Kumkum Bhagya- Ye hai aashiqui (Part 3)


Thanks guys for yur support. Hope all are enjoying the new story line…never told love story…

The episode starts with pragya asking abhi ,why you came here? Abhi says god send me here.pragya asked what in confused tone. Abhi says actually woh ..the team thought you will not come today as you was hospitalized till yesterday.so they didn’t ordered anything for you.so let’s go out and have dinner.pragya says I know it’s your plan.Abhi says no..promise.pragya says I know how to eat and where to eat.Abhi says please..may be its a last time we both gonna spend.I know tomorrow is the judgement and I want to cherish some memorable moments between us.pragya thinks for a while and says ok..let’s go.
They reached a restaurant and had their lunch and abhi dropped pragya in the set and leaves.prafya too felt bad but she convinced herself.

Next day…in the court.
The judge comes and again two lawyers starts to fight.Abhi looks at pragya.hamari adhuri kahani…plays..pragya breaks the eyelock and pretends to be normal.the judge asked abhi and pragya to come forward.all the people in court were curious about the judgement.the judge says…I know how your marriage hapened and all things.and my judgement is you both have to live in same place for 6 months after that too you need divorce then we will further move on.prafya says I don’t want to live with him for a minute too.judge replies you don’t know when you collapsed your husband abhi …he got more panicked.I could see love in his eyes.he loves you more.because of small misunderstanding don’t get separated..pragya looks at raghav who is nodding his head to accept the truth.Abhi looks at pragya who is looking at raghav.Abhi thinks now I can spend my time with her to know what’s bothering her.

PRAGYA thinks oh God…what could I do know. I have to be with him.if he comes to know then I can’t handle him.pragya comes to senses when judge replies abhi and pragya should live in a separate house .pragya says no No..I can’t ..raghav says excuse me..mam. me and bulbul will go to support pragya.purab says then I will be there to support Abhi .the judge says ok and leaves from there.Abhi comes to pragya.pragya looks at him tensed . Abhi smiles at her and takes her In his arms.pragya gets panicked and ask him to leave. Abhi says I am not carrying any random girl ,I am carrying my biwi.pragya turns her face from him and abhi smiles at her.

Abhi makes her to sit in the car.pragya asked him where we are going.Abhi takes his seat and they both leaves from there.Abhi drives to the airport and parks the car.pragya says where we are going …say abhi.Abhi says to London.pragya asked kya. ..we both..alone no..Abhi says arey meri ma…all are coming with us.pragya looks at him and thinks I have to inform her about this sudden travel.Abhi says let’s go and takes her with him.

Raghav and purab were waiting there.Abhi greets them.pragya asked about bulbul and bulbul comes with all their bags.pragya says it means all are excited To go I think.all boarded the flight .pragya says I will not sit with abhi.bulbul says ok come with me and she sits with pragya.Abhi ,raghav and purab sits aside.Abhi looks at pragya and she was speaking to bulbul worriedly.Abhi thinks why she is always in a bad mood.I have to find it.Abhi sees pragya slept by placing her head on bulbul’s shoulder.Abhi asked bulbul to sit with purab and he sits near pragya.he carefully holded her that she will not wake and hugs her tightly.pragya too placed her head on his chest in sleep.Abhi kissed her forehead and closed his eyes..

I know it’s small episode but I am working on forcedmarriage and also I am having exams..so let’s see in next episode. .

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    Wow… too good episode dear… it’s k… don’t be sorry for short update… but it’s good

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    Waiting eagerly to knw the suspense which bothering pragya………. Epi was gud……..

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    Even if it is short its cute Adhu!!! Keep Writing!

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