Kundali Bhagya 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki loses her memory

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Shrishti asks Janki the name of the person who tried to kill her and also came to their house. The doctor says that she has lost her memory and does not remember anything, however Janki knows tem but cannot recall the incident, Shrishti and Sarla all start to cry and beg her to remember the name.
Prithvi feeling relieved enjoys the moment and goes out of the room, being happy that Janki forgot everything, Karan comes from behind saying that he was sad now but will not be saved anymore, he start to argue with Prithvi saying that he is just a spoiled brat and nothing more with no importance in anyone’s life whom he will throw from everyone’s life, Karan threatens that he will break everything that Prithvi holds dear and will make sure that he feels hurt, Prithvi tries to get away, Karan

shouts the name of Janki, he stops and Karan says that he knows that Prithvi is behind everything that happened to Janki, Prithvi says that he will tell the him the secret , as he got engaged to Preeta and so has a relation with Janki, Karan explains what happened when he was in trouble at the shop when he acted with his fingers that he had a gun, Prithvi gets and hearing this.
Karan says that he did what the doctors said that if she got into a lifesaving incident she would get better, Prithvi tries to get away but Karan stops him and they both again starts to argue, Prithvi says that he has no interest I his talks and him, he says that he is not scared of him and can go to cry in the room but wait as he will then trouble Preeta, as always when he is roaming behind her like a Dog, Karna gets outraged and is about to throw a punch at Prithvi.
He tries to says to him that Prithvi is like mad dog and must not take Preeta’s name from his tongue, they start to fight, Sarla and Rakhi come and stop them scolding them for their actions, Sarla asks Prithvi to go and take care of the preparations and Rakhi also asks Karan to leave, they both wonder when their children will grow up.
Manisha asks Rithwik to calm down, they then agree that they are meant for each her, he says that he has done something bad in his life however is not a bad person, she asks him the reason for saying this and he says that he feels bad for lying to Rishab, he explains how he is a transparent guy and keeps nothing in his heart, he explains how good he was treated and that Rishab made him reach the sky with the partnership, proving that he is a family man and cares for those who are his own.
Rithwik says that he feels to say everything to Rishab and that he waists to be in their good books, Manisha says that she said to him that he cannot trust Prithvi but this does not mean that they can trust Luthra’s and that they are alone. She says that they are only using him and will not give him the money, she says that they only want to k now the truth of the person who made her plan the case against Karan, he says that he will tell Rishab the truth and make everything alright once and for all and he goes to get his mobile. Manisha gets worried thinking what she will do to make Rithwik realize.

Precap: Prithvi enters the room, he asks of Janki’s health to which she asks him the reason he was dressed as a doctor in the hospital, he gets shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I already knew it inke director ke pas koi bhi single naya concept nhi h wahi kidnapping wahi hi old drama pak gye dekh ke jitni inki yadas or kidnapping hoti h utne din iss serial ko nhi huye

  2. Ye Janki ya toh Koma mein Chali jati hai ya paralise ho jati nd now memory loss why u r stretching it so much come with something new….

  3. Yamini sharma

    Lead roles se jyada to ye log villains ko dikhate h.. bakwas kar ke rkh dia h serial ko.. wrong message pass karte h ki bure log hamesha bach jaate hai.. typical ekta kapoor serial!!

  4. When are we going to see the tables turn and the villains loose in their plots. We REALLY need to see REVENGE. I cannot understand why these serials always let the villains continue to cause problems in others lives, I need to see they be given a dose of their own medicine.

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