Kumkum Bhagya- Ye hai aashiqui (Part 2)


Sorry for last episode I know it’s confusing as I typed fast.and thanks for your feedbacks…
Let’s get into the story…

PRAGYA opened her eyes and saw abhi sitting near her holding her hands.she smiles at him and want to console him as he is crying but she stopped her feelings and she just moved her hands from him.when abhi saw pragya’s hands are moving he looked at her.she looks pale and he knows it’s because she is more stressed now a days.he just want to hug her and say nothing will happen but he cant .abhi put his thoughts side and cleared his throat
Abhi : you need anything..
PRAGYA : no..without looking him.she know for sure looking at him she will lose
PRAGYA tries to get up but she can’t.Abhi looked at her and thinks still she is same..adamant,stubborn and helps her to sit.PRAGYA says thank you .Abhi sits beside her .pragya never expected this.she doesn’t know how to stop him.Abhi ” you know when you collapsed on the floor ..my heart stopped.I don’t know what to do..ek minute..I have to meet dr. PRAGYA thinks oh no .he should not meet him.if so he will surely will come to know about the truth.PRAGYA says why do you care for me..oh please drop your drama.I don’t have faith in it.abhi” what..are you mad..ok. .I will speak to you once after meeting the doctor.pragya gets panic and asked why are you doing so..see i know what should I do so you please.abhi says what you know and your parents are also not with you….and he realised what he said.he looks at her.pragya’s eyes was filled with tears.abhi says I didn’t mean…pragya says it’s ok..raghav comes there.pragya thanks for for sending raghav.raghav says pragya let’s go.doctor asked us to leave.abhi asked whats the problem ..are you all hiding from me anything.raghav looks at pragya and pragya nods her in no.raghav says abhi..chill..she fainted because she is weak and also she was dehydrated.abhi thinks for sometimes and says ok..take care of yourself and leaves from there.pragya wants to stop him….but she didn’t.she knows he is hurted but she want him to hate her.raghav asked what are you doing pragya.it’s wrong to hide from him.he has to right to know.
Pragya” no …raghav .he deserves a better girl than me..I am not perfect.I don’t want to mess his life anymore..lets go…please.raghav could not say anything .he asked bulbul to take care and they leaves the hospital.

Next day ,pragya reached the shooting spot.she was doing a female oriented movie.all the people in the set asked how is she feeling now.pragya asked them to concentrate on work.abhi comes there during lunch time.the director was scolding for not arranging proper food for pragya as the manager thought pragya would not come and moreover she will eat only classic foods.they could not arrange.pragya was unaware of it.abhi listens to it and moves towards pragya’s caravan. PRAGYA was busy in her phone while she looked up Abhi was standing.she thought again why he came here….

Let’s see what’s gonna happen…and what’s the thing pragya is hiding…

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