Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Prithvi engaged

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In the corridor Tapsi apologizes Karan as she can’t share anything else with him.
In the hall, Prithvi’s mother asks Karan if he is happy to insult Prithvi now. Preeta says Karan was only being a good friend. Sarla says Karan and Preeta are friends and Rishab and Karan are like her family. She only wants that Karan and Prithvi get rid of any difference between them. Karan and Prithvi hug each other. Preeta feels bad for Karan. Prithvi goes to freshen up signaling Sherlin. He hugs her thanking for her assistance.
Preeta comes to Karan and says he is a loser person. Karan says he never loses; it’s only because of stupidity of a few people. If she wants The Karan Luthra, she must break the engagement. He says Prithvi is a bad person and is so cunning that he always get rid of the situation.

He gets his lie as truth, and Karan’s truth turns to a lie. Preeta says there is no reason to believe Prithvi is wrong here. Karan says it was his mistake to try and help Preeta, he gets disturbed while thinking about her. Preeta asks him to give her a smile, can’t she demand this from a friend? Karan says he doesn’t want Preeta to get engaged to Prithvi, he would now see how much his wish value for Preeta. Sarla comes to take Preeta for the engagement rituals, and insists Karan to join them.
Preeta thinks about Karan while wearing the ring from Prithvi. Sameer looks towards Shrishti and thinks she looks really upset. Karan looks towards Preeta with hopeful looks while she takes the ring from the box, and puts it in Prithvi’s finger. Preeta hugs Sarla while Prithvi smirks staring at Rishab and Karan. He was determined to stay close to Preeta just to make them feel jealous, they will be helpless. He thanks the guests for being a part of the engagement, he wants a romantic dance with Preeta. Sarla allows if Preeta agrees. Preeta was reluctant to dance with Prithvi and apologizes him. Prithvi says he feels very disturbed for what Karan did today, he wants to make some sweet memories of the day with Preeta today. Preeta agrees reluctantly. Prithvi asks Sameer to play some good romantic song in his playlist. Prithvi smirks looking towards Karan while he touches Preeta intimately. Rishab curtly turns the music off. Sameer makes up that the fuse got off. Rishab assures Karan he is there to control Prithvi.
Sherlin arrives at Tapsi’s house. She opens the door and slaps Sherlin hard on face. Sherlin remembers Tapsi was running across the corridor. Sherlin came to show on video call that Tapsi’s mother had been kidnapped, and the goons awaited Sherlin’s instruction. She sent Tapsi to tell everyone that Karan was wrong. Sherlin warns if Tapsi holds a finger over her again, she will witness what Sherlin do to her enemies. She brought air tickets for her and her mother to leave India for a while.

PRECAP: Karan deters Prithvi against harming Preeta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It is same kind of story that is kumkum bhagya…
    if we go to past episodes of kumkum bhagya there also tanu and nikhil kidnap doctor’s daughter to not reveal truth of tanu pregnancy
    here also same kind of track is going…
    why ekta all your soaps are same kind…
    like kumkum bhagya is going through same kind track with kasam
    here kundali bhagya with kumkum bhagya only with little difference…

  2. Kundalini bhagya started with a bang and got our attention now its a repeat of kumkum bhagya. Change things up to please your viewers. Stop making Karan look like a fool.
    Do we have to wait until the show ends before we know who gets Preeta?
    I love the scuttle love looks between Sameer and Shrishti. Honestly I do not have the same interest to run and look at Kundalini bhagya. I love, love Preeta and Shrishti sisterhood, Karan and Rishab Brotherhood. I see them winning the Awards.Thanks for entertaining us nightly after a hard day’s work!

  3. Same crap

  4. When did Sherlin come up with the plan to kidnap the mum and blackmail Tapsi? Was it whilst fighting Tapsi or when chasing down the hall way? Taken multi tasking to another level. For Preeta to keep believing Prithvi despite his behavior and questions on character, I cannot understand what’s going thru her head. Same old crap.

  5. Mellu

    as usual as expected, simply they stretched so many episodes and finally concluded with prithvi and preeta’s engagement, waste of time watching this seriel !!

  6. Someone kill the story writer please

  7. as ususal we expected that finally today tapsi will expsose prithvi and sherlin but its not worked

  8. I’m really tired of the same thing happening over and over, when exactly will that stupid pritvi be exposed? This drama is getting boring now, don’t feel to watch it anymore really…

    1. Mellu

      yeah repeated story line , not excited for the show anymore , they repeat the same crap again and again.

  9. Binny Sharma

    Totally crap…hwz this serial is getting trp for the same story going round n round almost more than 3 months now….

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