Kumkum Bhagya- Ye hai aashiqui (Part 1)


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Let’s get into story..still we are in flashbacks …

Abhi’s pov…
After we proposed each other we went for dating frequently ,people, press,media used to gossip about each other but we both pretend to be nothing because I am scared of dadi.its been months we met..I think to call her or text but next I will think not to disturb her.
It was seven in the evening when my phone rang. I had expected it to maybe be my dadi or my brother, but it wasn’t. It was raghav. ‘Hey, raghav.. What’s up?’ How is my pragya…I asked, not sure why he’d be calling me when he could be getting some valuable sleep.I know it’s early to sleep, but when you’re promoting, every second of sleep is precious. ‘Abhi,your pragya is fine..but upset that yiu are not with her. .. if you want to make her happy come to Delhi by tomorrow night?’ He asked, blunt as always. ‘To Delhi? Uh, I’m not sure. It’s kind of short notice. Why?’ I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get there for tomorrow tonight. Especially considering my schedule changes so randomly. ..I said ‘Listen, bulbul has put me in charge of making pragya’s birthday special. I figured that I couldn’t do anything more special than getting you out here. I understand that it’s short notice, but come on, at least try yaar. It’s for pragya ,he said ‘I’ll see what I can do. I make no promises, but I will try. I’ll give you a call in the morning and let you know for sure.’ I told him.
I know we have not met for months because of my shoot and I know she is quite anger on me. If it weren’t for pragya, I wouldn’t have even tried. And that is how I ended up on a plane to Delhi at half 4 in the evening. I had thought they wouldn’t have time or energy to go out clubbing, but I guess I was wrong. I had been instructed to meet them at a club at half seven. By the time I got out of the airport it was seven. That gave me half an hour to get to the club. I got into a taxi and gave the address raghav had texted me. The driver said it was going to take twenty minutes. We were about halfway when I got a text.
Raghav: Where are you?
Abhi : Ten minutes. Are you there already?
Raghav : No. We’ll be there in about fifteen. Remember, you can’t let her see you.
Abhi : Ha, bhaisaab. I’ll be in the club before you get there.
Raghav: Okay. Gotta go. Just getting in the car.I put my phone back in my pocket and just waited until we got to the club. It barely took another five minutes. ‘Sir, we’re here.’ The driver told me. ‘How much?’ I asked. ‘Rs. 569.’ I handed over the money and got out, slinging my bag over my shoulder. I don’t want to let people know it’s me…so I travelled in taxi.. I hurried inside, making sure I wasn’t seen. Once I was inside, I went and sat at the far side of the bar. My phone buzzed with yet another message.
Raghav: We just got here. You by the bar?.

Abhi: yeah. Far end. I didn’t get a reply so I figured they would just find me eventually.
Abhi comes out of the flashback when doctor calls him.he just rushed to him and asked what happened
.she is fine na. Raghav comes behind him.the doctor says her body is not responding to our medicines.we will try our best.she is still in our observation.Abhi asked can I see her..only once..the doctor nods yes and says quick.Abhi nods and gets inside. He sees pragya lying unconscious on the bed .he sits near her and holds her hands.he says please pragya….come back..atleast to fight with me..please..I can’t live without you…I agreed for this divorce because I thought your happiness lies on this…but please don’t leave me alone in this world. Abhi cries holding her hands.Pragya’S eyes getting tears.Abhi placed his head near her and wipes the tears but it’s not stopping.

PRAGYA could not open her eyes but could hear what Abhi is speaking.she could not say anything to him…

Pragya’s pov
I checked my phone again as we walked into the club. No messages or calls. Plenty of Twitter alerts, but not the one I had been waiting for all day. I heaved a sigh and purab’s head turned in my direction.although he is abhi’s friend…he became closer to me as he loves bulbul.’You okay?’ He asked. I nodded, forcing a closed smile onto my face. ‘No you aren’t. What’s wrong?’ He asked .i thought why does he bother to ask if I’m okay when he knows I’m not? Reminds me of abhi.Odd, doesn’t usually hurt to think about him. ‘Pragya, seriously what’s up? Do you want to just go back to the hotel?’ purab asked. Raghav’s head shot up and he glared at silently telling him that wasn’t an option.

‘No. I’m fine. Just feeling a little nostalgic.’ I said, trying to sound cheerful and glancing at my phone again.’Why do you keep checking your phone?’ Purab asked. Why is purab so curious? ‘Waiting for a message.’ I told him.’He won’t text. Or call.’ Raghav said, knowing who’s message I was waiting for. ‘He could at least tweet or something. And don’t crush my hopes.’ ‘Who?’ Purab questioned. We both turned to him. I saw raghav open his mouth and I stepped on his foot. ‘Ow! What was that for?’ He exclaimed. ‘Don’t.’ ‘Since when do you keep so many secrets?’ Raghav asked. Purab still looked confused.’I’m not keeping a secret.’ I argued.’Then you’ll have no problem with me telling purab exactly who’s message you’re waiting for.’ I sighed and he smirked triumphantly. ‘What are you two talking about?’ Purab asked.’pragya is upset because her favourite co-star is yet to message her or call her or even tweet a happy birthday message.’ That apparently didn’t clear the confusion. ‘Favourite co-star?’ ‘He means abhi.’ I said. Purab looked to raghav and they seemed to have a conversation. I couldn’t understand what passed between them but then purab turned to me with a smile and raghav checked his phone again. ‘Don’t worry di about it. Let’s go and have some fun.’ Purab told me, putting an arm around my shoulders.’Okay. Although I’m assuming that’s code for let’s go get you drunk and make you forget your troubles.’ They both just shook their heads at me and raghav led the way in. The music was loud. Our first film songs were playing.
I’m not sure why it even came to my head. I looked around and saw the place was silent…’raghav gone to get drinks. You want to find somewhere to sit?’ Purab asked me. I nodded, not wanting to try and talk over the music. I followed him to a corner where the music was slightly quieter and there were a few tables set up. Raghav found us two minutes later. ‘I told the bartender we’re celebrating your birthday so he gave us some free shots.’ He said, setting down a tray of shots. Again our movie song was playing. Why is everything reminding me of that song today? I shook my head again, trying to clear it. I reached for a shot and downed it, wincing slightly at the bitter taste.We finished the shots just as the song changed. ‘I’m gonna go get more drinks.’ I yelled over the music. ‘We can get drinks in a minute. Let’sgo dance!’ Raghav told me. ‘Arre, nahi yaar. I’m not drunk enough to dance yet.’ ‘But you love this song. .’ His Poplu impersonation wasn’t great, but it was enough to make me laugh. Shame it wasn’t the right song for it. Now saturday…saturday was playing Later. We need more drinks.’ I refused.’Okay, I’ll come with you.’ Purab volunteered. Raghav’s phone lit up and he picked it up from the table faster than I could manage to read the name on the message.

Why don’t we all three go?’ He asked after typing a message. ‘Uh, sure. What about the table?’ I asked.’There’s nobody sitting over here. It’ll be fine. Come on.’ Me and purab exchanged a look at raghav’s weird behaviour but followed anyway.He led the way through the club, going to the far end of the bar. I was finding it weirder but the second, but I didn’t say anything. We stopped when we were almost at the end of the bar. The bartender turned to us. Before any of us could order a drink, he spoke. ‘One vodka and diet coke, one mango martini and one coconut rum.’ He said, placing three drinks in front of us. I was shocked. I know people say bartenders can tell what you drink but it’s not possible if none of us has even said a word. ‘Thanks. How much?’ Raghav asked, apparently the only one not shocked. ‘It’s already been paid for.’ Now I was definitely shocked. ‘By who?’ Purab asked, sounding as shocked as I felt. ‘That gentleman over there.’ The bartender said, pointing to a guy sitting on a bar stool with his back to us. From the back he looked like abhi.The way his hair was styled and the way he sat a copy of abhi’s style. ‘Are you sure it was for us? You aren’t mistaken right?’ I asked.’Yep. I was told one very beautiful, kinda small girl with two quite toned guys. Unless your name is not pragya, I’m sure I’ve got the right people.’ He assured. ‘Pragya, stop questioning it. It’s free drinks.’ Raghav told me. ‘Fine. I’m gonna go say thank you.’ I said. Both of them nodded. I walked towards the mystery guy, a bit nervous. ‘Uh, excuse me?’ I said, tapping on his shoulder. He turned to face me and I lost my ability to think. I stared at the very familiar face of my smirking best friend.I was still staring at him and raghav and purab came up behind me. ‘I told you she would be shocked, na?’ Raghav said, moving to hug abhi. ‘I never doubted it. How are you, yaar?’ Abhi asked after they had done their whole man hug thing. ‘I’m good. You?’ Abhi looking at me just kind of nodded as if to say alright. I was still unable to form words. ‘Oh, yeah.purab hugged abhi. That’s when I finally regained my senses. ‘Wait, so I’m not dreaming right..? You guys see him too, right?’ I asked, half thinking we’d all gone insane. ‘No you aren’t dreaming …This is actually abhi.’ Raghav assured. ‘Yep. It’s actually me. Well I hope I’m me.’ He said .I laughed and hugged him. ‘Woah, okay. Hugging. Hugging is good. Better than being slapped.’ He said. I laughed into his shoulder. ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked once I was done hugging him for the minute. He sat back on the chair and pulled me to sit on his lap. I let out a bit of a giggle as he did. ‘Raghav called me yesterday and asked me if I would be able to get here for tonight.’ ‘You did?’ I asked raghav .’Yeah. It took a bit of sneakiness to keep it from you, but I guess I managed it.’ ‘Why? Not that I’m not happy, but still. Why?’ I asked.

Your sister put me in charge of making your birthday special. I figured getting abhi out here would be pretty special.’ ‘You came out here just for my birthday?’ I queried,feeling very…loved. ‘Yep. You thought I forgot, didn’t you?’he said. ‘Maybe a little.’ I admitted looking down. ‘You didn’t call or text or anything. I thought maybe you hadn’t realised the date.’ I said.’Of course I did. I was going to text you or something but you know I’m bad at keeping secrets. I would’ve ended up telling you.’ He said holding my cheeks. ‘You are terrible at keeping secrets.’I laughed. ‘So, did you like your surprise, pragya ?’raghav asked. ‘I do. I love my surprise.’ They all three looked at me and I realised how that sounded. ‘No! I didn’t mean like that! I meant it’s a nice surprise. I didn’t mean…’ ‘It’s okay, pragya .I love you too.’ Abhi said, grinning. I went bright red. Thankfully the song changed again, giving me the opportunity to get out of the situation. Kar Gayi Chull came on. ‘Come on raghav, I said I would dance later. Chalo.’ I told him, springing up off of abhi’s lap. He looked a little confused and slightly hurt. I felt kind of bad but I ignored it, going to dance with a bemused looking raghav.I know he felt bad and I want to give a return gift to him..how can he blurt out that I love you too..what would these two will think..wait mr. Mehra, you wil be punished. The song was over far too quickly. The next song to come on was badtameez dil…abhi came up behind raghav.i know he will as it’s our favourite song. ‘Do you mind if I cut in?’ He asked. Raghav nodded and went back to where purab was standing. It didn’t surprise me that I was still very comfortable dancing with abhi like this. I had never had a problem with it, not with abhi. The song ended and we were stood there. It took me a minute to realise the position we were in. We had somehow ended up with my arms wrapped around his neck and his hands at my waist. We were closer than we would usually have ever danced, except for in Saturday Saturday. I took a step back, a little awkward. Abhi let out a somewhat frustrated groan. He took a hold of my hand and dragged me out if the crowd.’abhi, what is going on?’ I asked. He didn’t answer, just kept walking.He made his way down corridors taking random turns until we could no longer hear the music. That’s when he finally came to a halt, letting go of my hand and turning to face me. ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ He ground out. ‘Me? You’re the one that just dragged me like a blo*dy rag doll!’i replied. ‘You’re being awkward! You were fine at first and you were definitely okay when we were dancing, but the second the music stopped you went back to awkward.’abhi said. ‘I am not awkward! And what do you mean I was definitely okay when we were dancing?’ I asked .I’m not sure what to make of that. ‘Well you certainly weren’t shy.’ Abhi said.’Why would I be shy around you? It’s not like we haven’t danced before.’.’Oh I remember. You think I would forget dancing with you?’ The glint in his eye told me this wasn’t strictly about the kind of dancing you do on the dance floor anymore. ‘Unless you’ve forgotten dancing with me? I know he is quite anger but I am more anger for not meeting me or even texting me. I broke out of my thoughts as abhi moved closer. ‘You haven’t forgotten. I can see it written all over your face. So why are you being so damn awkward?’ His voice was low and soft, yet some how rough at the same time.

I didn’t mean to say that. Earlier when I said i meant but not like that’ My words tumbled out of my mouth, tripping over each other on the way. ‘So when I said I love you, it made things awkward?’how could he know what’s in my mind and There was hurt buried in his eyes, hidden by jest and carefully constructed shields, but very visible to me. ‘A little.’you didnt even thought about those two..’So, I should probably refrain from saying it again?’ I could see the shields becoming walls now. He was trying to protect himself. ‘I don’t know. Maybe.’ I didn’t want to say it, knowing it would hurt him, but I couldn’t take that chance with him. ‘If that’s the case, it would be best of we stayed away from each other.. abhi said.i mean not like that abhi…i know i hurted you ….but you thought about the people,gossips. ..what will your dadi think….I looked at him.he turned his face.’It would’ve hurt less if he had run a knife across my throat. I felt the words stabbing into me, sharper than even a sword point. I think I forgot that I needed to breathe. There was a pain behind my ribcage that may have been lack of oxygen or may have been the pain I felt at abhi wanting to put distance between us. ‘pragya , it’s okay. Breathe. Come on.’ Abhi urged, suddenly panicked. I tried, but I couldn’t. It just made it worse, I kept thinking he would leave. I fell against the wall and I’m certain it was the only thing keeping me standing. ‘PRAGYA, you need to breathe.’ I felt wetness on my face when he moved and I looked into his eyes. He was crying.I could see abhi’s panic-stricken face as he kept telling me to calm down. I reached for his hand and he let me take a hold of it. I calmed, very slightly, and moved my hand until my fingers rested against his pulse point. I could feel how rapidly his heart was beating, but it still managed to calm me down; he hadn’t left yet. He calmed as I did, pulling me into a hug.’What was that?’ He asked.’You scared the life out of me! Don’tever say something like that again. Don’t even joke about it.’ I half scolded, half sobbed.’It wasn’t a joke. If you don’t want me to say I love you, I can’t-‘ I put my hand over his mouth, stopping him from speaking. ‘Don’t say you can’t be around me. Please, don’t.’ I pleaded. He gently removed my hand so he could speak again.’Why not?’ He asked ‘Because, I don’t want to know what’s it like to not have you in my life.’ His guards were still up, he was hesitant to believe me. ‘It’s like my life before I met you is some distant past or a life lived by someone else. I know it happened, I remember it vaguely, but it’s in black and white. And my life now, since I met you, is in colour.’ I said .’I know what you mean.’ Abhi replied.’Then please don’t say you’re going to leave.’ I whispered. ‘Okay. I won’t leave.’ From the tone of his voice, I knew it was a promise. I then said I want to give a return gift to you but you said you will leave me.Abhi asked so you were acting…that you are awkward.I nodded my head and he shooks his head. Abhi moved in, slowly, not wanting to scare me away. I too want to be with him…how can he say” I will not say I love you…any more.” ..i didn’t want him to move away.he moved closer to me.my hand came to rest on his shoulder and he moved closer. We both stopped, waiting for the other to make that final move and close the distance. I watched him carefully, trying to find a sign he was about to pull away. I stared at him nervously.his eyes flicked downward as i bit her lip, drawn by the movement. ‘Screw it.’ He murmured. He closed the gap, lips meeting mine and leaving at suprise . Still, i responded almost instantly, my body molding to him as my arms wrapped around his neck. His hands found themselves at my waist once again and he pulled her in as close as possible. I moved a hand upwards to tangle in his hair. Without really noticing what he was doing, he moved me so as my back was pressed against the wall. I let out a noise somewhere between a whimper and a moan and he tried to move even closer. There was no space between us, we fit like puzzle pieces. What felt like years later, he pulled away. My eyes were still closed as i leaned my head against the wall. . ‘That was completely mind blowing.’ I said after a second. ‘It was.’ He agreed. ‘I don’t know if I should say that can’t happen again or it needs to happen again.’ I lifted my head from the wall, finally opening my eyes and looking at him.’Well, personally, I would go for the second option, but that’s my opinion.’ I waited for him to speak, anxious. ‘The second option is rather appealing.’ I nodded. ‘But I need to know first…what he thinks about me..still he have feelings for me or find another girl…no he can’t but …I asked him ‘When you said you love me too, did you mean actually love me?Abhi looked at me.I know it’s wrong question .he asked you have a doubt in it..come on..I postponed my works and was here to celebrate your birthday…but you…are asking me..like this..ok..I meant I’m in love with you. I meant forever. I looked at him and said sorry …

Abhi hold my hands and I asked him let’s get married abhi.Abhi looked at me.I asked what you are not ready…Abhi said not like that but want to speak to my dadi .I nodded my head . Abhi asked what about you.I looked at him.” I didn’t want to ask anyone ” abhi looked at me in shock….

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