Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rakhi to fix Sameer and Shrishti’s propsal

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Karan was curt watching Prithvi and Preeta together. Preeta wonders why he apologized to disturb her. Karan comes to Preeta and says he didn’t find Sherlin’s lover boy but hers. Shrishti asks Preeta why she accepted the bangle when she was to break the relation.
Upstairs, Rakhi watches Sarla and asks what she had to speak to her about. She takes her downstairs.
Shrishti tells Karan she knows already that they are in love with each other. She had seen them together and even told Sarla about it. Sarla is here to speak about their proposal to Rakhi. Karan and Preeta were both shocked to hear this. Shrishti qualifies she only helped them, and what was her mistake when she had seen them on bed together. Preeta and Karan blame each other, Preeta then runs behind Shrishti. Shrishti sends

them to look after Sarla, what if she has already spoken to Rakhi about it.
Rakhi brings Sarla to the room, she apologizes for making her wait. Sarla says there is a good news, but depends on Rakhi’s feelings about it. Rakhi asks her not to be hesitant at all. Sarla says she wish about the proposal of their children, her younger son likes Preeta. Rakhi thinks about Shrishti and Sameer, she says she also got to know right away. Sarla watches Shrishti, Preeta and Karan signal Sarla at the door. Sarla sweats while Shrishti signals her not to continue. Sarla gets nervous, then takes a leave at once. She says every mother would wish her daughter marries in their family. Outside the room, Sarla fumingly signals Shrishti to come along. Rakhi stops Karan. She discuss about Sarla’s hesitation with her, and asks Karan about her thinking. Karan says Preeta isn’t that nice a girl. Rakhi says it’s about Sameer and Shrishti, Shrishti is a nice girl. Karan smirks.
Sarla was angry at Shrishti, it must have been a disgrace to her otherwise. Preeta apologizes Sarla and assures there is nothing between Karan and her. Sarla scolds Shrishti, while Shrishti promises to never touch Dadi’s cough syrup again.
Rakhi asks Karan why he was taken aback. Karan tells Rakhi that Sarla didn’t come for Shrishti and Sameer but about his…. He stops at once, then qualifies it’s his assessment as well that Sameer and Shrishti suit each other. Rakhi was happy that Rishab liked Sherlin, Karan selected Sofia and now Sameer and Shrishti were also paired. Karan was happy that Shrishti would now suffer.
Outside, Shrishti apologizes Preeta and says she even handled the matter in the end. She asks Preeta how Prithvi got the size of her bangles, and compliments them to be heavy. She was sure Prithvi would buy her expensive gifts. Karan comes to tell Shrishti that Rakhi had a misunderstanding that Sarla came for Shrishti and Sameer’s proposal. Shrishti asks if he didn’t correct her. Karan says no. Preeta says definitely someone else also told Rakhi about Sameer and Shrishti; else she wouldn’t have agreed instantly. Preeta asks Shrishti about Sameer. Shrishti says Sameer is such a shorty, he is an idiot and she dislikes him a lot. She goes to Sameer to take his class.
Sameer climbs a stool to look for something over the cupboard. Shrishti comes there fuming and holds his arm. Both fell down.
Rishab and Kareena bring Sherlin aside. They force her to have some juice. Sherlin says she hasn’t eaten anything since morning, and now she feels vomiting because of so much food. Kareena sends Rishab and Sherlin to her room. She was relieved that now they will be husband and wife in their true meaning, she will no more have any tension them. She turns to see Karan and Preeta peek at her and was suspicious.

PRECAP: Preeta thanks Karan by holding his hand. He begins to flirt and asks if she needs a bangle from him as well?

Update Credit to: Sona

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