Kundali Bhagya 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Karan’s mocks the guy for Preeta’s proposal

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Half in the way, Karan asks Sameer to come behind and let him drive. He says now everything is in its place.
Sherlin was in Kareena’s room when she comes and says Shrishti was here. Sherlin was curt that they still have to bear these sisters, though she had ruined her engagement to get rid of them. She is so jealous of everyone taking their name.
In the car, Shrishti and Sameer argue for seats. Karan asks Preeta which complexion of the guy she wishes for. Preeta says she doesn’t know what kind of guy she needs, but is sure exactly what she doesn’t want (staring at Karan). Karan goes to park the car, Preeta scolds Shrishti for mentioning the proposal in front of them, and she asks to give the photos in her hand. Karan comes from behind and says he would be the first one to see

the photo.
Kareena tells Sherlin that she is an idiot and has disappointed her badly. Sherlin says Kareena doesn’t want to see the reality, Rishab already had feelings for Preeta. It was Kareena who betrayed her and fixed her marriage with Rishab. She asks what her selfish gain behind her is and Rishab’s wedding. Kareena explains she didn’t know Preeta was in Rishab’s heart, she only knew Preeta wanted to get Rishab. But Sherlin couldn’t understand her motif. She asks Sherlin what is her motif? She was the first one to know Preeta is there in Rishab’s heart, still she agreed to marry him.
At the door, Karan and Sameer discuss they must see the photos. Preeta and Shrishti discuss they are cooking something. Dadi opens the door who greets him well, she complains Karan visited them after so long. Janki comes to ask Karan if it was fixed, whom would he like? Karan feels awkward but Sarla comes to explain it was about some dish. Karan introduces them with Sameer as his younger brother. Sarla offers them seats. Karan asks to see the photos of guys Sarla shortlisted. Preeta wasn’t ready and thinks she won’t allow Karan to make fun of her, she goes to do something about it. Janki brings tea for them. Sameer was about to sip but Karan reminds he doesn’t like tea, and signals Sameer to go inside. Shrishti follows Sameer inside and finds him looking around, she asks if he is finding some way to make fun of them. She is proud of this house and loves it. Shrishti says she understands how their upper class thinks. She calls Sarla that Sameer wish to have tea.
Karan goes to Preeta’s room to see the photos. Shrishti was showing Preeta the photos which Karan snatches from her and jumps over the bed. He makes fun of the guys. Preeta says he isn’t that bad. Karan asks Sameer what he thinks of her, and Shrishti as well. Then asks Preeta. Preeta says he is like an idiot. Karan explains Preeta’s judgment is wrong, she dislikes him while everyone is his fan. Karan makes fun of the guy saying he had presented flowers to Malishka, then Malishka hit him with her Sandal of 37 size. It must still be imprinted over his face. Preeta blames Shrishti responsible for all this story. She tells Karan he must be jealous of these guys.
Kareena asks Sherlin what pushes her to be in a relation which won’t give her anything. Sherlin says her mother and Kareena are friends, and when she met Kareena she became a fan of her. Preeta told her that she got engaged, but it was also broken. Kareena was shocked to hear and asks when this happened. Sherlin apologizes for not being able to give this information to Kareena. She says she just heard Rishab and Preeta that Rishab has fired Deepak for misbehaving with Preeta. Kareena asks how she knows about Deepak. Sherlin boasts she can do anything if she can ruin her own engagement. But she is unable to gain anything and is irritated.
There, Karan tells Preeta they must find out about the details of the guy. Preeta asks if he is jealous? Karan says he isn’t jealous, he wants to help her which she never does. Shrishti reminds Preeta treated his elbow. Karan argues it was a torture. Preeta wish she had pressed some points while treating his shoulder that he was never able to play cricket again. Shrishti turns to leave, but mentions its Karwachot tomorrow. Preeta stares at Shrishti regretting the mention in front of Karan. Karan’s eyes spark, he says he would come tomorrow to see that guy. He must tell him he got Malishka after him but then left her as well. He asks if she will fast for him as well and mocks how he must look front behind the sieve.

PRECAP: Sherlin says I love you on call and turns to see Rishab standing behind. He questions whom does Sherlin love and wants to fast for? Why she didn’t tell about it earlier?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Very well.provides adequate info about the epi when we have been barred from using 4g internet..converting 4g-2g is really annoying and at this time this written update is proving to be very helpful …

  2. heyyyy hello everyone

  3. Types errors was there phir bhi thanks for the fast updates…it’s clearly visible that its going to be preeran

  4. Itna pyaara hai.. finally Karan fell for preeta.. jis tarah Karan preeta ko dekha in car and felt jealous about Sameer hand stricking preeta hand by mistake .. areh wah.. Kya episode Tha… Hope during karvachawth preeta sees Karan face and shristi Sameer ka.. poor rishabh…

    Just karan ko realise hona hai that all dese feelings are LOVE… And leaves his ego and proposes preeta.. but actually before that only I guess they will be married due to some fake rumors.. and after marriage he gets to know that rishabh has some feelings for preeta.. misunderstands them … Later realises.. after that rishabh gets jealous.. during all dese sammer and shristi loves each other and get married whose saas is Kareena the evil ke dukhan… Blames preeta for plotting shiristi in sameer’s life .. Karan supports preeta then.. offohhoo.. what can we expect more than diZ in stupid Ekta ka serial mein..
    Request the makers not to take any misunderstandings between preetan like usual daily soaps and wish Dadi ka blessings to preeta that inko bohot pyaar karne Vale Zindagi mein.. har musklin mein saath khade hone Vale be true in the form of Karan. …

    1. Vini singh comment is too long ; YOU only have to comment

      comment is too long ; YOU only have to comment

      1. What’s this rule.we can express our feelings in one line or in an essay. It’s doesn’t matter…

  5. Wow full of nok jok its just awsem ???luv u guys a lot waiting 4 karwachawth function ??? how it will be igf karan breaks preetas fast??????

  6. Aww Karan was so jealous
    This is obvious that he has fallen for her. The way he reacted to Sameer’s arm touching hers is pure jealousy. It was so cute the way he reacted. I really want him to know that he is in love before Preeta. Cz otherwise it will be like pragya doing everything to get love and all. But if Karan loves her first, he will make sacrifices for her happiness and protect her. I hope Preeta faints and Karan gives her water for Karwa Chauth.

  7. oh karan you are so possessive… bilkul jealousy.. he looking preeta in car with glass topped… wow.. really karan can’t see preeta with anyone else.
    .even with his brother. when sameer hits preeta( but it’s all just accident), gaadi rukho mein drive karogie.. oh karan … I love hat scene most.
    That malishkas 37 heel sandal…☺☺☺☺ karan you are so badtmeez..
    I hope preeta will see karan’s face through sieve.

    pata nahi kyun I have a strange feeling that photo guy maybe is sherlin’s ex husband. It’s conform that he is not akshay.it’s new entry sanjay gangania..so it’s well possible the guy will be the mistry man, and he also tells to sherlin that he will handle preeta..so it’s maybe happens.
    I only think like this bcz of ekta and crew they love extend even all silly matters..but kdb is seen interesting….

    okay guys..hope you all are seen zra on tomorrow… let’s watch preetan’s nok jhok there also.. don’t miss preetan’s moments.. set a reminder abhi…

  8. Guys a humble request …I know kdb is always first in trp,but in tu it’s not. I mean we have to increase our commenting, nowadays daily only 7 or 8 comments…
    So pls guys if you get time pls come here and support this page..

    Happy Sunday

  9. Awesome episode OMG karan bcom so possessive abut preeta that can’t see preeta with anyone even with his bro he become jealous by arm touched accidently what will happened when that boy come to see her and ready to marry her I want excited to see that jealousy ?? nd guys i luved to see karan nd preeta dadibonding like abhi nd pragya dadi bonding it was funny they used to prank that coughsyrup??? karan so loveable person he showup that he doesn’t care abut anyone but by heart he is so caring person …. if he bcom closed to anyone he can do anything for that person like Preeta he knows very well than anyone he helped her by going against his family he only do what his heart says he knows person very well……

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