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Its my second ep analysis,
M going to say thanks to renu who remind me about purvi,,,,,,,
The new viewers of kkb may not know about character purvi,,,,,,,,,
Guys,, purvi was tha daughter of that woman who live in salra’s house,,,,,, actually I don’t know the name of that woman.,,,,,, I think she is servant at salra house from start,,,, they live together so, as a family membr,,, purvi was frnd of bulbul , and pragya too,,,,,, they lived like sisters,,
But last year there was a surprised ep,,, when smart and clever alia caught her in a prblm by proving that she was involve in pragya’s kidnapping,,,,
Last year ,guys pragya was kidnapped by alia and cooperatr,,,,
As alia made prblms for purvi ,then no one believe on her,,,, and then pragya’s family send her to jail for sin which she had not done,,,,,

And from then to now,,,,, guys the are not showing about her anything,,,,
We are expecting that kkb will make a twist ,,, and purvi as like raj,,,,,,,,,,,, come to take revenge ,because she is not at guilty as like raj,,,,,, and like raj she is now living in jail to bear the pains for sin,,which she did’nt do,,
So,, it may b possible that alia meet purvi in jail ,,, because it really an interesting twist yaaaar,,, and 90% possible that alia ,raj,tanu,purvi make a team ,, destroy the mehra ‘s family,,,,,,,
As in upcoming ep.,, the are going to show yhat tanu will get to know that dadi is helping pragya,,,,

So,, alias’s team may also plan to take revenge from dadi,,,,,,,,,,, because she is just a selfish girl,,,,,,, she don’t know about the value of relations,,,,,,,,,,
Guys if u agree with me, and like my ep analysis,, comment me and also share your thoughts with me,,,,,

Credit to: jiaaaaa

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  1. I agree aaliya will fill purvi ears against pragya and track will be super but before that tanu will be exposed and one more thing abhi and pragya romance will be there we are waiting for 478epi they did not have cute fight scenes it is full of hate ness first abhi hated her and next pragya acts to be hated now pragya acting and gets close to abhi but he goes away and going to marry idiot stupid nonsense tanu

  2. I dont think purvi will make up with aaliya because She is the one who plotted against purvi. I think mithali would team with aaliya and tannu. Fed up with tanu episode

  3. Pls stop tis revenge scene. Let make unite abhi and pragya. How many days il watch n negative manner

    1. Impatient Priya, wait a few more years. What’s your hurry? The two will re-unite by the time half their hair turn silver. Cool.

  4. I think raj will join together with pragya to help to complete her mission .I think mithali will become villian like Alia do something. purvi won’t come now.guys what abt bulbul???our purab is lonely now.make abhi as intelligent just before in morphing detection against pragya.he became emotional fool after 200 episodes

  5. I too dnt think that Puri vil team up with aaliya coz purvi knws that she I traped By aaliya…….the revenge track will be quite boring……..

  6. I agree with priya..nearly 100 above episode tanu is escaped..its very boring to watch it…pls some intrstng turns and to make happily moments of kkb….

  7. I think CVS won’t make the story like this. Because when she left the kumkum bhagya she joined in the mere ashique tum se ho .. May be she got the oppurtunity to act in Mere ashique tum se ho so she decided to quite kumkum bhaya like mrunal thakur did because of that the cvs may plotted the story line like she got arrested so may be she wont come back(This is my opinion)

  8. May be in final episode they may show her like pragya find out the truth and they all ask sorry to her

  9. purvi to come help pragya and will marry purab as thy already share a relation in reality so its ok if it happens on screen as well by any means like sarla speaking to purab considering her as daughter and arranging for marriage between them and purab also excepts it.
    mitali will join hands with tanu but will stop realising her mistake as raj will help pragya and she doesnt want to go against her husband and want her husbands relation back. she will understand life and will not behave immaturely and be a good wife, mother nad bahu.

  10. Guyz onr qus how alia is is still slim after so many monthd of pregnency

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