Kundali Bhagya 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi comes to save Sanju

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Prithvi taunts Sameer to sleep, he walks to Sanju and tries to wake him but he is sleeping and does not wake, Prithvi throws some water at him and he wakes, Prithvi says that he came to help him and only came here for Sanju after knowing that there is a lot of trouble, he tries to leave at which Sanju sys that he will tell everyone his truth the next morning, when everyone comes out, Prithvi comes back ad says that they are really meant for each other as they can be friends and if he had studied a little more than Prithvi would have made him partner in his business, Sanju gets irritated and asks him to open the ropes, he is about to open them when the lights switch on and Mahesh and Rakhi come.
Mahesh and Rakhi gets amazed and asks hi m why is he freeing Sanju, he gets scared and says that he

came here for Preeta as his mother wanted to tackle her for early morning prayer, he says that he came her through the door but Rakhi says that she closed it, Prithvi says that Sameer might have opened it. Both of them agree to it and then Rakhi asks him to stay and listen to what Sanju as to says then he will understand why Preeta is with them. Mahesh seeing him says that if he has any problem then he can go himself, Prithvi says that he will go.
Mahesh says that he does not understand Prithvi and he is a very confusing character, Mahesh sees Sameer and gets angry saying that he will teach him a lesson as he was sent to Guard Sanju, Rakhi stops him and requests him to take Sameer to his room.
Prithvi calls Sherlin and asks her for a solution as he gt into a lot of trouble, he then explains everything, Sherlin also gets confused saying that their game is over and now they must let go of everything, he asks her, she says that he has no choice and must face everything with honor, Prithvi gets angry and starts to yelled sees Preeta and then tries to talk Sherlin into it.
Preeta gets amazed seeing him and ask the reason he says that he came here for her as his mother wanted to go to Mandir with her, he called her mother who told her that she was not home so he came her for her, he tells her that when he was entering then she saw Sanju and he woke, Preeta hearing this gets excited and runs towards Rishab’s room to wake him up. Prithvi gets confused as to who does Preeta love.
Karan is standing behind Prithvi and calls shim asking what is he doing here.he says that he cam here for Preeta but Karan does not listen and taunts him at which Prithvi gets disgusted.

Rakhi asks as top what is he saying, Mahesh also asks why did he came here if he didn’t came to kidnap Preeta, they both get angry, Karan also comes and they ask him but Rishab says that Sanju is telling the truth but it is half the truth. Karan says that he came here to Kidnap Doctor Seema, hearing this everyone gets amazed and ask him to what the matter is. Karan tries to tell them but Rakhi stops him and ask Preeta, she tells them that the doctor knows a secret that is important for their family, they went to the hospital to ask her but she was attacked twice then they thought that she was in trouble an so brought her to the Luthra house but Sanju came to Kidnap her and when she saw him he attacked her but Karan came to help her.
Rishab sys that they must ask Sanju but Mahesh gets angry saying that he wants to listen the truth from Karan, Rishab stops him and says that they can listen it from them later but now must listen to what Sanju has to say. Prithvi fears if Rishab knows everything regarding him and Sherlin.
Karan goes to interrogate Sanju and also beats him, Preeta also says that he must tell them the truth and he will not be sent to prison if he tells the truth, Prithvi fears if Sanju tells the truth and the all pressurize him but Sanju does not listen and says that he will not cheat the Peron who gave him this job as this his rule and he will follow it, he knows that the person will break him from the prison within twenty four hours.

Precap: Rishab and Karan are beating Sanju and he says that the person who paid him is standing with them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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