kumkum bhagya – yeh aashiqui OS (part-1)


Hi guys it’s aida here is a small os bcoz I am new one….so support guys.it’s on current episode.

The story starts with abhi in his room planning to suprise pragya on her birthday.he thinks what’s to do and remembers what dadi told him…if he didn’t propose her soon then someone will propose her.he thinks how to propose as it’s not easy.
PRAGYA enters in and sees abhi sitting on the couch.she thinks what happened to him and goes near him.pragya asked what happened.abhi looks at her and says nothing just thinking about some random things.pragya asked are you ok.abhi says ha..I am..you go and have your sleep.pragya says well good night.abhi says g..ood nyt.
PRAGYA sleeps.

Next Morning
PRAGYA gets up and looks her room decorated with flowers .she wakes up and sees a card .she opens it.”
Sometimes I think that you are the lyrics and I am the melody and other times I think that you are the melody and I am the lyrics because all I want to do is sing along to your tune. Happy Birthday. She sees another card ” You make every day better just by being you. Happy Birthday ” .
PRAGYA smiles and sees another card with a rose ” It is a wonderful feeling to celebrate life’s moments with you…i fall in love again every time that I see you. Hope to see you again soon. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday to my fuggie….”

PRAGYA thinks this rockstar n.a….driving me crazy .ok pragya get ready soon.

PRAGYA comes to hall…all wishes her happy birthday but her eyes were searching for one person…yes abhi …dadi says beta abhi is not here.pragya thinks where he went

In evening purab comes there .he asked dadi where is pragya.dadi says she is getting ready and what about our plan.purab says ya pakka dadi…tday abhi will surrender to pragya .purab says ha dadi.

Abhi comes back to home.dadi says to purab that abhi is coming.rachna comes with juice tray.she sees abhi and gives to robin to serve and heads towards him.akash too joins with them.Abhi says why are you surrounding me.
Akash says who said bhai…we are standing.waise where is bhabhi.Abhi looks into his pocket and gives a wierd expression.oh she is missing. Rachna says bad joke.Abhi says then what now only I am entering inside.purab says pragya di …all looks for her.
PRAGYA comes with a pretty black gown.Abhi looks at her. PRAGYA comes .purab wishes her.nikkil too comes.tanu says abhi is gonna propose tday.nikkil says he will not as I am going to give a big suprise to pragya in which she will feel why she born.

Abhi says let’s cut the cake.all leaves to cake cutting area.it was dark.Abhi asked why there are no lights
Suddenly a dim light falls on pragya.someone takes her hand and drags her to centre. Abhi asked what’s happening to purab.purab says how do I know.nikkil says acha …the show starts now.
The person makes pragya to dance with his one hand which is holding her ‘s and other on her waist.Abhi gets angry…they both starts to dance.pragya asked who is he.the person just smiles.the music ends.lights were on.the person goes on knees and says happy bday pragya.pragya was shocked to see his face….s…u…r..e..s..h…Abhi says Suresh .all were shocked.Suresh gets up and says ya it’s me….
Abhi goes from there…

The episode will be continued….

Credit to: aida

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  8. Omg it was much better idea than getting new face, if it was Suresh then thr is no use explaining abhi that he is her boyfriend & more over abhi may automatically feel little angry with jealous.. coz anyhow he was her 1st crush r love..

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