Kundali Bhagya 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki considers Karan as Preeta’s boyfriend

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Dadi swears Abhi to give away the guitar. The family insist on him to give the guitar. Simonika thinks today Abhi is her side in her plan, she wish she had a remote control in the bomb and could have ended his family. Abhi says to Pragya he isn’t giving this guitar to her because of Dadi, and would revenge what she has done to him. He hands the guitar and tells her to leave. Pragya runs down the stage. Shrishti and Preeta stop her. Pragya says she needs to throw the guitar somewhere away. Simonika wish the guitar fell down and Pragya is killed. Preeta and Shrishti don’t let Simonika go behind Pragya.
Outside, Pragya decides to go somewhere where no one is around. Simonika follows Pragya and decides to kill her as she took the death over herself. In the hall, Shrishti was afraid for Pragya.

Preeta assures nothing would happen to her. Aaliya curses Pragya as she attempted to kill Abhi. Aaliya and Tannu insist they can’t trust her at all, why have they even kept her at home. Preeta and Shrishti interfere that Pragya only wanted to save Abhi. Preeta says if Pragya hadn’t run away with the guitar, every one of them must have died. There was a bomb in the guitar. Abhi asks who told them. Tannu says Pragya must have said this. Abhi says he doesn’t trust anyone. Preeta says Khan Chacha called Pragya, he told Pragya that someone blackmailed him and he had to fix a bomb in it. It would have blasted. Pragya was worried since then. Shrishti says Pragya now has the guitar and she might be in trouble. Abhi and Purab go outside to look for Pragya.
It was morning. Aroras sat together. Preeta says Abhi in a nice man, they couldn’t have found a better person. Sarla says she was so worried for Pragya. Preeta says she and Shrishti panics at every situation only because they take after Sarla. Janki teases Sarla. Sarla goes to get medicine for Bee ji. Janki considers Sarla as luckiest to get daughters like them; and the best son in law as well. She goes to answer the door bell, it was Karan and says he is the best man but when did he turn to be a son in law. Janki says she wasn’t joking. Dadi calls Karan inside as she is waiting for his flirt. Karan says Dadi is his second girlfriend, the first one is his own Dadi who came earlier in his life. Rakhi and Rishab also come inside. Janki says he must have come to meet his love. Everyone was shocked to hear, but Dadi handles introducing herself as his girlfriend. Everyone smiles.
In the kitchen, Janki tells Preeta that her boyfriend has come with his brother and mother. Preeta sense it must be Karan. Janki teases her. Preeta explains Janki never like Prithvi and always wish to make Karan her boyfriend. Janki tells her to prepare tea for them right now. Preeta blames Shrishti for all this. Shrishti comes to get some bills signed by Kareena. Kareena tells her to hurry up. Shrishti was clear that Kareena is a bad person.

PRECAP: Karan comes to Preeta in the kitchen and offers his help to get the flour box down. The flour spills over him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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