Kundali Bhagya 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan bring Doctor Semma to their house

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Karan asks Sarla if Preeta can live with them, Sarla asks if this has anything to do with Sherlin, he is amazed and asks her how does she know it, Sarla says that she is her mother and knows what she thinks, Sarla says that she can go with him and asks him to hand her the phone, Preeta says that she will scold her and when she answers she says that she is coming home, Sarla says that she can go with Karan as the Luthra’s have done a lot for them and she must help them, Sarla only says that she must help them but in a limited manner and also think of herself, Karan asks Preeta as to what the matter is, she says that she has got the best mom Karan says that it means that she is coming to his house, Preeta nods and he says that they must involve her mother with them, Preeta says that they will do no

such thing and will do it themselves.
Prithvi and Sherlin are very tensed, She says to him to call Sanju Prithvi says that he will call them and when he calls them Prithvi says that he only wants to hear good news, Sanju says that it is impossible to kill Doctor Semma, he asks why to which Sanju says that Karan brought her to his house. Prithvi slams the phone, they both start to fight, and Prithvi says that he will go to the Luthra’s house and check everything personally, Sherlin says that she will also come.
Karan and Preeta are walking Doctor Semma, Sameer sees them and wonders who is with them, he asks them and they both tell him everything, he says that he will help them as he also loves Rishab and will do anything for him, Karan says that they both are very tied and need rest so he must guard the doctor and must not seep at any cost, Sameer gets excited and says that he will do it as he loves these things, Sameer hugs and Kisses Karan who get grossed, he takes him to the door and again advices him to not sleep.
Preeta and Karan are walking down the hallway, she says that Sameer was very excited to do the job, she says that he seemed just like Shristhri as she also has a lot in her mind and is always doing silly things, she goes to her room where Karan also follows but she stops him and forces him to go back, he wonders that she is calling him and he turns, she is not there and he feels that his heart is playing games with him.
Sanju enters the house and sees the guard, he tries to pass him but slips and so a Vase falls, the guard gets vigilant and comes to see who miss it but Sanju hides and goes into the house, He sees Sameer who is guarding the room and knows that the Doctor will be inside the room that is why he is guarding it, he thinks that he must find an escape route so that it will be easy to escape. Sameer sits down and feels very bored, he thinks of a way to get busy and decides to call Shristhri and tell her about the important work that Karan gave him and make her feel jealous, He calls her, she picks it up and thinking as to why did he call her, she says that he must not call her at this time as he sleep at around 10 pm and so he must not call her, he says that she sleeps a lot at which she says that h is not like other girls and sleeps a lot, he says that she is very beautiful, she feels joyed and they start talking, Sameer tell her everything, she feels that her own sister deceived her and now Sameer is showing off in front of her, she feels that they did not care for her talent. Shristhri yells at him and says that he must stop smiling as they only made him a security guard, he says that he is the security head, she then tries to degrade him, he says that she has nothing, Shristhri says that they both made a fool out of him and went to sleep, Sameer gets angry and ask her to go and sleep. She after cancelling the phone gets angry and says that they both did not even feel that she is worthy for a security guard and says that she feels deceived.
Sherlin calls Prithvi who is very tensed and says that he must go and check on the situation, he says that he will not as it means killing himself, she says that she only wants him to go and observe the things, as then they will know the situation better.

Precap: Preeta is walking, Sanju is trying to unlock the door when Preeta sees him and asks who is it, he does not answer, and she then turns on the lights. /strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

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