Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bee ji discusses Sarla that Pragya seems really different today. Sarla says she has lived away and in a strange place for long, that is why she seems different. Pragya calls Aaliya and tells her that she got two sisters a gift and is at Pragya’s mother’s place.
Karan comes downstairs to greet Dadi. He points that Dadi’s pain has left. Dadi says Rishab has hired Preita as her permanent physio. Karan wasn’t ready to bear her daily. Preita walks across the street thinking how she will look at Karan’s egoistic face daily. Karan was worried and wonders who would make Rishab understand. Preita has false intentions for him. Dadi asks if he didn’t like such girls. Karan says Preita is different. Kratika comes home and greets her Nani, Kareena comes to meet her daughter. Karan’s parents

also come from behind excited after Kratika’s wedding shopping. Karan’s mother was hopeful she might get a nice girl for Rishab in return to her favor for Kratika. She (Rashi) was sure Rishab would one day agree to marry. They all joke about her. Rashi goes calling Sneha. Karan reminds his father about a girl Rashi selected for Rishab last year. Rashi runs behind him, Karan takes a leave from Dadi. He assures to take care of Preita’s matter.
Sarla comes to girl’s room and tells the girls to prepare her cheque. They must pay the rent for whole month no matter how many days they stay here. Shistri stands against her, Sarla says she rented the house for a whole month and it’s not her mistake they are leaving after only three days. Shistri argues saying they aren’t as dumb; if they will pay for thirty days they will even stay here for a whole month. Sarla says alright they may stay then and leaves. Shistri was shocked and asks who this is. Sarla thinks Pragya solved a huge matter for her. She was thankful that her daughters will now live with her. Shistri suspects something wrong and Sarla doesn’t want them to leave. Preita calls it a game of her mind. Preita was happy they are getting a month to stay peacefully. She prepares for her clothes. She tells Shistri if she had a choice she would have rejected this job at once, she calls Karan Lutra as manner less. Shistri was excited to hear about Karan’s name. Preita says she got the job only because of Rishab, he is a nice guy. Shistri dreams to marry Karan and Preita marrying Rishab. Preita calls her insane. Shistri was still excited about Preita getting a chance to see Karan Lutra daily.
Rashi speaks to a match maker lady about a proposal. She tells Rashi that the girl is a working lady and doesn’t only to live as a housewife. Rashi agrees saying she is hopeful their marriage would be successful if both husband-wife work together. Dadi points it would be useless, but Rashi agrees. The match-maker says the girl would reach them in five minutes, but her parents are stuck in traffic. Preita enters the house from behind. Rashi comes to compliment her being pretty and calls her inside. She calls Sneha to bring the juice. Dadi watches this from upstairs and shows her son about a twist of misunderstanding. She enjoys as her wife dialed a wrong number. Rashi offers Preita a glass of juice and asks what she does, how much educated is she. Preita says she is a physiotherapist. Rashi was excited that Dadi would get treated here. Preita says she only came for this purpose. Rashi says before finalizing things, she must meet Rishab once. She then asks about Preita’s likings and hobbies. Preita wonders if she must through this interview to finalize her job. Preita says she loves reading. Rishab comes there, Dadi was upset that he would now clarify all the confusion. Rashi says to Rishab that she likes this girl, Rishab says he likes her too. Rashi tells him to sit and speak to her well, Rishab tells her to send Preita to Dadi’s room. Rashi says he has to marry her. Rishab says she isn’t the one she is considering her to be. Dadi laughs. Rishab clarifies Rashi that she is Dadi’s physiotherapist and came to treat her. Rashi was taken aback and gets aside. Preita goes to Dadi’s room. Rishab speaks to Rashi for creating a problem for her always, he doesn’t want to get married. Rashi says alright, she would forbid them to come.

PRECAP: Preita was about to fell down and scream. Karan holds her in midair. She argues if she told him to hold her, he drops her. A girl comes from behind but Preita’s stroller was tuck in Karan’s chain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. preeta and karan are so lovely
    they luk so gud together

  2. Khushilovesroumya

    I like preeta and rishabh way better and that is just my opinion

  3. Preeta and rishabh look better

  4. ARK

    Preeta and Rishabh are perfect. If their love story start it would be beautiful. I feel they are forcefully adding Karan and preeta scenes, only she falls in his arms and they have fight everytime. LOL.

  5. I think Preeta & Karan arevery cute together – I hope writer doesn’t mess things up here.

  6. I like preeta and karan too – I hope this Kundali Bhagya is their story

  7. Hello. I was once a great fan of KumKum Bhagya and now that the serial is a complete waste, I sometimes watch only Abhigya scenes as they are never boring as the serial’s content..but somehow Ekta got this spin off idea and frankly speaking it’s quiet reviving to watch. Preeta and Shrishti share a great bonding( copy paste of Pragya and Bulbul) which is amazing! So it’s good that KundaliBhagya brings out the former best aspects of KKB.Hope it’s doesnt become so messed up.

  8. And I personally feel Preeta and Karan are more intriguing that the latter pairing.

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