeta asks what happened, he looks into her eyes and says he fear something would soon happen. They were cautiously passing by when Rakhi comes there. Rakhi tells Preeta that Karan went to help her mother. Preeta stares at Karan and thinks he came to mock her instead. Karan thinks he didn’t share with Rakhi about the proposal, he wasn’t sure it get fixed so soon. Rakhi asks what they are thinking

about. Both exclaim together ‘nothing’. Rakhi pulls Karan’s ear, Karan forbids her start the chapter in front of Preeta but Rakhi mentions Karan’s marriage. Preeta says it’s really important for him to keep under control. Rakhi asks Preeta to convince Karan for marriage just like Rishab. She was happy with Sherlin who fast for Rishab although she was unwell. Karan spots Sherlin cautiously going towards the kitchen, he thinks this is a golden chance to get a proof against her. He heads towards the kitchen but Rakhi pulls him back, and insists upon listening to her. She minds that he doesn’t pay any importance to her. Preeta agrees nothing is important than a mother in this world. Karan signals to Preeta that it’s really important for him to go, Rakhi senses something. Preeta tells Rakhi that Karan has selected a girl. Karan turns around in shock. Karan stares curtly, Rakhi hugs Preeta out of excitement. Preeta signals him to leave but he doesn’t move. Preeta takes Rakhi with her, as Karan is so shy. Karan wasn’t ready to go and would hear what she will say. Rakhi was excited to know about the girl. Karan pushes her to tell her now. Preeta says its Sofia. Karan tightens his fist, helplessly. Rakhi leaves excited. Karan shouts at Preeta for saying this, he questions why she told Rakhi about Sofia. He turns to go to towards kitchen as Sherlin had gone there. Preeta follows him there.
Sherlin’s mouth waters as she watches chocolate cake. She was about to stuff her mouth when Kareena interrupts. Karan and Preeta come inside and questions if she was about to break. Preeta says when Sherlin was fasting for Rishab then why she came to kitchen to eat the kitchen. Rakhi says she is speechless, Rishab didn’t force her to fast then why this? Sherlin was curt over Preeta. Sherlin makes up that she couldn’t help herself as the fragrance of cake was so tempting. Kareena says its her mistake, she had asked the cake for herself. Rakhi understands and blames Kareena. Kareena must have sent some servant to bring the cake, not Sherlin. She had also committed this mistake once; and takes Sherlin along. Kareena thinks this means Preeta has come to degrade Sherlin her. She was determined not to let Preeta harm Sherlin. She is with Sherlin right now.
Shrishti wakes up with her head banging. She slaps her face and recalls what was going on, she looks around for Preeta and Karan and thinks about her intimacy.
Kratika speaks to Akshay that she feels excited about her first fast. She asks Akshay if he also fast for her. Akshay asks why he would. He isn’t any fool to fast only for impressing his girlfriend. Kritika says many handsome guys also do so. Akshay was furious at that and cuts the call. Kratika was worried what happens to him, then takes the blame over herself.
Shrishti comes outside the hall and asks what she did. Sarla was furious and asks Bee ji to tell her. Bee ji jokes, Sarla was angry and turns to leave. Shrishti hugs Sarla and insists on her to sit here. She asks where Karan and Preeta are. Dadi says they have left already. Shrishti agrees to Janki, being absolutely right. Dadi doesn’t understand. Shrishti points if they let Karan and Preeta leave home together, on Karwachot. She asks if they discussed about their marriage proposal, and announces that Karan proposed Preeta and she accepted it.

PRECAP: Preeta hears Sherlin speaking to her ex on phone .She hurries in the corridor, was about to slip when Rishab holds her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now it is clear that sherlyn’s boyfriend is Deepak.In precap it is shown that the man has thin beard and his facial features matches to Deepak.Akshay has very thick beard and Prithvi has a very small nose,so they cannot be that hooded man.Only Deepak remains.

    1. Yeah may be..But both deepak and prithvi r having dimpeles in their chin

  2. I think sherlin’s boyfriend is prithvi..???

  3. Im sure sherlin husband is pritivi

    1. Yeah…100% sure

  4. where is today’s episode’s update 25oct

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