Kumkum Bhagya- Ye hai aashiqui (Part 5)


Thanks for your support guys…I started this as a two shots but it’s getting extended..so thanks for your support let’s get into the story..

The episode starts with pragya could not breathe.she holds abhi’s collars tightly not asking him to go.Abhi calls for emergency holding pragya.raghav ,bulbul ,purab wakes up and both raghav and bulbul rushed to her.but pragya fell unconcious .Abhi asked is there any doctor here..a lady of age 60 says herself as a doctor and asked abhi to move so she can check.Abhi tries to move but he can’t as pragya is holding his collars.he removed her hand and makes her to lie and stands beside her.the doctor checks.bulbul prays to god that nothing should happen.raghav consoles her.the doctor asked is she is under medication.Abhi looks at bulbul and bulbul nods yes.doctor asked her to bring the medicines and bulbul too gives her.the doctor checks it and looks at pragya ,bulbul.bulbul nods her in a positive way.Abhi looks at both and asked what happened. BULBUL says jiju, di is feared of flights and moreover she didn’t took her medicines properly for two days.so..Abhi asked what so. .give the tablets and checks it with prescription. He knows that something is there but all are hiding from him.Abhi thinks to ask bulbul later about it and thanks the doctor.the flight landed safely. The air hostess asked if he needs any help.but abhi rejects.He carries her in his arms.pragya is still unconcious.

They reached a flat.raghav asked are we going to stay here.Abhi nods yes and leaves with pragya.they saw robin coming towards them.he takes the bags and opened the door.Abhi enters with pragya and leaves to his room.He placed her properly and sits beside her.he holds her hands and laid beside her.

Days passed as abhi tried his best to identify what the trio are hiding.He could not even find a clue about it and becomes angry.he entered his room as pragya,bulbul ,purab,raghav are having fun in the hall.Abhi throws the things on the floor .he opens the drawer of the wardrobe to take a towel when a file fall on the floor.Abhi didn’t noticed it first but the name written on it shocked him.He took it and read as pragya abhishek mehra.his hands started to shiver and he opens the file. His heart stopped .the whole world around him is spinning. He thinks how can this happen. She didn’t even told me..informed me.though she did not consider me as a husband but as a friend she would have told me but she didn’t. Wait a minute.because of this she wants divorce from me..for this ….he flashbacks all their sad moments.Abhi thinks now you have to answer me pragya and he rushed to hall. All were laughing at a joke when abhi comes there.pragya was stunned to see his anger on his face.she never ever saw this much of anger on him.he throws the file and asked why you hide this big thing from me .pragya looks at him.pragya asked why are you fuming in anger.I know already you will speak cheesy lines infront of all and used to harm me.Abhi asked why you hide this big thing from me.pragya asked what I hide from you..Abhi says you don’t know or pretending that you don’t know.pragya looks at him confused.Abhi says you will not say na..but one person is there to speak…all looks confused..

Next part will be the last and I am having exams so I could not upload properly…sorry guys …and bye ..see you in nect episode…

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  1. Trisha

    Eagerly awaiting next epi?

  2. Why are you giving this much of surprise yaar please update the next episode soon yaa please

  3. Ayee you stopped at the right time.??Awesome episode pretty…??But why last episode….If possible continue..just think about it??Live you

  4. Superrrrr……. Egarly waiting for next episode……

  5. hey…why u r stopping…its a nice ff..pls update…dont quit…pls…

  6. RiyaDcruz

    Woww awwsssommeee yaar waiting eagerly fr nxt Epi…….

  7. Superb Aditi darling…. it’s lovely waiting for next part..All The Best for ur exams

  8. wow restless waiting next one………..

    take care n study well

  9. Nice please fastly upload next part soon

  10. Interesting one yaar.. Eagerly waiting for next part

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  12. superb and curiously waiting for next episode………..

  13. Saranya24

    Wow superb but sad tat u will end it love u dear??????

  14. Stupidstarakshaya

    So sweet epi
    Eager for the next epi


    It’s really good.. continue…

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