Kumkum bhagya VS kayamth

H Guyz.. its just a analysis… when i was watching kumkum bhagya… i was just taken back to the serial kayamath.. well both r ektha kapoors serial.. and in addition.. both are shabbir’s serial… and i feel some similiarities btwn both… and guyz kayamath s old one.. so i might have forgottn some facts… so if i were wrong … pls dont mind… i just want to share my views… here we go

First of all i must say tat both series s my favorite… and i m sure many of u have noticed this similiarity… betwn two series…
Some of them which i noticed are

1. Prachi loved her friend neev… pragya also loved her friend

2.Milan married prachi but loved ayesha.. same… abhi married pragya but loved tanu

3. Ayesh stays in same home… also tanu stays in same.home..?

4. Prachi fall for milan first…. likewise.. pragya falls for abhi…

5. Aftr they both loved each other in both series… plans are executed to seperate them… also to kill them…

6. Milan saved prachi and met with the accident… same … abhi to save pragya goes on the car and met with the accident…

7. Important similiarity aftr accident.. both abhi and milan loses memory.. that too only the period they met their wives… ?? and the lovers play their game again…

8. And aftr memory loss.. the hero s again falling for his own wife…

Welll the difference is …. prachi neev both loved each other… whereas pragys love s one sided…

And milan s stone hearted and torchers prachi to the core.. like breaking her bangles… and all…..whereas abhi s just a charming hero…

Overall.. the both stories carried out beautifully shabbirs acting… and yeah all the co actors also.. but my fav s shabbir…

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    same thing I also thought the story is going in similar way milnd and Abhi both turned out same characters ??? specially this ML track anyways you forgot one thing even girls name also have similarity confused aah let me tell you it is PRAchi and PRAgya both have PRA in there name so in my thoughts ekta is serving old series in a new platter with some changes ?

    1. Arshi

      Arrey haaannn?? i didnt note tat …. well in many ektas serials… we can jave similiarites …. like… aftr all set… when hero heroine settled to new life… heroine may loose thier lives… and the hamshakal may come in the shlw…. but aftr sometime we get to know tat the humshakal s the real one… hahaha…

      1. Jasminerahul

        i think in ekta’s serials humshakals do not turn real.kkusum,pavitrarishta.kasauti,kavyanjali…but in kyunki tripti herself came as her humshakal

      2. SURBHI

        yeah the humshakal factor i was thinking that what if she added Kahi to Hoga in it then lol then Pragya will marry infinite times and if she is copying Kayamath then we have to see Abhigya marriage more than once lol EKTA Itna Koi nahi fekta haha ekta fekta nothing can be happen to her anyways to be honest still MICHI (Milind+Prachi) are the cutest for me Abhigya didnt reached to that expectation yet for me hehe

    2. Arshi

      wowow same here… i was really driven crazy.. while seeing mirchi…. but abhigya is cute even though… my fav s mirchi…

  2. Jasminerahul

    i’vent seen kumkum bhagya fro,m d beginning.so i didnt know that pragya loved someone else in d beginning.well…i too found out the memory loss similarity n was wondering why is losing memory in all his serials.

    1. Arshi

      Yeah.. pragya loved her frnd… he was also a professor…. the present.. akash (abhi bro) wife…. her brother s tat professor… forgot his name… but he loved bulbul…. like wise pragyas first love came to an end….

      1. Jasminerahul

        it seems 2 b similar to kasam se

    2. Arshi

      Yeah tat wat i meant… like in kahani… parvathu came as her humshakal…. and in kis desh mein hai mera dil… prem acts as his humshakal… etc….

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes u r right.Sakhi had left KGGK.so plastic surgery came.Later to bring back Sakshi they brought d humshakal track

  3. The great difference is our abhigya more charming and cute etc than kaya and our sriti more and more pretty cute smart with speaking eyes and cute facial expression. No one can stand in front of them.

    1. Arshi

      Yeah.. i agree.. but at tat time prachi milind was also equally charming… but when it compared.. abhigya s more cute….

      By the way.. who s KAYA.. i didnt get u

  4. I don’t see the kayamth serial but compared is really nice….

    1. Arshi

      thank u… its old serial… shabbirs serial… bcz f him only i started watching kumum

  5. Ive watched kayamath it was so beautiful story of shabbir and panchi, they were really good. Shabir acted really well, milind and prachi was really good but it was more like younger age but abhigya is more of mature age well understandable love more intemacy more feelings it’s beautiful. They both are beautiful but I think abhigya has more love
    intimacy and more feelings in it and it shows beautifully. Shabbir was lot younger then but in kumkum bhagya his more advanced more wanting more muture and understanding of love and feelings. But his eyes man kills me the depth the feelings it’s like you can see ur own soul in shabbir’s eyes.

    1. Arshi

      ???yeah yeah… there s much more diffrnce in shabbirs acting also tje love track btwn two serials.. kumkum is just based on todays love world… i mean.. evrthitng s more charming and excited…

      But i must say… kayamatj though dragged… it was quite nice toll end… whereas kumkim lost its charm in tha past 8 monts drama… kumkum still running gud aftr this mucj drag is only ncz f of shroti and shabbir….

      1. Jasminerahul

        Milind was a poor guy n his accent was also local.but Prachi was rich.Tho Milind became rich his ways did’nt change.Milimd was serious while Abhi is a cheerful cool guy.After seeing the spoilt Rishi in KTH Shabbir surprised me with his difference in acting in kayamat.I started liking shabbir thru Kayamat.Milind Prachi was more like a sweet jodi while Abhigya r more passionate mayb bcz of d intimte scenes.story wise kayamat was better.bcz there was no adultery.in kkb abhi tanu’s relationship irks me

  6. Arshi

    Yeah jasmine… u r absolutely right…. amd i too feel the same…. and my fav s kayamath first..
    Bcz f millind only i started watching kkb….?

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