Kumkum Bhagya- Ye hai aashiqui (Part 4)


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The episode starts with a flash back..
Abhi: so what are you saying..you no need to ask anyone for our marriage.
Pragya: no only my sister but she will accept for it.
Abhi: oh..where is she.
Pragya: she is in Pune .
Abhi: is she alone…what she is doing there.
Pragya: arey she is with her parents..not alone
Abhi: you are confusing me..her parents.then she is not your own sister.
Pragya: who said she is not.ofcourse .she is
Abhi: hey..then her parents means.
Pragya: abhi..since you gonna marry me..I am saying this to you.actually they are my parents too.my father is Neil.he is a famous cardiologist and mom ragini, she is a assistant professor.they want me to become a doctor but I am not interested.daily I used to fight with them.I had a dream of becoming an actress but my parents never agreeed to me.they didn’t want me to become actress.so I left home with a suitcase and jacket before a year.then I met purab and I got a chance in a movie.there I met you..I fall for you..I think you don’t have any objection on my career. If so please let me know how itself.
abhi: hey..I don’t have any problem.as I know it’s your passion.don’t worry but we have to speak to your father and mom right.
Pragya: no need..
Abhi : but my dadi will ask about them..what I will say..
pragya: so you are worrying for that. .
Abhi : don’t worry..I will speak to your dad.
pragya: no Abhi..if so..I am not ready to marry you..leave me..and turns to leave.
Abhi: ok. .I’m..sorry..I will talk to dadi and will let you know..ok. .
PRAGYA smiles at him and hugs him

A year later.with dadi’s permission abhi married pragya and it was a simple one .bulbul was present in pragya’s side.she was quite happy that finally her sister moved on.she took a video of their marriage and showed to ragini and Neil.they were both happy.they realised their mistake for stuffing their wish on her after she left the home.pragya continues her film career and gives back to back hits.all were becoming curious on pragya.she also received many awards for her acting.she was the number one now.but there is no change between abhi and pragya’s love.In all her interviews she will speak about abhi that he is her strength and will accompany with abhi in all her functions.Abhi was also proud of her and they both led a normal life.

Suddenly a day…pragya announced to media that at never gonna proceed her career.she says that she was tired and want to live a normal life.Abhi was confused of her decision.many times he enquired about that but she never told…Abhi thus decides not ro force her.but soon they started to fight for silly things.pragya will be the one who fights.though abhi agrees with her.she never agreed with him.soon pragya declared that she want divorce.Abhi was shocked but he supported her.

Abhi noticed that pragya was stirring.Abhi opened his eyes and looks at her.pragya opens her eyes and sees abhi near her.pragya gets up and looks abhi still holding her.pragya pushed his hands and calls bulbul.bulbul was in deep sleep.Abhi asked why are you torturing her.she is in sleep.actually purab wants to sit with her .so we exchanged. PRAGYA looks at him and thinks I know..it’s not purab or bulbul but you..
Abhi asked what happened. PRAGYA nods no.pragya feels dizzy.she could not see anything properly.all are collapsing infront of her.Abhi looks at opposite side.pragya holds his shoulders and could not able to breath. Abhi looks at her and was shocked…pragya…..

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