Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeta accepts Prithvi’s proposal

Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi tells Preeta he never get free time to spend with family. He asks Preeta if she ever had a boyfriend. Preeta honestly tells him once her engagement was broken before it took place.
Karan and Shrishti come to Sarla who was preparing coffee. Sarla was nervous. Dadi comes there and tells Sarla not to be nervous. Sarla says Prithvi is better than her imagination and hope the proposal gets fixed. Sarla and Dadi leave, Shrishti was serving the coffee. She asks why Karan is so serious. Karan tells Shrishti she doesn’t like the guy, he is much girlish. Shrishti says Preeta must have called him jealous, she also thinks his ego must have hurt. Karan was curt and asks why Rohan didn’t come. Shrishti says Karan said a lot about Rohan so they rejected him.
In the room, Prithvi tells

Preeta he is happy the prior proposal was broken. He tells Preeta he was in a serious relation but may be, like her it wasn’t in her fate. Preeta says her mother had forbidden her to share about her past, Prithvi says his mother also said so.
Kareena comes to Rishab in the room. She looks worried and says Sherlin is unwell, she has abit of acidity. Rishab goes to give her medicine, Kareena says she isn’t ready to take a sip of water; she is fasting for him. She tells Rishab to care about Sherlin, he is lucky to have her. Rishab goes to speak to Sherlin.
Karan discuss with Sameer that Preeta will tell Prithvi about her past engagement, it won’t be fixed. Sarla was discussing with Prithvi’s parents to think well at home. Prithvi and Preeta come out of the room. Prithvi says Preeta must decide now, it’s a yes from their side. Sarla was elated and distribute sweet. Shrishti watches Karan and Sameer lost, Sameer gulps the sweet from her hand. Prithvi speaks to Preeta about waiting for her reply. When the guests have left, Shrishti hugs Preeta.
Rishab requests Sherlin to break the fast. Sherlin makes him sit with her, and says her mother has taught her to respect the traditions. When we break the fast in between it would hurt him. Kareena comes inside and tells Rishab to let her fast. Rishab leaves saying he doesn’t like she is going to bear a torture for him. Later, Kareena cheerfully calls Sherlin a shrewd and cunning girl and great actor. Sherlin replies she learnt this shrewdness from Kareena. Kareena gets offensive, she warns Sherlin to be respectful to her, and else she may bring someone else for Rishab as well.
Sarla comes inside and blesses Preeta. Karan was obviously unhappy. Sameer asks Karan to have another piece of sweet. Preeta turns to see Karan who looked upset and goes inside. Shrishti wonders what happened to Preeta, Dadi says she must be shy. Karan wonders what’s about being shy. Shrishti goes to Preeta. Sameer takes a leave and go while Karan goes to the room to wish Preeta.
In the room, Shrishti tells Preeta she is impressed by Prithvi’s looks and his thinking. Its such a coincidence. P for Prithvi and P for Preeta as well. Karan speaks there is another movie, P for Preeta and K for Karan. Shrishti couldn’t understand. Karan asks to speak to Preeta in isolation. When she has gone, Karan asks Preeta not to pose so clueless, doesn’t she understand? How can she do this to him? He clutches her by arms and forbids her being so stupid. They share a close eye lock.

PRECAP: Preeta tells Karan she couldn’t say a no to Prithvi’s proposal, in middle class families one get good proposals with much difficulty. Karan says he would have… Preeta wonders if he wants to marry her?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG! ! ! ! ! Finally karan realised that he loves preeta. OMG! ! ! ! ! I can’t believe it. Precap is super awsome. waiting for the next episode

  2. I don’t know when did Karan know about preeta’s past engagement… ???? I didn’t miss any episode till know.. no where it is seen about that.. only rishabh knows about it…

    And Karan while cuming to preeta’s house didn’t know the reason of he being happy whether it was for meeting preeta r about teasing about the to be husband… Wondering when did Karan realize his love for preeta and asking her about whether she does not understand and how can she do it like that.. and in the precap.. ??? loved the chemistry but the writers must have taken about silly points carefully and present more interestingly… Still lukin forward for tmrw’s episode….

    1. It could be that rishabh told Karan about Deepak since they mostly share their feelings (besides the ones about preeta)… I think he hasn’t realized his love for her but is in love.. He will surely flip what he said around and make it sound into something else and make an excuse.. cz mostly love confessions happen in an isolated, charming, romantic situations in Ekta shows not in such a hurry.. Like pragya and abhi confessed while being kidnapped or some other romantic day.. BUt we do know that Karan is in love…
      Let’s hope he gets full-on jealous!!!!

    2. heard the kitchen talk between Sarla and Dadi!Karan was also there

  3. Wow karan at last realised his love for preeta.☺☺☺ I was waiting for this since so many days and weeks. I feel that this prithvi is sherlin’s ex husband. He shows himself so perfect that i doubt him he is acting. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode eagerly???.

  4. Karna is good but he can’t say prithee girlish because making of food is not only girls job.

  5. Amazing episode. Can’t wait for next episode.

  6. I thnk ye prethivi shareef banda nhi hai… Ye shirlin ka husband hoga

  7. I saw this episode 3 timesssss (actually 1 time gull and other 2 times excluding that sterling rishaby and all). More than Karan being in love I liked Karan being super jealous and upset seeing PP ; ). I know the confession is not gonna take in such a way for there are much romantic scenes of preetan to take place before this. And that sterling pardafash is also remaining na. I am sure preeta is gonna say yes. And Karan is gonna be behind that prithvi for I know some thing is fishy. No one can be super perfect. And he is too much shariiiifff. I dont like him. Not at all(except the fact the scenes we r gonna see today of preetan). But now also I wish abhishek to be sherlin’s bf. And i am sure he is not. He would have told it to her gf sherlin na. Whatever I am eagerly waiting for today’s 9.30 pm. Bye the ways hi preetan fans

  8. Yeah its true in telly news they said tat prithivi is sherlins ex husbnd ……???? 2day karan expressed in a different manner indirectly but preeta never understands????????eeeeeeeeee…….but happy tat karan has realised his feelings ?????

  9. excited for the next episode…i hope that preeta will not marry prithivi whatever happens. finally i am happy to know that karan realised that he likes preeta even though i know he will not propose anytime soon..EXCITEDD

  10. I think so today is Friday and they will not show much more about these and preeta is simple middle class girl and now she will not realize easily it will take time to get uunderstand that Preeta also love to Karan.

  11. Karan is jealous by seeing preeta with another guy ……..he doesn’t realize that he fall in love…. He just don’t like to see her another guy nd he feel fishy by seeing prithivi… Nd i don’t think that prithivi is so inocent something fishy he is sherline husband…… Abut karan he don’t feel luv for her he feels jealousy he want Preeta only give attention to him he want to make her realize her decision is wrong by choosing prithivi as her husband he want to make her realize that he is not prefect guy for Her…..

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