Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Rishab comes to Preita. She hands him a bundle of money and assures the kid that no one will take the pack from him. Rishab asks if she has so much money. Preita accepts she has no money at all but it was important to feed him. She discuss this bundle was given to her by a cricketer. Rishab asks which cricketer, but Preita’s bus arrives.
At the hospital, Preita asks the receptionist for vacancy of intern physiotherapist. Rishab arrives at the hospital with Dadi and had an appointment with Dr. Sonali. The receptionist sends Preita to Dr. Sonali as well. In the room, Sonali introduces herself and comes to speak to Dr. Sonali. Dadi takes advantage and rubs red color over her ankle making a drama that doctor hurt her. She asks Preita to verdict, but Preita says Dadi is lying. Dadi leaves with

Rishab. The doctor apologizes Preita as the vacancy has been filled already.
At home, Shistri was practicing modeling. Sarla comes to ask her to ask for breakfast. Shistri tells Sarla she wants to be a model, and shows her Tannu’s posters pasted all across the room. Sarla watches Tannu’s posters and boils out of anger, she tears the posters and says Shistri can no longer stay in this house. Dadi comes to calm Sarla then Shistri. Shistri takes the glass of Dadi’s drink and gulps it, then feels relaxed and agrees to stay here for a while.
Preita was coming out of the hospital after rejection from a various hospitals. She watches Karan having an argument with a girl, he leaves the girl halfway and drives away. Preita comes to the girl and asks Sania if Karan misbehaved with her, what it was about. Sania explains he wanted to force her but she didn’t let her. Preita says they must teach him a lesson and takes Sania.
In the police station, Sania was reluctant to file a complaint against Karan. Preita insists no matter how huge or rich a celebrity be, he must be taught a lesson and prevent him from doing this to others. Preita comes to inspector and asks to file a complaint against Karan Lutra. Preita compels Sania not to hesitate.
In the practice court, Karan comes to book his time with two girls who bet for his game. Later, Karan was with the two of them. One of them was upset, while the other happy. Karan receives a phone call. The girls argue each other. Karan promises to reach and takes a leave from girls as he has been called at police station.
Karan arrives at police station. The inspectors there ask to take a selfie with him. The lady inspector arrives and informs Karan strictly about the complaint against him. A girl has filed the report of molestation against him. She points towards the girl. Karan could see Preita speaking to Sania.

PRECAP: Abhi tells Preita about getting her a job and sends her to meet him. She only has to take care of his Dadi. Preita calls Abhi an angel. Abhi says his friend direly needs a physiotherapist.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Khushilovesroumya

    The episode was very good.

  2. Y these directors are showing preita withabhi for everything when she has her own heroes
    If they want to show abhi then show him with pragya not with her sisters

    1. May be preita and abhi are going to date? just kidding God forbid that but its just too boring without abhigya i miss them

  3. Same sh_t different days ,

  4. Nice episode.

  5. Nice episode. I liked preetha character

  6. we are gonna be having the same torture like kumkum bhagya but with new faces. Creatives please spare us…..

  7. Wish this story would be different from kumkum bhagya which is the mother of all over dragging tracks and literally irritating

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