kumkum bhagya TRUE LOVE WINS THE FATE (Episode 2)


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pragya gets teary eyes so abhi just stopped at a distance and says can we go home? pragya nods and abhi lifts her in his hands. pragya look into his eyes,she can see true love bt she was frightened. he takes her to mehra’s mansion.

pragya gets down from car, abhi was abt to lift her bt pragya says she can walk and abhi supports her by keeping his hand around her waist.
pragya,abhi enters. all were gathered in hall gets happy seeing pragya except aliya and tanu.
dadi comes near pragya, bt she hides her behind abhi as she gets afraid by seeing whole family.
abhi gets her and says dadi,my dadi and she looks at dadi. sarla comes and hugs pragya followed by bulbul, purab, akaash,rachna. abhi into’s all and pragya smiles at them. abhi says lets go to room and takes her.

after sometym ,abhi comes down and says abt pragya’s condition.
all gets shocked. tanu says how can we marry when she is here! abhi says now all i want is to get pragya cure. and we will talk abt our marriage later. tanu gets annoyed.

abhi goes to room and seez pragya finally sleeping well. he goes near her and places a kiss on her forehead and leaves.

next mrng, abhi says bulbul and purab to take care of pragya as he has imp meeting and leaves. pragya sits with bulbul and she explains how they were,and all things to her. pragya asked coffee so bulbul goes to prepare and tat tym tanu comes there
tanu says to pragya tat she feels sorry fr her condition and pragya asked who is she and she says abhi loved her and want her to be married bt bcoz of dadi’s condition he married u and he never loves u. and u know 1 thg i am carrying abhi’s child and once u cured we will marry and u may think y abhi is caring fr u its bcoz of dadi ….. soon she was to fnsh, pragya faints.

bulbul comes with coffee and sees her and shouts fr help.
purab comes and takes pragya to the bed and calls doc. bulbul calls abhi. he rushed to home.

pragya gets up and when abhi was abt to hold her, she pushes his hand. he thinks y she behav differently and stands near her.

pragya shouts at abhi not to cme near her nor touch her and ask bulbul to take her to home

Credit to: neha

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