Kumkum Bhagya- Ye hai aashiqui (prologue)


Hi guys…I got this stupid idea when I was sleeping.so I thought to work it out .I don’t know it will be good or bad but it’s all about abhigya….so let’s get into a short story…

      In Mumbai…..a court is shown..it’s Mumbai high court.the reporter’s are waiting for the two legend actors to come.the reporter’s were recording their news.
One reporter:  today we are in high court as the India’s leading couple is gonna arrive here.
Second reporter: they have been applied for the divorce a few days back..what will be the judgement
Third reporter : the whole country was almost  shocked after hearing their divorce matter.
          At that time a black BMW car enters via the gate.all the reporter’s rushed to it and was looking for the person to get out of the car.a young man of age 25 gets down.all the reporter’s were throwing their questions to him.he was unable to reply them.he was although surrounded by guards they too can’t handle them.purab ordering the guards to cleave a way for abhi when another white car enters . All the reporters left abhi and run towards the car.Abhi sees them and smiled.so the people surrounded the white car.pragya gets down.she almost lost her weight – thought abhi.he was looking at her till purab drags him inside. Pragya looked at abhi but soon bulbul , raghav protected her.she looks at them and moves inside the court.

          Inside the court…
The judge enters and all greets him.he calls on abhi and pragya.Abhi and pragya stands opposite to each other.Abhi thinks of the moment .he thinks two years back they were standing on the same side..yes on their marriage .Abhi came back to his senses.pragya thinks …what is gonna happen is the worst thing in my life.after divorced he is no more to me…she came back to her sense when their two brilliant lawyers are in huge argument. After almost half an hour the judge asked abhi and pragya whether they want to reunite.Abhi on seeing pragya remembering their wonderful moments and pragya’s words on their day of seperation says no and looks down.the judge asked pragya …Abhi closed his eyes tight as he don’t want to hear from her.he was standing there but got no response.he opened  his eyes and was shocked to see pragya lying unconsius on the floor.Abhi rushed to her and sat beside her by placing her head on his lap.Abhi tapped her cheeks and cried to open her eyes .he shouts purab to call ambulance and was crying .the judge sees all these things and leaves from there.Abhi takes her in his arms and rushed towards his car.the reporter’s were following him but he shouts at them and asked them to leave a way .he rushed her to hospital and admits her.the doctor is checking pragya and abhi was restlessly standing outside.purab comes there with bulbul ,raghav.Abhi sees them.purab hugs him saying nothing will happen to her.bulbul was crying and raghav was consoling her.Abhi remembers about pragya saying on the day of their seperation…ABHI..I NEED A DIVORCE FROM YOU..I CANT LIVE WITH YOU.. these words are echoing abhi’s mind.Abhi goes towards bulbul.bulbul looks at him.
Abhi asked what happened to her.bulbul quickly brushing her tears says how do i know…the doctor is checking na..Abhi says don’t lie..I know you both knows something but you are not saying to me.raghav says nothing like that abhi.Abhi says you keep quite.I know you are a good friend of pragya but I need to talk to her sister first..come on bulbul.you can’t lie to me..your jiju.bulbul looks at him. Abhi says  after meeting you all…I mean after her vocation she is behaving weirdly.I don’t know why…bulbul says sometimes silent is the best answer jiju. I have to say the truth..but I am not in the position to say..sorry…and brokes down.Abhi knows nothing gonna happen by forcing her and thinks only one can answer me and looks at the door…

Five years back…..
Abhi’s pov ….
She was eighteen when we met. I was twenty…My first thought when I saw her was that she was beautiful.She might not have been by conventional standards, she definitely was not the kind of girl you would expect Karan Johar to cast as the lead girl, but there was an innocent kind of beauty about her. She was the baby of the cast. The only one who was younger than 20. She was teased at first. Everytime someone would tease her, I would feel this overwhelming urge to shield her and protect her. They teased me for that and I’d watch her face go red and then she’d try to defend me. It was amazing to watch shy little pragya give them what for. She never would when she was being teased. The teasing stopped as rehearsals progressed and we moved into filming. She had become more grown up over those few months. She was no longer the slightly chubby almost adult that she had been when we first met. The teasing had stopped. She had proved herself time and again. She was the best out of all of us. When she delivered her lines, it was like she could feel what the character was feeling in that very moment, like this was actual real life, not a movie. It also didn’t hurt that she was now more of a conventional heroine. It didn’t make a difference to me, she was just even more beautiful than before. She’s two years younger than me, I probably shouldn’t have felt that way, especially not when she was under 20. What do I do? These things are out of our control.When she was twenty and I was twenty two, we started filming for our second movie together. This time it was a full on love story. I was beyond happy to be working with her again. It had been less than 6 months , but I had missed being on set with her, joking with her. I had just missed her. The day we first started filming, or rather themes workshops, I couldnt keep still. I kept pacing, waiting for her to finally get there. To be fair, I was early. ‘Abhi , stop. You’ll wear a hole in the floor. She’ll be here soon.’ Purab told me after I had been pacing for twenty minutes.’Sorry. I can’t help it. I’m just really anxious to see her.’ I apologised. ‘You saw her a few weeks ago. Why are you so excited?’ He asked.’I just am. I can’t explain it, even to myself.’purab chuckled. ‘I see what’s happening here.’ ‘You do? Can you tell me?’ ‘You’ll figure it out. I give you until we’re half way through filming. If you haven’t figured it out by then, come to me and I’ll tell you.’ I wanted to ask what he was on about,but the door opened and pragya walked in. I completely forgot the conversation. ‘Hey, sorry I’m late. Got stuck in traffic.’ She said.’You aren’t late. You’re right on time.’ PURAB assured her. ‘You guys haven’t been waiting long then?’ She asked, tucking a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. ‘Abhi has. I haven’t really been waiting.’ She looked a little concerned for purab’s mental health, but I guess she decided to dismiss it. ‘Still can’t sit still, abhi?’ She asked, turning to me.’Of course not.’ I grinned

You wouldn’t be you if you could, I guess.’ She said. I nodded and we stood in silence for about thirty seconds. ‘No hug today?’ She asked. I laughed, not sure why, and went to hug her. She hugged me back briefly and then purab’s alarm went off.’Okay, we need to start with these workshops. We best get going.’ He told us. By the time a month had passed, I had figured out what purab had been talking about that day. As we continued with the workshops, I often found myself in awe of pragya .I had known before that she was a brilliant actress, but she had gotten even better. I also found myself wanting to be around her almost constantly. I loved being around her, watching the way she could never keep her hands still as she talked, listening to her stories or having random conversations, seeing her every emotion in her eyes. There were times when I would just look at her, trying to memorise every detail, capture a specific moment in my memory forever. After a month of this, I thought I had it figured out. I needed to be sure though, so I went to PURAB . ‘Purab, I think I have a problem.’ I told him, walking into his office. Well, it’s not really his office but that’s what we call it. ‘So you’ve figured it out?’ He asked.I nodded. ‘I wouldn’t really call it a problem, but this is exactly the reaction I expected.’ ‘What do I do?’ I asked. ‘How about you tell me more about this so called problem and I will try to help you.’ He said, gesturing for me to take a seat. I sat in a chair and then began talking.’It’s pragya. I’m constantly thinking about her and I miss her when she’s not around. There’s some moments whenI look at her and I feel like the whole world just disappears. My whole mind just focuses on her. And I can’t stand to see her unsmiling. I always want to put a smile on her face or make her laugh. When I do, I feel like it’s my biggest achievement. Why am I feeling like this?’ ‘I think you already know.’ Purab told me. ‘I think I’m in love with her.’ I whispered. ‘You think? Abhi, it’s pretty damn obvious that you are in love with her.’ ‘So what do I do?’ ‘Tell her.’ He said it so casually, like it was the simplest thing in the world. ‘I can’t.’ ‘Then your only other option is to get over her. Your choice.’ I had chosen to get over her. It didn’t work.As we kept filming in that arnav fell more and more in love with riya , I fell more in love with pragya. I tried to stop it from happening, but I fell more in love with her everytime she would smile at me. I tried to put distance between us but found it impossible. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. The more I tried to stay away, the more difficult it became. Even when I could manage to keep away, she would come to me. Eventually it became too much and Idid something incredibly stupid that resulted in the best occurrence of my life.

There was a knock on my door at eight in the evening. We had gotten back to the hotel about half an hour ago and I was sure that everyone would just crash. The only person who would be at my door now would be pragya.I opened the door to see that I was right. ‘Are you trying to avoid me?’ She asked. ‘Avoid you? What?’ I was used to pragya’s straight forward nature by now. ‘You’ve been making excuses to keep away from me. That’s also known as avoiding.”Why don’t you come in and then we talk?’ I asked, not wanting to stand in the doorway and talk. She made her way into the room and I shut the door. ‘Okay. Now why have you been avoiding me?’ She questioned.’I have no reason to avoid you, pragya.’ ‘My point exactly! You don’t have reason to so why are you?’ Methods of evasion don’t work with this girl. ‘It’s nothing for you to worry about.’ ‘My best friend is avoiding me and I shouldn’t worry about it. That’s not going to happen.’ ‘Pragya, just leave it yaar.’ ‘Abhi, just tell me yaar.’ She said, mimicking me. ‘You aren’t going to drop this until you have an answer are you?”No. You can tell me now or I can keep bugging you about it.’ I sighed. Neither of us spoke. I was trying to find the words and she was giving me time. After what felt like an hour, I gave up on finding words and did something I was sure she would slap me for. I kissed her. Surprisingly she did not slap me. Unsurprisingly she did push me away. ‘If you are trying to get me to give up with this, it’s not going to work.’ I laughed. ‘I was giving you your answer i said.do you know how hard it is to tell someone you love them?’ ‘It’s not that hard. It’s three words.’she said. ‘You say it then.’ I challenged.’I love you.’she said. ‘Okay, fine. It’s easy when you don’t mean it.’ I said.’abhi , I’m being serious. I love you.’ ‘You…she began.. I’m sorry, what?’ I asked, either confused or shocked. ‘I. Love. You.’ She said, emphasising each word. ‘I love you. I may be kind a in love with you. Just a bit.’ She held up a finger and thumb, keeping them about an inch apart to demonstrate her point. I pulled her into a hug and she laughed happily. I felt myself grin stupidly at the fact that I had made her laugh. ‘So, I’m gonna take that to mean you love me?’ ‘Maybe a little bit. Or slightly more than a little bit.’ I agreed.’Do you still think it’s hard to tell someone you love them?’

‘No.’ I said…Then say it.’ I looked down at her, meeting her gaze.’I love you, pragya.’ It was one of the best days of my life……..

Haha…I know…its more filmy…but it’s just an idea…and forced marriage is in process…

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