kumkum bhagya TRUE LOVE WINS THE FATE (Episode 1)

hey guys the real stoty of kb is dragging so much and i thought to put up a story with the characters of kumkum, if u like this comment ur feedbacks

as u all know pragya gets injured by the car accident
after that……

pragya gets conciousness tat she was lying in bed. she looked around and hence its hospital. she didnt able to sit that tym a tall man comes and hold her and asked nt to get . she doesnt know who he is and she doesnt remember anythg. she now just want to sleep . she gets to sleep and the man sits with hr holding her hand.

next mrng,
pragya opens her eyes and sees tat hand is holded by someone and tries to take and want to ask who is she? wat hapnd to her? why was she here? who is he? bt she just silent bcoz he waked up by her moment. he asked whether she was okay and he was restless. she nods yes. and doctor comes to check up.

doc : mrng mrs. pragya mehra, how do u feel now.
pragya was shocked and thinks she has got married?
she ask doc where is my husband?
both the man and doc was shocked and doc asked u didnt remember anythg, she says i know tat i am pragya bcoz of u.

the man shouted, wats tis doc? how could tis hapn?
pragya was shocked by his behaviour. she has a fear over him.
the man takes doc out and the doc says to the man who is non other tan abhi tat ur wife lost her memory. she may gain in 1 month or year or …. better u take care of her and u try to explain to her wat hapnd till now

abhi was shocked and thinks nthg to say bcoz he had harmed her more nd thinks to spk to her.

when abhi goes to see her ,he can see the fear in her eyes and when he abt to go near her she gets frightened and looks away

hop u all like tis

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  1. superb neha… plz cntnu

  2. From many days am thinking about r waiting for this type of story mean abhi want to take care of pragya now u r thr.. This is the 1st time in different though u started please continue..

  3. It’s really awesome..keep on writing neha

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